Sydney Firm Has Designs on Sustainable Growth

first_imgThe province is partnering with a national venture capital management company to help an innovative design and manufacturing company build a better box. Premier Rodney MacDonald announced today, July 9, a $1.2 million loan to help Protocase Incorporated expand its technology-based operations and create up to 139 new jobs over the next five years. The province is partnering with GrowthWorks, one of Canada’s leading retail venture capital fund managers, on the $2.65 million project. Sydney-based, Protocase specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality customized metal enclosures and mounting fixtures for the electronics industry. The company has a three-day turnaround from design to finished project, which is unique to the industry. Export sales account for over 90 per cent of their revenues. “Protocase is the perfect example of the ingenuity and creativity that can flourish in the right business climate,” said Premier MacDonald. “The province is proud to help this company realize their full potential as they succeed in helping us create a new Nova Scotia.” Following six years of strong sales, Protocase now needs a larger facility to meet customer demand. The company is undergoing a $2.6-million expansion with the construction of a 900 sq. metre (10,000 sq. foot) building. The company is considering various sites in the Sydney area. “Protocase has found very solid and willing partners in the provincial government and GrowthWorks Canada that will allow us to rapidly expand our base of over 1,000 customers,” said Steve Lilley, president of Protocase Inc. “We are excited to showcase the innovative nature of Cape Breton’s economy. Together, we are turning the corner and heading for a prosperous Nova Scotia built and owned by Nova Scotians.” Economic Development Minister Richard Hurlburt said the company is now poised for even greater growth and job creation in the coming years. “Protocase has taken a relatively simple concept and, through innovation and hard work, redefined their industry,” said Mr. Hurlburt. “Their approach to business and superior customer service has paid off.” GrowthWorks has invested $1.1 million in Protocase through its managed fund. “As an active investor in Atlantic Canadian companies, we are very pleased to invest in Protocase,” said Thomas Hayes, president and CEO of GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund. “Protocase is an excellent example of the types of innovative companies and experienced entrepreneurs ripe for investment opportunities here in Atlantic Canada.” Since 2001, Protocase has provided its customers with quality products manufactured to precise design specifications. In 2005, the company designed and released Protocase Designer, a free downloadable enclosure design software tool. It allows clients without 3D modelling experience to design custom enclosures from a design template. The expansion will help the company become more globally competitive and attract new business. The investment will be used for sales and marketing initiatives, research and development as well as working capital. The province’s $1.2 million loan is provided through the Industrial Expansion fund and is repayable over ten years. The fund offers a variety of financial assistance to help the province’s economy. Over the past two years, it has helped create or maintain more than 3,000 jobs in the province and has a return on investment of three dollars for every dollar spent.last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Twitter Growing up in Brandon, Man., James Ehnes would pretend he was a hot-shot violinist touring in concert halls around the world and racking up awards.Ehnes never fathomed that his childhood fantasy could come to fruition. If anything, it was an underestimate.The 11-time Juno winner emerged from a rehearsal Friday for a performance at the Dresden Philharmonic in Germany to find his phone was blowing up with what he assumed were texts from a group chat with his friends. Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebookcenter_img James Ehnes LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment It turns out the flurry of notifications were congratulations for his second Grammy nomination in the best classical instrumental solo category. He also won an award in 2008 for a recording with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.“Sometimes, I really do find I want to pinch myself and think, ‘Is this really happening?’” Ehnes, 42, said in a phone interview. “I am one of those very lucky people that gets to do what I always wanted to do.”Ehnes is being recognized for his pulse-pounding performance of a concerto that Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis wrote for the world-renowned musician. Having premiered at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in March 2017, the sonically dense score reaches dizzying tempos that demand near superhuman dexterity of the soloist. But Ehnes said he was up for the challenge.“It’s a really virtuosic vehicle for the violinist,” said Ehnes. “The sort of technical demands (Kernis) puts on the player … are pushing new boundaries for the technique on the violin.”While his hometown in Manitoba may not seem like a musical mecca to some, Ehnes said he believes his Brandon upbringing was essential to his musical rise.“I don’t think I could have grown up in a better place for what I wanted to do,” he said. “I got to grow up in a nice town with a nice normal life and nice normal friends instead of having to be torn away from my family and go to some special school.”His father was a trumpet professor at Brandon University, and Ehnes said the entire music faculty became like an “extended” family to him.Noted violinist Francis Chaplin took Ehnes under his wing, helping the musical prodigy hone his craft before making his orchestral debut with the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal at age 13.Ehnes went on to graduate from Chaplin’s alma mater of Julliard, graduating to become one of the most sought-after violinists in the classical music scene.In his roughly 20 years on the international stage, Ehnes has performed in some of the world’s most hallowed concert venues across four continents, including New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.But as he and his violin tour the globe with 110 concerts this year, Ehnes, who spends as much time as he can with his wife and two young children in their home near St. Petersburg, Fla., said he is particularly looking forward to his performances in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal this summer.“I love playing (in Canada) … for these audiences who have known me for my whole career.”The Grammy winners will be announced on Feb. 10 at a ceremony in Los Angeles.By Adina Bresge | The Canadian Press Advertisementlast_img read more

Remembering lost children

first_imgAPTN National NewsRepresentatives from Aboriginal communities in central Alberta gathered together to honour the dead children from a residential school that closed its doors over 60 years ago.All that is left of those children are four wooden plaques, preserved by a local farmer.APTN National News reporter Noemi LoPinto has that story.last_img

Little results from first ministers meeting but at least nobody stormed out

first_imgFord at least did not follow through on a threat to walk out of the meeting, which he had criticized for being too narrowly focused on Trudeau’s priority _ reducing interprovincial trade barriers _ and not enough on the priorities of provinces and territories.Trudeau managed to mollify the premiers by letting them talk about whatever they wanted.“Everything was discussed,” said Blaine Higgs, New Brunswick’s Conservative premier and the chair of the meeting from the premiers’ side. “I was encouraged by the kind of no-holds-barred discussion. That’s what we wanted and that’s what we got.”Higgs, who had never attended a first ministers meeting before, said many of the others “said this was one of the most productive meetings they’ve been in for a long time.”Trudeau and all the premiers, including Ford, signed onto a final communique that was long on general statements about working collaboratively to create jobs, grow the economy, protect the environment, reduce red tape and knock down barriers to trade between provinces.After spending the biggest chunk of time discussing the oil-price crisis that is devastating Alberta’s energy industry, everyone agreed in the communique with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s call for federal investments in short-, medium- and long-term help to get her province’s oil and gas to ports for shipment overseas. Alberta has been suffering from a glut of oil that has been trapped inland, away from buyers, because there hasn’t been enough transportation capacity to get it out. Customers have only been willing to take it at a steep discount to world prices.The communique says all agreed the federal government should invest in short-term support for energy businesses hammered by the price differential for Alberta’s oil. The federal government should also invest in medium-term efforts to get energy products to market _ which Notley took as supporting her plan to buy tanker cars to move oil by rail _ as well as long-term efforts to build the infrastructure, presumably pipelines, needed to get oil and gas to tidewater.“I am pleased to say that the vast majority, if not all, supported what I had to say,” Notley said. “I am pleased that we were able to spend more time on the agenda talking about something that I think everyone understands is fundamentally important to the economic well-being of every Canadian.”The communique acknowledged that while all first ministers agree on reducing carbon emissions, they disagree on how to go about it. Four conservative premiers, Ford, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, Higgs and Pallister, are going to court to challenge the federal plan to impose a price on carbon in their provinces starting in the new year. MONTREAL _ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to keep the peace at what began as a tension-filled first ministers meeting Friday but had few concrete achievements to show for the day-long gathering.The one sour note was sounded by Ontario’s Progressive Conservative premier, Doug Ford, who accused Trudeau of moving the goalposts on Canada’s climate-change plans, requiring Ontario to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions more than Ford had expected.But other premiers, including fellow Conservative Brian Pallister from Manitoba, disputed Ford’s interpretation of what the prime minister said behind closed doors in Montreal and Trudeau himself dismissed the charge.center_img Under the Paris agreement, the Trudeau government has agreed to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Ford said his plan will achieve emission reductions of 30 per cent in Ontario _ without a carbon tax _ but that the prime minister told premiers some provinces will have to do better than that.“All of sudden, we have a little surprise in the room. The goalposts got changed,” he said.Moe backed Ford’s version of events but Pallister said there was “nothing new” in what Trudeau said.Federal officials pointed out that 30 per cent is a national target and that under the pan-Canadian climate change accord, provinces agreed to varying reductions to reach that goal. In any event, Nova Scotia Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil said all Trudeau said during the meeting was that some provinces will cut emissions more than others, not that they will be required to do so.“On climate change, I think it’s clear that Premier Ford and I differ on the matter,” Trudeau said during a closing news conference. “I believe that we need to put a price on pollution … He believes we should make pollution free again.”Ford’s recently unveiled climate-change plan is a “step backwards,” Trudeau said, noting that the Ontario premier has scrapped his province’s involvement in a cap-and-trade regime with Quebec and California.“Even though the premier may want to play games with numbers, what is clear is we are going to move forward, as we always have, in a very consistent way and if anyone is moving the goalposts, it’s Premier Ford.”Although Ford had been at the centre of demands to expand the agenda for the meeting, sources said neither he nor any member of his team was in the room when one of the issues he’d insisted upon, the influx of irregular border crossers, was discussed.Despite some of the pre-meeting theatrics, sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly, also said Ford spoke only several times during the meeting and did not bother to use his translation device when French was spoken.Among the few concrete results to emerge from the meeting, Moe said Trudeau committed to amending Bill C-69, legislation to beef up environmental assessments for energy projects. The bill has been heavily criticized for creating regulatory hurdles and uncertainty that will scare off investors in things like pipelines.Trudeau would not specify what changes he’s willing to make but said there need to be “clearer and faster timelines so businesses can have certainty” and elimination of overlapping federal and provincial assessments. He noted that the bill is currently before the Senate and said he looks forward to any amendments the upper house may make.A spokesman for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce said that while the group was happy to hear the government was willing to make changes to Bill C-69, it had hoped for more concrete action on issues affecting the oil and gas sector.Phil Taylor said the premiers should have promised not to block interprovincial energy and infrastructure projects, such as pipelines, that originate outside of their jurisdiction.On interprovincial trade barriers, the first ministers agreed to what the communique called “bold steps” harmonizing standards in the trucking sector, including tire size and size and weight restrictions, and eliminating duplication in federal and provincial food safety regimes.Pallister, who has been crusading to reduce internal trade barriers for years, was thrilled to finally see some modest progress.“Each of these things on their own doesn’t sound like a big deal but they add up and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of these types of impediments to our ability to do business with each other and shouldn’t be there,” he said.last_img read more

Grains higher livestock mixed

CHICAGO — Grain futures were higher Wednesday in early trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.Wheat for July delivery was up 14.4 cents at $4.624 a bushel; Jul corn gained 19 cents at $3.7840 bushel; July oats rose 6.2 cents at $2.912 a bushel; while Jul soybeans advanced 31.4 cents at 8.4400 bushel.Beef lower, pork higher on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.Jun. live cattle fell 1.38 cents at $1.0932 a pound; May. feeder cattle was down .36 cent at $1.3582 a pound; Jun lean hogs was 6.6 cents higher at .9035 a pound.The Associated Press

Heres a quick glance at unemployment rates for May by Canadian city

The Canadian Press OTTAWA — The national unemployment rate was 5.4 per cent in May. Statistics Canada also released seasonally adjusted, three-month moving average unemployment rates for major cities. It cautions, however, that the figures may fluctuate widely because they are based on small statistical samples. Here are the jobless rates last month by city (numbers from the previous month in brackets):— St. John’s, N.L. 8.0 per cent (7.9)— Halifax 5.2 (5.1)— Moncton, N.B. 5.9 (5.9)— Saint John, N.B. 5.8 (5.9)— Saguenay, Que. 4.1 (4.7)— Quebec 2.8 (3.3)— Sherbrooke, Que. 3.4 (3.4)— Trois-Rivieres, Que. 5.4 (5.5)— Montreal 5.4 (5.4)— Gatineau, Que. 5.3 (5.6)— Ottawa 5.5 (5.5)— Kingston, Ont. 4.4 (4.6)— Peterborough, Ont. 5.8 (6.0)— Oshawa, Ont. 5.3 (4.8)— Toronto 6.3 (6.6)— Hamilton, Ont. 4.3 (3.9)— St. Catharines-Niagara, Ont. 5.8 (6.5)— Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ont. 4.9 (4.9)— Brantford, Ont. 5.4 (5.0)— Guelph, Ont. 4.8 (4.0)— London, Ont. 5.0 (4.8)— Windsor, Ont. 5.7 (5.6)— Barrie, Ont. 7.3 (7.0)— Sudbury, Ont. 5.1 (5.4)— Thunder Bay, Ont. 5.1 (6.0)— Winnipeg 5.1 (5.2)— Regina 4.4 (4.5)— Saskatoon 6.1 (6.1)— Calgary 7.0 (7.6)— Edmonton 6.8 (6.9)— Kelowna, B.C. 4.2 (4.4)— Abbotsford-Mission, B.C. 5.6 (5.5)— Vancouver 4.2 (4.4)— Victoria 3.6 (3.1) read more

Peru UN health agency helps respond to outbreak of plague

11 August 2010The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is working with authorities in Peru to investigate and respond to an outbreak of plague in the northwest of the Andean country. The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is working with authorities in Peru to investigate and respond to an outbreak of plague in the northwest of the Andean country.Seventeen cases of plague have been confirmed so far in La Libertad administrative region, WHO reported yesterday, with all of the cases non-fatal. The cases are a mixture of bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and septicaemic plague.Investigations have revealed at least 10 strains of plague isolated from humans, rodents and domestic cats.WHO said it is working with Peruvian health ministry officials in helping La Libertad respond in the affected areas and surrounding districts, implementing insect control measures in high-risk areas, strengthening disease surveillance and sensitizing the local population to the problem. read more

Udaya Seneviratne assumes duties as Secretary to the President

As an officer who has obtained a broad and wider scope of experience working in the public sector for 37 years he has worked as a permanent secretary for the Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Highways and road development and Ministry of investment and international cooperation, Ministry of Mahaweli development and environment, and as an Additional Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Udaya R.Seneviratne worked as the Secretary of the Ministry of science technology and research and retired from the position several months ago and then was appointed for this post. Udaya Seneviratne, a former senior administrative officer, assumed duties as the new Secretary to the President.He obtained his letter of appointment from President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s office today. Seneviratne who has worked chairing in establishing National Institute of Co-operative Development in Polgolla, has given leadership for major projects during his career.A graduate from University of Kelaniya he has obtained the Vidyapathi degree on Mass Communication as well as the post graduate diploma on Development Communication and post graduate diploma on Regional Development and post graduate diploma on Management from the open university. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Iraq UN documents rights violations of increasingly sectarian nature

The “>report, produced jointly by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), covers the period from 11 September to 10 December 2014.Members of Iraq’s diverse ethnic communities, including Turkmen, Shabaks, Christians, Yezidi, Sabaeans, Kaka’e, Faili Kurds, Arab Shi’a, and others, have been intentionally and systematically targeted by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in what appears as a deliberate policy aimed at destroying, suppressing or expelling these communities permanently from areas under their control, the report documents. “I continue to be deeply shocked by the gross human rights violations committed by ISIL and associated armed groups. The targeting of civilians based on their faith or ethnicity is utterly despicable and we must not spare any effort to ensure accountability for these crimes,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, reiterating his call for Iraq to join the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court or to accept the exercise of its jurisdiction with respect to the current situation facing the country.The report documents serious violations of international humanitarian law and gross abuses of human rights perpetrated over a three month period by ISIL. These include killings of civilians, abductions, rapes, slavery and trafficking of women and children, forced recruitment of children, destruction of places of religious significance, looting and the denial of fundamental freedoms.The report also details the murder of captured members of Iraqi security forces and of people suspected of being associated with the Government by ISIL. Individuals suspected of being disloyal to ISIL, including religious, community and tribal leaders, journalists, doctors as well as female community and political leaders have been particularly targeted. During the reporting period, at least 165 executions were carried out following sentences by so called “courts” in ISIL-controlled areas. “Many of the violations and abuses perpetrated by ISIL may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and possibly genocide,” the report notes.Furthermore, it documents violations of international humanitarian and international human rights law reportedly committed by the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). “Armed groups claiming to be affiliated to or supporting the Government also perpetrated targeted killings, including of captured fighters from ISIL and its associated armed groups, abductions of civilians, and other abuses,” the report says. In an interview with UN Radio, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, said: “What really shocked me is that most of it is not news any more. In the beginning when we did our first report soon after the ISIL takeover of Mosul, the world was shocked at the atrocities that this group was committing. It’s been now about nine months since then. We have done a number of these reports and we continue in them to register day after day horrible, horrible atrocities.” “To me this is perhaps the most shocking thing. The world has gotten used to the violence and atrocities and this should not be the case. We should stand up every occasion that we can.” At least 11,602 civilians have been killed and 21,766 wounded from the beginning of January until 10 December 2014. Between 1 June and 10 December 2014, when the conflict spread from Anbar to other areas of Iraq, at least 7, 801 civilians were killed and 12,451 wounded. The report also notes that the number of civilians, who have died from the secondary effects of violence, including the lack of access to food, water or medical care, remains unknown. Large numbers remained trapped or displaced in areas under the control of ISIL during the reporting period, with limited access to humanitarian assistance. Children, pregnant women, persons with disabilities and elderly people proved particularly vulnerable in these difficult circumstances. read more

3 notes from Urban Meyers Monday press conference

OSU coach Urban Meyer walks off the field at Ohio Stadium following the Buckeyes’ 17-14 loss to Michigan State on Nov. 21. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo Editor On Monday, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer addressed the media for his weekly press conference to reflect on the Buckeyes’ first loss of the season against Michigan State while also looking forward to the season finale against Michigan. Here are three notes from what he said.All eyes on ElliottThe whole college football world was talking about OSU’s loss, but more specifically, a lot of the attention was centered on Ezekiel Elliott’s postgame interview. The junior running back put the coaching staff on blast about his low usage and confessed he spent time in the hospital with a leg infection, while also announcing he would be bolting for the NFL after this season. As expected, Meyer addressed Elliott’s comments heavily on Monday. “He’s a very well-thought of junior, and he gets a microphone stuck in his face, and obviously, we do not condone that and encourage that,” Meyer said. “Our rule is always talk about your teammates and move on. And he came to see me. We had a very long discussion — he’s great — and he apologized and he said, ‘You know, they didn’t have the whole interview in there.’”But Meyer said he is not planning on listening to the rest of Elliott’s interview because they “squashed it as a team.” Many thought Elliott’s frustration about only getting 12 carries in a game that was conducive to running football because of the weather was warranted, even if it was not the right time or place. Meyer agreed with the substance of Elliott’s remarks but, as expected, was not happy with the way they were delivered. “I couldn’t disagree with him, his comments, that he should have got the ball a little bit more but that’s not the place to do it,” he said. “That’s why I always like to decompress for at least a few minutes, because I’ve said some things I’m not very proud of, and I’m not saying that (Elliott’s comments are) not true, I’m just saying that’s not the forum to have those conversations.” Meyer said he would have welcomed a conversation in private with Elliott about his carries, but the way Michigan State was crowding the line of scrimmage factored into the play-calling.The coach acknowledged that he has to “do better” in that regard.  When asked if the running back’s comments were alarming and made him question Elliott’s character, Meyer was quick to knock it down. Meyer said it was a “very isolated incident,” while noting that he feels Elliott is one of the most selfless football players he has ever been around. In hindsight, the coach said he needed to feed Elliott a little more, but with a talented Michigan team on the horizon, Meyer wants to put it in the rearview mirror.“I know I’m probably going to get another 64 questions on it, but it’s done,” Meyer said. “We’ve got a really good team coming up that we’re playing and we’ve got to move forward.” Early exitsAnother hot-button issue that has developed as of late was the issue of players with eligibility remaining discussing their future plans. During the week leading up to the game, junior defensive end Joey Bosa all but announced he would be turning pro after the 2015 campaign came to an end. That was widely assumed, as the defensive end is considered one of the best prospects in next year’s draft. However, hearing Bosa be so open about his future plans did turn some heads. Then, after the loss to Michigan State, Elliott said there was “no chance” he would be back for his senior season. Redshirt junior quarterback Cardale Jones added oxygen to that flame after the game when he posted photo of him walking into Ohio stadium before kickoff on Twitter saying how it was his last time walking on the steps into the ‘Shoe. On Monday, Meyer was asked if he was concerned about the negative effects that players being so open about their future endeavors and how he balances that within the locker room.Meyer pointed to his time at Florida in 2009 when a dozen players sent in paperwork to the NFL to inquire about the possibility of their draft stocks.He admitted it causes “a little anxiety” for the coaching staff, but he said when so many players are talented enough to leave for the NFL early, it is a testament to the type of recruiting going on.Players discussing their future plans causes concern in two areas, Meyer said. The first is staying focused on the task at hand, which with Michigan on the horizon, “is playing a very good team.” The second is dealing with filling those voids in the recruiting department. Meyer said it can be a “nightmare” at times, but the coach maintained that it was a good problem to have because if none of his players were good enough to get drafted, that would be a bigger problem. Everything considered, Meyer said “it’s not easy” dealing with players leaving, but his job remains the same.“I have to just make sure we’re staying focused,” he said. “The good thing is, they’re really good guys … But there’s human nature out there, too.”Uneasy feelingsWhen the players came to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Sunday, Meyer said he held a team meeting. As imagined, the coach said there was a “knot” in everyone’s stomach after the loss. But Meyer said that is a good thing. “I would be really disappointed if it wasn’t there,” he said. “Today, you like to assess most of the guys … They are moving on. And it’s always good.” Meyer said he is trying to not be overly dramatic, but for him, Saturday “was a sleepless night.” When he got back into the facility on Sunday and started to see the players showing up, Meyer said it made him start to feel better. The coach recognized the challenges that await his squad with the Wolverines, as Meyer had nothing but praise for coach Jim Harbaugh’s team. But, even so, Meyer seemed to have no concerns about whether or not his players would respond against their archrival. read more

Money Talks Floyd Mayweather Jokes On The Colbert Report

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather made his media rounds in the Big Apple on Wednesday, stopping by “The Colbert Report” to discuss the chess problem in San Francisco.Stephen Colbert, started out talking about a famous street corner in San Francisco, where a large number of people hang out and play chess on a daily basis. Police are reportedly trying to shut down the popular hangout due to alleged illegal gambling, drug use, and violence.Colbert introduced Mayweather who commented on the issue:“Stephen, there are always going to be some bad apples on the chess board,” a rehearsed Mayweather said. “But you’ve got to understand, for kids in a tough neighborhood, chess is the only way out.”It’s a funny skit that is worth watching. Check it out in the video player above.

Teen beaten robbed and dragged by gunmen

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCampbellville woman robbed, beaten during brazen attack by armed banditsJune 27, 2019In “Crime”Herstelling family attacked, robbed by gunmenJune 13, 2019In “Crime”BV ‘Breadman’ strangled to death – Autopsy   March 18, 2019In “Crime” A 16-year-old girl is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after she was attacked, beaten and robbed by two gunmen a short distance from her Garnett and Delph Streets, Georgetown home.The young woman was reportedly attacked at about 18:00h on Thursday night as she was making her way home.<> understands that two men rode up on a motorcycle and attempted to relieve that teen of the bag she was wearing around her shoulder.After the young woman put of some resistance, she was dealt one blow to her face with a pistol one of the men were carrying. The young woman reportedly fell onto the roadway in an unconscious state.The duo then dragged the teenage a short distance from the scene before making good their escape.However, what left relatives outrage was that the police arrived at the scene an hour later, took the injured young woman to the hospital without making contact with them.It was until the teen  regained consciousness was her family contacted by doctors and told of what had transpired.The entire robbery was reportedly caught on CCTV footage, however Police are also yet to review same.The family is fearful since the perpetrators are roaming the streets freely and as such, they are calling on the relevant authorities to urgently look into the matter.Pic saved as Robbery, Robbery 1, read more

Heres When You Can Buy Those Awful Dragon Ball Z x Adidas

first_img Remember those horrendous Dragon Ball Z sneakers in the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection?Well, it looks like there might finally be some sort of information out there about when sneaker heads can get their fix with this colorful collection, by way of Sneaker Bar Detroit. For the uninitiated, this shoe drop features colorways and designs inspired by popular Dragon Ball Z characters, despite the fact that many don’t make total sense and aren’t exactly wearable.AdChoices广告The Goku and Frieza designs as well as the Deerupt “Son Gohan” and Prophere “Cell” models are coming up on October 27, with the Kamanda “Majin Buu” and Ultra Tech “Veget” sneakers launching in November. Meanwhile, the Shenron-inspire sneakers are supposed to come out this December.That rounds out the staggered release date for the collection, which boasts a special image on each shoebox. If you collect all the shoes, you get a special design that you can display proudly, because the shoes are still ugly, no matter how you slice it. New Adidas ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Shoes Are On the WayThe Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All Time Stay on targetcenter_img You won’t get to summon the dragon Shenron after collecting all the shoes or anything like that, but you get the next best thing: a complete collection, which will undoubtedly make many fans jealous. Speaking of, if you’re interested in picking up a few pairs from this capsule collection, which ones are you eyeing? There are only a few truly wearable ones in the selection of designs, and the Goku sneakers may be the ugliest, but someone’s bound to have a use for them.With Dragon Ball Z down, what anime collaboration could we potentially see next? There are a ton of shounen properties out there, so hopefully something new is on the way depending on how these shoes end up selling. That would be awesome for fans and sneaker lovers alike, that’s for sure.Watch Team Geek play through the new Dragon Ball FighterZ. And with the new movie on the horizon, our favorite characters are getting redesigns. There are even mash-ups with the awesome One Punch Man. While we wait for Dragon Ball Super: Broly follow all of Goku’s adventures here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Lucas Moura happy to score in Nou Camp

first_imgTottenham forward Lucas Moura was delighted to score a goal and help his team qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League after their 1-1 draw at Barcelona.Spurs looked to be heading straight to the Europa League after Dembele scored in the 7th minute to give Barcelona the lead, but Lucas Moura equalized in the 85th minute to keep Tottenham’s Champions League dreams alive.“It was a very important goal and I’m so happy to score here in the Nou Camp in the Champions League and help my team-mates to qualify,” Moura told the club’s website.“It was an amazing moment. The last time here was really sad for me (referencing PSG’s 6-1 defeat) and this is really different.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“In the second half, we did very well. We had many chances to score. We could win. It was a deserved result.“After the game, we didn’t know what the Inter result was and didn’t know if I could celebrate!“I waited with my team-mates to see and when they said to me it was 1-1 and I saw the fans happy, I knew we’d qualified. It was a very happy night for me, an amazing moment.”last_img read more

Deputy Governor Anya Williams announces new hours for Civil Servants

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNothing heated happening with the Deputy Governor Anya Williams at that meeting in Grand Turk held Monday with the civil service… but new hours for the sector will mean starting the work day 30 minutes later at 8:30am, ending it at 4:30pm and lesser lunchtime… now with one hour for lunch instead of 90 minutes. We understand that there were no complaints to the DG who heads up the public sector.It was on Monday morning that the PDM Official Opposition party said Civil Servants are very unhappy… telling the People’s Democratic Movement about not having basic office necessities and supplies; having to bring toilet paper in some cases from home to work, according to the party’s leader. Our source said the meeting in the capital was uneventful… there was one in Provo at the downtown gym … no word yet on if there were any complaints lodged there. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Erika Ender To Rebeca Leon Latin Academy Honors Leading Ladies

first_img ResidentePhoto: Kevin Winter/ Rubén Blades Wins Best Salsa Album Latin GRAMMY News Facebook Luis Fonsi and Bomba Estéreo’s Li SaumetPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Luis Fonsi: “Despacito” Wins Record Of The Year 2017 Latin GRAMMYs: What Happened And Who Won Big? Luis Fonsi and Bomba Estéreo’s Li SaumetPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year Residente Wins Best Urban Song 2017 Latin GRAMMYs: What Happened And Who Won Big? Justin Bieber Wins First Career Latin GRAMMY Cnco & More: Latest Latin GRAMMY Performers See Stars On The 18th Latin GRAMMYs Red Carpet Flor De Toloache | Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album Vicente García Wins Best Singer-Songwriter Album Natalia LafourcadePhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic What’s Your Favorite Latin GRAMMY Performance? Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY Vicente García | Best Singer-Songwriter Album Alejandro SanzPhoto: JB Lacroix/ Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights Vicente GarcíaPhoto: John Parra/Getty Images 2017 Latin Special Awards Honors Living Legends Latin Greats Receive Their Special Awards Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Rubén Blades Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech Email Mon Laferte Wins Best Alternative Song JuanesPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Vicente García Wins Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY Latin Academy Honors Women In Entertainment Luis FonsiPhoto: Davide Becker/ Justin Bieber Wins First Career Latin GRAMMY Luis Fonsi, “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images Natalia Lafourcade Wins Folk Album Latin GRAMMY ResidentePhoto: Bryan Steffy/ Cnco & More: Latest Latin GRAMMY Performers Luis FonsiPhoto: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images CncoPhoto: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images Vicente García Wins Best Singer-Songwriter Album MalumaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Erika EnderPhoto: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Rubén Blades Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech Justin Bieber Wins First Career Latin GRAMMY ResidentePhoto: Kevin Winter/ Photo: John Shearer/ Los Del RíoPhoto: David Becker/ CncoPhoto: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images JuanesPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images Rubén BladesPhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Rubén Blades Wins Album Of The Year Latin GRAMMY Natalia Lafourcade, winner of Best Folk Album for Musas (Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos, Vol. 1) and Best Long Form Music Video for Musas, El Documental — Natalia LafourcadePhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Photo: John Shearer/ Juanes Wins Best Pop/Rock Album Latin GRAMMY Alejandro Sanz’s Indelible Contributions To Music Alejandro Sanz’s Indelible Contributions To Music Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Natalia Lafourcade Wins Folk Album Latin GRAMMY Watch Eduardo Cabra Accept Producer Of The Year JuanesPhoto: Lester Cohen/Getty Images Los Del RíoPhoto: David Becker/ What’s Your Favorite Latin GRAMMY Performance? Natalia Lafourcade, winner of Best Folk Album for Musas (Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos, Vol. 1) and Best Long Form Music Video for Musas, El Documental — Natalia LafourcadePhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Eduardo Cabra Wins Latin Producer Of The Year Alejandro SanzPhoto: JB Lacroix/ Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY MalumaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year The event singled out six women: Juanes’ manager Rebeca Leon, Billboard journalist/ contributor Leila Cobo, Warner Music Latina General Manager and Warner Music Latin America Marketing SVP Gabriela Martinez, Univision Executive Vice President Jessica Rodriguez, “Despacito” co-writer Erika Ender, and recording engineer Marcella Araica (Britney Spears, Pink, Madonna).The Leading Ladies of Entertainment is planned to be an annual addition to Latin GRAMMY Week activities, which provides the perfect opportunity to recognize the powerful contributions that trailblazing women in the music industry make on a daily basis.”It’s really about believing in yourself,” Leon said. “I know I am a Jedi now and the best is yet to come. I hope you all realize that you are Jedis too. And may the force be with you.””This recognition is important, as there is a sizeable gender gap in the entertainment industry, which is even more pronounced for Latinas,” said Davina Aryeh, Chief Marketing Officer of The Latin Recording Academy. “Acknowledging this issue raises it to the top of public consciousness, and allows us to celebrate and learn from a diverse array of women who are leading and succeeding in their respective fields.” “Despacito” Wins Latin Record Of The Year Luis Fonsi: “Despacito” Wins Record Of The Year Natalia LafourcadePhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic Vicente García | Best Singer-Songwriter Album Luis Fonsi, “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year Watch Eduardo Cabra Accept Producer Of The Year Rubén Blades On Best Salsa Album Win Vicente García Best New Artist | Acceptance Speech Erika EnderPhoto: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Luis Fonsi, “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year Ruben BladesPhoto: Maury Philips/Getty Images Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Vicente García Best New Artist | Acceptance Speech ResidentePhoto: Bryan Steffy/ Ruben BladesPhoto: Maury Philips/Getty Images Natalia Lafourcade Best Folk Album | Acceptance See Stars On The 18th Latin GRAMMYs Red Carpet 2017 Latin Special Awards Honors Living Legends Ruben BladesPhoto: Maury Philips/Getty Images Erika Ender To Rebeca Leon: Latin Academy Honors Leading Ladies Vicente García Wins Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY Latin Greats Receive Their Special Awards Luis FonsiPhoto: Davide Becker/ Natalia LafourcadePhoto: Michael Tran/FilmMagic Watch Eduardo Cabra Accept Producer Of The Year Cnco & More: Latest Latin GRAMMY Performers Erika EnderPhoto: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Mon Laferte Wins Best Alternative Song Vicente García | Best Singer-Songwriter Album Latin Academy Honors Women In Entertainment Residente Wins Best Urban Song Vicente GarcíaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Latin Academy Honors Women In Entertainment erika-ender-rebeca-leon-latin-academy-honors-leading-ladies Eduardo Cabra Wins Latin Producer Of The Year 2017 Latin GRAMMYs: What Happened And Who Won Big? “Despacito” Wins Latin Record Of The Year Watch Mon Laferte Win First Career Latin GRAMMY Natalia Lafourcade Best Folk Album | Acceptance Twitter Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights Rubén Blades Wins Album Of The Year Latin GRAMMY Rubén BladesPhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Residente Wins Best Urban Song Vicente García Wins Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY Flor De Toloache | Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Natalia Lafourcade Best Folk Album | Acceptance Natalia Lafourcade, winner of Best Folk Album for Musas (Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos, Vol. 1) and Best Long Form Music Video for Musas, El Documental — Natalia LafourcadePhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Luis Fonsi: “Despacito” Wins Record Of The Year Flor De Toloache | Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album Juanes Wins Best Pop/Rock Album Latin GRAMMY Juanes Wins Best Pop/Rock Album Latin GRAMMY Watch Mon Laferte Win First Career Latin GRAMMY Rubén Blades Wins Album Of The Year Latin GRAMMY Inaugural Latin GRAMMY Week event honors women making a big difference in the music industryRenée FabianGRAMMYs Nov 16, 2017 – 12:30 pm The Latin Recording Academy kicked off its inaugural Leading Ladies of Entertainment event on Nov. 15 at Maestro’s Ocean Club in Las Vegas to spotlight women who are setting a positive example in the Latin entertainment industry. Rubén Blades On Best Salsa Album Win Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images Rubén Blades Wins Best Salsa Album Latin GRAMMY See The Full List Of 2017 Latin GRAMMY Winners “Despacito” Wins Latin Record Of The Year Rubén Blades On Best Salsa Album Win See The Full List Of 2017 Latin GRAMMY Winners Vicente GarcíaPhoto: John Parra/Getty Images Vicente García Wins Best Singer-Songwriter Album Luis FonsiPhoto: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images CncoPhoto: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images Rubén Blades Wins Best Salsa Album Latin GRAMMY Alejandro Sanz’s Indelible Contributions To Music See The Full List Of 2017 Latin GRAMMY Winners Prev Next Eduardo Cabra Wins Latin Producer Of The Year Vicente García Best New Artist | Acceptance Speech “Despacito” Wins Song Of The Year Luis FonsiPhoto: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images See Stars On The 18th Latin GRAMMYs Red Carpet More 18th Latin GRAMMY Awards 2017 Latin Special Awards Honors Living Legends Vicente GarcíaPhoto: John Parra/Getty Images Natalia Lafourcade Wins Folk Album Latin GRAMMY Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights MalumaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Nov 15, 2017 – 5:40 pm 2017 Latin Special Awards Honors Living Legends ResidentePhoto: Kevin Winter/ Alejandro Sanz: Person Of The Year Highlights Vicente GarcíaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Latin Academy Honors Women In Entertainment Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY Alejandro SanzPhoto: JB Lacroix/ Watch Mon Laferte Win First Career Latin GRAMMY Photo: John Shearer/ Luis Fonsi and Bomba Estéreo’s Li SaumetPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images What’s Your Favorite Latin GRAMMY Performance? ResidentePhoto: Bryan Steffy/ Mon Laferte Wins Best Alternative Song Rubén BladesPhoto: David Becker/Getty Images Vicente GarcíaPhoto: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images Residente Wins Best Urban Music Album Latin GRAMMY Luis FonsiPhoto: Davide Becker/ Rubén Blades Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech Los Del RíoPhoto: David Becker/ Latin Greats Receive Their Special Awards Read morelast_img read more

Tesla to slash 7 percent of its workforce CEO Elon Musk says

first_img1:05 Tesla Model 3 barrels through the snow in Track Mode 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Tags AutoComplete: Tesla introduces a cheaper midrange Model… 0 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better He highlighted the company’s 4 percent third-quarter profit and said Tesla expects a smaller one for the fourth quarter, pointing to the higher-priced Model 3 variants in the US market as the cause.”While we have made great progress, our products are still too expensive for most people,” he said.Musk wants to get the Model 3 to every market around May “to reach more customers who can afford our vehicles” — a target the company’s hinted at previously. He noted that its vehicles will get even more expensive when the US tax credit on EVs is halved on July 1 and eliminated at the end of 2019.”Attempting to build affordable clean energy products at scale necessarily requires extreme effort and relentless creativity, but succeeding in our mission is essential to ensure that the future is good, so we must do everything we can to advance the cause,” Musk said in the email. Post a comment Earlier this month, the company broke ground on a Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai where it plans to produce “affordable versions” of the Model 3 and Model Y for the Chinese market.Word of the cuts comes a day after Musk revealed that Tesla’s referral program, which offered six months of free Supercharging, will end on Feb. 1. A Tesla spokesperson referred back to Musk’s email in lieu of further comment.CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens. Now playing: Watch this: 50 Photos Share your voice More From Roadshow Tesla will also keep only the “most critical temps and contractors,” according to Elon Musk. Nick Miotke/Roadshow Tesla will cut its full-time employees by around 7 percent, CEO Elon Musk said Friday.The decision comes after the company workforce grew by 30 percent in 2018, “which is more than we can support,” Musk said in an email sent to all employees. Aside from the employee reduction, the company will retain “only the most critical temps and contractors,” he said.Musk hailed 2018 as Tesla’s most challenging year but “also the most successful,” due to the launch of the Model 3 — its first lower-cost electric vehicle (EV). 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous Car Industry Roadshowlast_img read more

The Women in the Life of the Sun King Louis XIV

first_imgThe women in the life of Louis XIV is a history unto itself. The year 1789 in France was one of the most dramatic social upheavals in history. Mixed into the hodge-podge of economic, social and political issues, the people of France had a huge beef with the hedonistic lifestyle of the monarchy and aristocracy (which in many ways had taken their cues from Louis XIV and his women), while commoners were starving in the streets. Considered one of the major triggers in setting things off, the excesses of the French court were nothing new. Like many people with too much time and money on their hands, the royals that occupied Versailles in the 18th century are reputed to have indulged in complete debauchery. They were the forerunners of excess, establishing the principals of overindulgence. Louis XIV, the Sun King, was particularly known for his behavior with women.Louis XIV was crowned on June 7, 1654 and reigned as king of France for 61 years. Throughout his life, he had a myriad of affairs before, during, and after his marriage to Queen Marie Thérèse.The Moment the King Became a ManLouis XIVHis father passed away when Louis was only five years old. His mother took control of the government and ruled over all affairs of state, including every element of her son’s upbringing. Every element.The women of Louis XIV began for him as a teenager. When he reached 15 years of age, Anne decided it was time for her son to become a man. After considering acceptable ladies for the job — none too buxom and none too ambitious — Anne chose one of her ladies in waiting, “One-Eyed” Kate.Louis XIV as a young child, unknown painterLouis XIV’s biographer, Antonia Fraser, says Kate was 39 years old when she was made to lie in wait for the young Dauphin (heir apparent) so as to educate him in the ways of the bedroom.Another biographer, Aurora Van Goeth, described Kate as “not what was considered a beauty by 17th century standards.” According to Fraser, “The experience seems to have been enjoyable enough to be repeated on several further occasions,” a fact that Van Goeth also notes.An African Dauphin?Louis XIV and His FamilyBedroom liaisons continued after the Sun King officially ascended the throne. Both the king and his wife had a fascination with people from Africa. The king was known to have a penchant for “exotic women” and the queen employed an African dwarf as a jester.Neither of these facts are particularly shocking, but when you add in the mystery of Sister Louise Marie Thérèse, the situation gets scandalous. Known as the Dark (or Black) Nun of Moret, it was rumored that she was the daughter of Queen Marie Thérèse.Louis XIV by Adam Frans van der MeulenIn 1664, it was reported that the queen had given birth to a dark-skinned baby, but historians believe it was actually born blue due to being deprived of oxygen.Speculation still encircles the Dark Nun of Moret, however, as no one has yet confirmed her parentage. If it wasn’t the queen who gave birth to her, then surely Sister Louise was the illegitimate daughter of the king and one of his numerous consorts, n’est-ce pas?Mistress vs. WifeLouis XIV in coronation costume with the sword of Joyeuse, by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1701Some scandals were considerably less existential. Steeped in protocol, the court followed very strict rules of public behavior — despite what went on behind closed doors. During the War of Devolution in 1667, the queen rode out to meet her husband who had been away leading his army. Louis XIV’s mistress (one of many), Louise de la Vallière, joined the convoy despite being very pregnant and having been told to stay home.War of DevolutionWhat’s worse, she dared race her carriage against the queen’s, passing it en route to meet her lover. Upon reaching the king, however, Louise found herself spurned for daring to arrive before the queen who had become sick from shock, vomiting on her ladies in waitings’ skirts.Nasty RumorsPhilippe of France, Duke of Orléans and brother of Louis XIV, bearing the cross of the Order of the Holy SpiritAnother of Louis XIV’s rumored women was the scandalous affair involving none other than his sister-in-law. His brother Philippe, Duc d’Orléans, had married Henriette Anne, the youngest daughter of King Charles I of England, Scotland, and Ireland.Her heritage allowed the Duchess of Orléans, known as Madame to her friends, to play the liaison for English affairs. The paternity of her first child was doubted, with rumors spreading that it was in fact the king’s child, not Philippe’s.Related Video:Scandal followed her until end. In 1670, Madame passed away suddenly from an unspecified cause. She had been complaining about discomfort in her side for months, and on the night in question, was in considerable pain.Taken suddenly ill on June 29th, she drank chicory water which she was convinced had been poisoned. Despite possible motives for her husband and his lover, the Chevalier de Lorraine, most historians agree her passing was unsuspicious. Madame died before morning.The Secret, Second WeddingMeeting on the Isle of Pheasants, June 1660; Maria Theresa is handed over to the French and her husband by proxy, Louis XIVIn 1683, Queen Marie Thérèse succumbed to a terrible illness, leaving Louis XIV a widower. The king never officially announced a new queen, but it is believed that he remarried.Nanny to his numerous illegitimate children, Françoise d’Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon caught the king’s eye. Their rumored marriage was not officially recognized, however, due to her lowly status. In his memoirs, the Duc de Saint-Simon recounts a “mass at the dead of night” that was overseen by several witnesses and believed to be Louis XIV’s second wedding.Louis XIV in 1673This event is further recorded in the Marquise de Montespan’s memoirs. Love conquers status, however as it is said that Françoise d’Aubigné had the king absolutely smitten.Read another story from us: Sun King at Versailles: The Daily Routine of Louis XIV in Europe’s Most Opulent CourtIn his final days, one of Louis XIV’s officers recorded the king’s last words to his heir: “Do not imitate me, but be a peaceful prince, and may you apply yourself principally to the alleviation of the burdens of your subjects.”last_img read more

Arizona Cardinals fan John Guerriero poses for a p

first_imgArizona Cardinals fan John Guerriero poses for a picture outside Bank of America Stadium before the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip) Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Kony Ealy is expected to start in Allen’s place with rookie Ryan Delaire seeing significant playing time.“There’s always a drop-off when you have a guy that has the kind of legacy that Jared’s left behind, with a young coming in, but it’s not much of a drop-off because those two guys are hungry,” Palmer said.  “They want his spot and they’re fighting for it right now.”The others not in uniform for Carolina are running back Cameron Artis-Payne, wide receiver Brenton Bersin, safety Dean Marlowe, wide receiver Kevin Norwood, running back Brandon Wegher and cornerback Lou Young.The Cardinals are in the NFC Championship for only the second time in franchise history, but you wouldn’t have known it aside from the increased media presence throughout the week at the team’s Tempe headquarters.“It was business as usual, nothing out of the ordinary,” Palmer said.  “No difference in practice; no different energy or anything, just a very focused work-like week.  That is how we have been all season.  That is the kind of team we are, just very focused.” Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img Aside from some bumps and bruises due to the normal wear-and-tear of an NFL season, especially one that is now entering its 20th week, the Arizona Cardinals are a healthy bunch heading into Sunday’s NFC Championship Game in Carolina.“Alright, no injuries, again,” head coach Bruce Arians said Friday, the same statement he made prior to the Divisional Round game against Green Bay.  “We upped some guys to full practice.  We really don’t have anybody limited…ready to get going.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Cardinals’ final injury report listed seven players, all probable and all of whom practiced in full on Friday.That would include running back David Johnson.For the first time all season, Johnson’s name appeared on the injury report due to him spraining his toe late in the game against the Packers.“I’m good; good to go,” he said.  “Practiced all day today, felt great.”In addition to Johnson, cornerback Justin Bethel (ankle), wide receiver John Brown (shoulder), linebacker Markus Golden (knee), defensive tackle Josh Mauro (calf), quarterback Carson Palmer (right finger) and defensive tackle Frostee Rucker (ankle) were full participants in the last practice of the week.The Cardinals reported seven healthy scratches among their inactives announced 90 minutes before kickoff.The Cardinals’ inactives included quarterback Matt Barkley, cornerback Corey White, running back Kerwynn Williams, linebacker Shaq Riddick, linebacker Jason Babin, offensive tackle D.J. Humphries and nose tackle Xavier Williams.For the Panthers, defensive end Jared Allen (foot) is out due to injury.“Not happy, plain and simple.  I’m ready to rock,” he told reporters in the locker room Friday.  “Coach’s decision.  Got to live with it.” Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Tenders for Ibrahims Khan to be announced in days

first_imgTenders for the use of individual units at the historic Ibrahim’s Khan in Paphos old town will be opened in the coming days, according to Paphos municipality.A spokesman told the Cyprus Mail that proposals for the premises have been discussed and that the tenders will be announced imminently.“The Khan is of the utmost importance as a historic building and is in the centre of the city, the spaces here must reflect its importance and position, in fact we are insisting on that,” he said.Ibrahim’s Khan has undergone a massive renovation recently, as part of a wider project to upgrade Paphos town which holds the Cultural Capital of Europe title this year, an honour it shares with Aarhus in Denmark.Historically, the beautiful old building used to be an inn and the space was also used as an area where merchants and craftsmen would come together.The use of the individual units have now been defined by the municipality, and a total of 15 units will be used mainly for the promotion of the traditional professions and products of Cyprus, as well as the promotion of other local traditions, the spokesman said.“This is a cultural venue and not a modern shopping mall, so it is imperative that we reflect that, we have to promote tradition and we will be strict with who and what is permitted, he said.Rents for the individual units will be charged from around 150- 2,000 euros, depending on the size of the premises and the position, he noted.A list of uses which will proceed to tender include; a traditional cobbler that will perform shoe repairs and will not be permitted to sell shoes or keys, a retail unit selling meat and dairy products will be up for grabs, (other products are not allowed), and wine and alcoholic beverages produced only in Cyprus will also be on sale in another unit.An art studio will see an artist create and sell paintings and mosaics, at another, jewellery made of gold, silver and copper will be made and sold. There will be a basket weaving unit, where the items will be crafted and sold, a woodwork studio, traditional embroidery and weaving, as well as traditional Cypriot costumes.Church icons will be crated and sold at another and pottery and ceramic art will be available.There will also be a restaurant with outdoor space, which comes with the highest rent at 2,000 euros a month, and another space producing and selling traditional products, with prior approval, such as baklava and Lokmades.Cyprus jams, marmalades, marshmallows, herbs, nuts and other local products will also be on sale in another space.“This is a very important venue in the heart of the old town and will provide an integral meeting place for both locals and visitors alike,” he added.Exhibitions and other events will be held regularly, as well as demonstrations of traditional crafts.“Although the venue has been given to Pafos2017 for some events, there is still some minor work to be carried out there.”He said that work at Ibrahim’s Khan would be completed during an upcoming gap in Pafos2017 events which are currently being held thereYou May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more