Expresident denounces Dominican election results

first_img Top Stories How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation 0 Comments   Share   Mejia did not concede, but he didn’t say he would seek a recount. Nor did he call for supporters of the Democratic Revolutionary Party to protest the outcome, though police and soldiers were on stand-by in the Caribbean country just in case.The governing party’s winning candidate, Danilo Medina, a 60-year-old career politician and government official, received 51 percent of the vote, enough to avoid a runoff. Mejia, who served as president in 2000-04, had 47 percent, according to the country’s Electoral Commission.An observer team from the Organization of American States confirmed reports that people were paid to withhold their votes but said these were isolated incidents that did not taint the overall results.The opposition’s vice presidential candidate had said his party would produce a report detailing incidents of fraud and the improper use of government resources by the governing party for the campaign but the report has not yet been released.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) How men can have a healthy 2019 Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementscenter_img New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Sponsored Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) – A former president who lost his bid to be re-elected in the Dominican Republic issued a scathing denunciation Tuesday of the country’s electoral process but made no mention of any plans to challenge the outcome.Hipolito Mejia told cheering supporters that the results of Sunday’s election did not reflect the will of the people. “They are the product of manipulation and an abuse of power,” he said in a brief speech. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathslast_img read more

Residents flee shelled Somali port town

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Associated PressMOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) – Hundreds of residents have fled the southern Somali port of Kismayo after the Kenyan navy shelled the town ahead of an expected ground operation to capture it, officials and residents said Tuesday.Kismayo is the main remaining stronghold of the al-Qaida-linked militants of al-Shabab. The group, considered terrorists by the United States and others, is waging an insurgency against the U.N.-backed Somali government, which is being bolstered by African Union troops including Kenyan forces. Muhummed Ghelle, another Kismayo elder, said “everyone is sneaking away for his safety _ people started to leave here a week ago.”Those fleeing have mostly streamed into Jilib, a town north of Kismayo, but some have traveled to Merca, an eastern town recently seized by government troops, Ghelle said.Kenyan commanders had earlier vowed to take Kismayo by August but officials said the plan was bogged down by the need to take care of people in the towns already liberated from al-Shabab.Last week, Kenyan troops took over the town of Miido, north of Kismayo.The Ugandan military forms the bulk of the African Union forces in Somalia. Ugandan and Burundian forces pushed al-Shabab out of Mogadishu, the capital, about a year ago. Kenya and Burundi have also dispatched troops to fight al-Shabab, which neighboring countries view as a regional threat.Somalia has not had a fully functioning government since clan-based warlords toppled dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, but slow progress is being made. A new constitution has come into force, a new parliament and speaker were recently chosen and they are to vote in a new president by Sept. 10._____Odula contributed to this report from Nairobi, Kenya Sponsored Stories Residents say the militants have ordered them not leave Kismayo, but the prospect of being caught in a war between the militants and the Kenyan forces is outweighing whatever brutal punishment they could get for disobeying.Kenyan military spokesman Col. Cyrus Oguna said seven people believed to be members of al-Shabab were killed in shelling Saturday and Monday that targeted an arms cache, a mounted gun position and a militant roadblock.Oguna said Kenyan ground troops were moving closer to Kismayo _ they are now just 90 kilometers (56 miles) away _ in preparation for a military assault.Afrah Hussein, an elder in Kismayo, said hundreds of residents have fled.“There was a gradual flood in recent days, but today more than 200 people left,” he said Tuesday. “People are being forced to stay in the town but it seems they are paying no heed to that because of their fears of war.”Another resident agreed.“We are fleeing because combat ships are coming in sight of the town and troops are on the way,” said Mohamed Ali, who was heading to the town of Barawe to the east. “We don’t want to get caught between warring sides _ it’s a confusing and scary situation out there.” Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonacenter_img The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

AP Interview Ugandas president says hes the one bullied

first_img“The party,” as Museveni put it, because there are few other political parties with any power in Uganda, and those have been allowed only in recent years. Until then, he argued that poor African countries could not afford political rivalries. “That chaotic way of managing politics is not our ideal,” he said Tuesday. Internal party chaos is no better: He fired his prime minister last year.Instead, the already emerging 2016 campaign looks like this: Huge posters in the capital, Kampala, declare him the ruling party’s sole candidate.And at party events, loyalist members are known to kneel before Museveni and beg him to run again, saying he is the best they ever had.Perhaps he cannot disappoint them. He made it clear Tuesday, whoever the party chooses will win: “Yes. Yes. Absolutely.”When told, “Well, they want you,” Museveni replied, “Well, if they want, then we shall see that when we get there.”There are conditions under which he might decline to run, he said, but they are not for the press to know. “Stop politicking and get to work,” he tweeted earlier this year.“To an American, what you need to understand is Museveni’s been in power while America’s had six presidents,” said Nicholas Opiyo, a prominent Ugandan lawyer and watchdog. The only thing that would allow a peaceful transition is if Museveni is not allowed to run because of the age limit, he said, “or if, by an act of God, he drops very sick.” UNITED NATIONS (AP) — There is so much freedom in Uganda that it’s nearly anarchy, the country’s president joked, stepping carefully around what’s an open secret back home: Yoweri Museveni will run for yet another term next year, and surely he will win.Museveni, casual in an untucked dress shirt during an interview in a Waldorf Astoria hotel suite, gave The Associated Press his version of power and succession on the sidelines of his appearance at a high-level U.N. meeting, where he scolded the United States and the other permanent members of the Security Council on their approaches to Africa’s problems. Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Here is a sketch of Museveni’s and Uganda’s rise: Independence in 1962 from the British, the ousting of a repressive regime in 1986, presidency since then, wrestling with vast problems of the economy and the AIDS crisis, efforts for which he was praised.There has never been a peaceful transfer of power in all that time. Museveni gave no details Tuesday on what such a transition might look like in his country of 36 million people.“It’s all provided for in the constitution,” he said. And does he want the presidency to pass one day to his son, who leads Uganda’s special forces and who observers say is likely being groomed as the future leader? “Oh no, it is not what I like, it is what my party wants and what the country needs,” Museveni said.His reputation has been damaged by accusations of corruption, human rights abuses, and electoral fraud. Some observers worry he has become the kind of dictator he once threw aside. Uganda’s problem, he once said in 1986 when he became president, “is not the people, but leaders who want to overstay in power.”Nearly 30 years after becoming president, the former Marxist rebel still speaks in terms of liberation on one hand, control on the other. Uganda, and Africa, must be transformed. Uganda must shift from a third-world country to a middle-class one. Africa’s markets must be integrated. Prosperity is key. Four benefits of having a wireless security system Later Tuesday, with his role on display as the leader of a regional power and one of Africa’s most militarized countries, he met with White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice to discuss the conflicts in South Sudan and the Darfur region of Sudan, the White House announced.Dismissing accusations from critics that his rule over three decades has become more and more authoritarian, far from the days when former President Bill Clinton praised him as one of a “new breed” of reform-minded African leaders, Museveni told the AP, “If anybody has been bullied, it is me.”And as he prepares to turn 71 in September, Museveni appeared little concerned about a possible legal challenge to another presidential term by those who argue he will be too old to be in charge. A new term would take him over Uganda’s 75-year-old presidential age limit.But even as regional neighbor Burundi is shaken by deadly protests over the not-unusual African scenario of a president who wants to run again, Museveni said he will let Uganda’s courts decide.More than 30 floors above midtown Manhattan, his conversation was only faintly marked by the sound of sirens. Museveni was comfortable, saying that the future of the presidency depends on what the ruling party wants. In any case, Uganda doesn’t penalize gay people, he said. “But we also don’t promote that behavior. Because it is not the normal behavior.” Maria Burnett, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, said Tuesday that “no doubt about it,” Uganda remains a difficult place to be gay.In fact, Museveni said of his country at large, smiling at the mere suggestion of authoritarian rule, there is “so much freedom that it is almost a problem in itself.”___Associated Press writers Rodney Muhumuza in Kampala, Uganda, and Michelle Faul in Yola, Nigeria, contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “Some will be achieved while I’m in heaven, but I will play my role,” he said.Western powers, he has said, must stop their imperialist policies on the continent. And if the Security Council had listened to Africa before authorizing military action in Libya a few years ago, he said in his U.N. speech Monday, that country’s current chaos and the deadly journeys of migrants on the Mediterranean could have been avoided.“African solutions for African problems,” he said in his speech. Rwanda’s neighbors could have stopped that country’s genocide two decades ago, he declared. But critics have called him reckless; he has backed rebels fighting governments in what is now Congo, Rwanda, Central African Republic and Somalia. Museveni has said he was helping fight corrupt regimes.Closer to home, he was asked about Uganda’s recent notoriety over an attempt at harsh anti-gay legislation, which a court invalidated last year. Some fear that another attempt might be made with an election coming. But Museveni, who signed the bill but correctly warned about its effect on economic ties with the West, said, “It’s really not a priority for us.” Top Stories Republic of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni speaks during an interview, Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Supporters believe that Museveni, who is one of the longest serving leaders on the African continent, will win another term should he decide to seek one in 2016. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews) 3 international destinations to visit in 2019last_img read more

Agency posts thousands of complaints against banks others

first_img 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy FILE – In this Sept. 12, 2013 file photo, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. The CFPB on Thursday, June 25, 2015 is releasing the first batch of its highly awaited database of consumer complaints filed against local banks, credit card and mortgage companies. The 7,700 public narratives, collected starting in March 2015, are only a fraction of the 627,000 complaints the bureau has fielded since its inauguration in 2011. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File) The public posting of the database is a sharp break from the traditional practices of other financial regulators. How and whether the data gets used, whether by fellow regulators, plaintiff’s attorneys or people shopping looking for a new bank, won’t become apparent for a while.For now, many people making complaints to the CFPB are choosing to share them. According to the Bureau, more than half of the people who’ve filed complaints since March chose to make them public.The individual grievances and the public database were created despite repeated protests from the financial services industry.The American Bankers Association, which has been against the database since the bureau proposed it last year, said the database would be “a purveyor of at best unsubstantiated, and potentially false, information.”“Today’s public disclosure of unverified consumer complaint narratives doesn’t advance that goal and may threaten consumer privacy,” the organization said.Credit reporting giant Experian, which has just over 21,000 complaints in the Bureau’s overall database, argued that the complaints would likely contain “inaccurate, misleading, or even derogatory or offensive statements.” Four benefits of having a wireless security system Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Top Stories WASHINGTON (AP) — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released thousands of complaints Thursday from disgruntled customers of banks, credit card companies and other providers of financial services.The bureau posted a database of the grievances on its website over vehement protests from the financial industry. The database contains 7,700 complaints filed online by people who agreed to air their complaints publicly. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall The CFPB offers a disclaimer that it does not investigate the substance of the complaints before posting them. Some postings come with spelling errors, some with gratuitous capitalization of words. The Bureau hopes the compilation of the grievances will point both it and the general public to the personal financial trouble spots of the day.The targets of the complaints vary widely, and include small debt collection companies as well as Wall Street giants. Among the complaints: U.S. Bank supposedly gave a Wisconsin parent’s young son a credit card with a $4,500 limit that he didn’t request, and a California couple reported finally catching up on mortgage payments to M&T bank, only to be told they were still a month in arrears.The database represents a small fraction of the 627,000 total complaints the bureau has received in the four years it’s been operating. The CFPB began offering the option of allowing people to publicly share their complaints in March.“We believe the disclosure of this information is one of the best tools government agencies can use to improve the operation of the marketplace,” said Richard Cordray, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s director, calling the narratives “a valued educational and shopping tool.” Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Consumer advocates supported the Bureau’s plan, praising the potential to lead researchers and regulators to newly emerging objectionable practices.In previous retail banking controversies, such as the practice of banks re-ordering daily debit card transactions to produce additional overdraft penalties, people complained for years before regulators took notice. Meanwhile, banks such as JPMorgan Chase were logging thousands of overdraft complaints each month, according to documents later produced in a class action lawsuit.The database can be found online at http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaintdatabase/___Sweet reported from New York.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   last_img read more

Relatives mark 10 years since UK police killing of Brazilian

first_img 0 Comments   Share   Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories Cousin Vivian Figueiredo gives a media interview on the 10-year-anniversary of the death of 27-year-old Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, shot by British police who thought he was a terrorist in the tense aftermath of deadly 2005 London subway bombings, beside a memorial for him outside Stockwell station in London, Wednesday, July 22, 2015. Police shot de Menezes repeatedly on July 22, 2015 as he tried to board a subway train at Stockwell on his way to work, after they mistook him for a terrorist as he lived at the same building address as two bombing suspects. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham) Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The incident came two weeks after four suicide bombers attacked the London public transport system, killing 52 people.The police force was fined 175,000 pounds ($274,000) in 2007 for violating health and safety rules, but no individual was charged.On Wednesday relatives and supporters held a minute’s silence at the moment de Menezes was shot. A short service was held outside the south London subway station where the killing took place, and flowers were laid at the foot of a mural marking his death.De Menezes’ family has brought the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, which hasn’t yet made a decision. In June, a British government lawyer argued in court that the officers who killed the victim bore no personal responsibility for his death.De Menezes’ cousin, Vivian Figueiredo, said she was hopeful the family would see justice.“I think we deserve it and a lot of people who are out there fighting for justice as well need this,” she told the BBC.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Sponsored Stories Patients with chronic pain give advice LONDON (AP) — Relatives of a Brazilian man shot by British police who mistook him for a suicide bomber in the tense aftermath of the London subway bombings on Wednesday remembered his death 10 years ago.Family and supporters are still trying to hold British police to account for the July 22, 2005 killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, who was shot repeatedly in the head in front of commuters as he tried to board a subway train to work. Police pursuing the electrician wrongly thought he was a suspect involved in a failed bomb attack which took place the previous day because he lived at the same address as two of the suspects. Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your homelast_img read more

Italian chef missing at sea on Princess Cruises cruise

first_img<a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/1b729/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> A search is underway for Italian chef Angelo Faliva, who is believed to have fallen overboard from the Princess Cruises’ “Coral Princess” around Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Angelo was last seen in the kitchen of the “Coral Princess” at about 8:15 p.m. Wednesday during his dinner shift. Faliva’s sister, Chiara Faliva, said the family was alerted Thursday that he had been reported missing and that a life preserver was also missing, with its nighttime illumination flares torn off and left aboard the ship.”He surely didn’t jump off. It wasn’t suicide,” she said from the family’s home in Cremona. “We think there was an accident or a homicide.” The “Coral Princess” left Miami on Nov. 23, and was sailing between Aruba and Cartagena, Colombia when Faliva went missing. Colombian maritime authorities are investigating the incident, alongside the Italian foreign ministry and the FBI. The ship is due to dock in Los Angeles on Dec. 7. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Flast_img read more

In Australia Jetstar now half the size of Qantas

first_img<a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/20650/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Qantas Friday reported its traffic for February, and for the first time its saw its subsidiary Jetstar flying 632,000 passengers, exactly half of what mainline Qantas flew in the month.This major milestone for the low-cost carrier is a first, and while international operations for Jetstar have been growing by leaps and bounds, this domestic figure has crept up more slowly but with no less impact.Domestic Qantas grew by 0.4% in the past month when compared to a year earlier, carrying 1.264 million passengers, compared to the 3.5% growth seen in Jetstar Domestic when compared to 2009.Internationally the figures and growth patterns are more dramatic, with Qantas international losing 20.7% of passengers carrying 462,000 in the month, while Jetstar grew passenger numbers by 101% up to 310,000 passengers carried.In all, the group carried 3.2 million passengers for the month, growing its passengers carried by 7.7%. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.Xlast_img read more

Talks fall apart between BA and union fresh fiveday strike begins

first_imgBritish Airways travellers can expect more disruptions to their journeys as talks between British Airways executives and the union representatives have fallen apart, signalling the second wave of industrial action.Following close on the heels of a five-day walk-out by Unite members last week, the union is launching a fresh round of strikes starting Sunday and set to run until Thursday the 3rd of June.“Now on day 13, the £7m-per day strike is costing BA at least £91m.  Unite says it is “unreasonable” that BA is blocking a deal by refusing to move on the no-cost item, staff travel concessions,” said the union in a statement.Talks between the two parties are understood to be focusing on the reinstatement of travel perks for union members who had the benefits stripped away in the first round of strikes.  Both sides are blaming the other for the collapse in talks.British Airways is claiming that it will be able to fly more services during this round of strikes due to “more cabin crew than expected” deciding to show up to work.Long-haul services from Heathrow will increase 10% up to 70% of services, which short-haul services will increase by 5% up to 55%.London City and Gatwick Airport will continue to operate as per normal.“At this stage British Airways expects to fly more than 75 per cent of customers who hold a booking between May 30 and June 3. This equates to around 65,000 customers flying each day,” says the airline. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: W.X <a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/199b0/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>last_img read more

Tourism Forecasting Committee predicts growth for Australian tourism

first_img<a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/1ed2a/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> The Tourism Forecasting Committee (TFC) has released its new forecast for tourism activity in Australia.Following a 4% decrease last year, the value of tourism to the Australian economy is expected to improve, rising 3% this year to $92 billion.   According to the TFC forecast, both international (up 2%) and domestic (up 3%) segments are expected to grow in value. International travel to Australia is forecast to increase 5.5% (or 308,000 to 5.9 million visits), following the solid 3.5% growth in the year-to-date (January-April). Further growth in international aviation capacity for Australia will be encouraged through the country’s robust economic performance and the increasing inclination for Australians to travel overseas.   Arrivals from all major inbound markets are likely to increase this year, with most growth seen from the US (up 9% or 42,000), China (up 9% or 34,000) and New Zealand (up 3% or 30,000). The markets showing the strongest growth this year in percentage terms are the Middle East (up 20%) and Indonesia (up 19%). The Chair of the TFC, Mr Bernard Salt said, “Tourism will clearly benefit from the stronger economic backdrop this year compared with the terrible conditions last year. “The recent fall in the dollar will also make international leisure travel to Australia cheaper, while the global economic recovery should boost business travel.” The TFC reported that recent concerns over Australia’s international education segment have not yet impacted education visitor numbers. While we have seen a decline from some markets, notably the United States and India, overall education visitors to Australia have risen 7% in the year to date, fuelled by strong growth from China. The domestic tourism sector is also likely to record improvements, with domestic visitor nights in Australia predicted to rise 1.5% this year, after sharp falls in recent years. Mr Salt said, “A weaker Australian dollar combined with growth in jobs and discretionary spending will benefit the sector this year and next”. Growth in outbound travel continues to be strong, with a record number of Australians leaving our shores last year (up 8%) and in January-April this year (up 18%). The survey record solid growth for outbound travel to nearby destinations: New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The combination of discounted airfares and a strong Australian dollar will become less favourable throughout the year.  Growth in Australian outbound travel is likely to slow to a still very strong 13% this year. Mr Salt warned, “the modest optimism in these forecasts is based on the somewhat patchy global economic recovery gathering momentum over the course of this year. “However, a return to global recessionary conditions, possibly stemming from the sovereign debt concerns in Europe, would reduce discretionary spending on consumables like tourism. “Managing these risks highlights the need for Australian governments and the tourism industry to work together to improve the competitive footing and resilience of this key sector.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Flast_img read more

Air NZ announces strong start to 2015

first_imgAir New Zealand has today announced a record normalised earnings before tax of NZD$216 million for the first six months of the 2015 financial year.The airline has seen an increase of 20 per cent on the previous corresponding period, and statutory earnings before tax were at NZD$197 million.The result was driven by strong revenue growth, underpinned by increased capacity and improved yields across the network.Air New Zealand chief executive officer Christopher Luxon, said the airline continues to focus on offering competitive fares in all markets it serves.“Whether it be here in New Zealand, on the Tasman, to the Pacific Islands or on our extensive long haul network, Air New Zealand customers can expect to see even more competitive pricing,” Mr Luxon said.Mr Luxon says that 2015 is shaping up to be a very positive year for the airline.“We are a small airline and will continue to punch well above our weight as we strive to become a truly great company. To us, this means delivering on three major goals at once – superior commercial results, continuing to enhance the customer experience and further developing our people and culture.”The airline has also announced plans for its first ever scheduled services to South America, flying direct to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from December this year.Air New Zealand is continuing to make significant investments in innovation and improving the customer experience, with more than NZD$40 million being spent to upgrade airport lounges.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

Emirates launches second daily A380 to Perth

first_imgEmirates launches second daily A380 to PerthWest Australian travellers now have twice the opportunity to experience the Emirates A380, with the airline now flying its flagship aircraft daily on its EK425 early morning Perth to Dubai flight and the inbound EK424 flight.The second daily A380 to Perth will increase capacity on the route by almost 100,000 additional seats per year, inbound and outbound between Perth and Emirates’ hub, Dubai. Additionally, the early morning flight will give travellers the added benefit of a same-day arrival to 23 of Emirates 39 European destinations and 9 Middle East destinations, via Dubai.While travelling on board the Emirates A380, passengers in all three cabins can enjoy more than 2,500 channels of the latest movies, TV shows, music and games on the award-winning ice inflight entertainment system, while staying connected throughout the flight with Wi-Fi access.First and Business Class passengers will also be able to enjoy the unique features of the Emirates A380. First Class customers can freshen up in the two onboard Shower Spas, while both First and Business Class travellers can socialise at 40,000 feet in the popular Onboard Lounge.Australia is the third largest A380 destination for Emirates globally and following this aircraft up-gauge, seven of the airline’s 11 daily flights from Dubai to Australia will be serviced by an A380. Emirates now offers double daily A380 services from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, as well as daily A380 services Brisbane.The Emirates’ A380 operating as EK424/EK425 is a wide-bodied double decker aircraft with a capacity of 519 passengers including 14 luxurious First Class Private Suites, 76 lie-flat beds in Business Class and 429 spacious seats in Economy Class.EK424 departs Dubai 10.10am, arriving in Perth at 12.50am the next day. EK425 departs Perth at 6.00am, arriving in Dubai at 1pm same day. Fly Emiratesbook your flights hereSource = Emirateslast_img read more

FREE China tour for quick selling travel agents

first_imgSource = Wendy Wu Tours FREE China tour for quick selling travel agentsFREE China tour for quick selling travel agentsLeading Asia tour specialist, Wendy Wu Tours are wishing agents and industry colleagues a Happy New Year. To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster they are offering 30 agents the opportunity to explore China visiting Beijing and Xian for Free.The first 30 agents to make five bookings through Wendy Wu Tours between January 1 and March 31 and complete Wuniversity will receive this great opportunity to experience the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors of China first hand.Bookings can be for escorted group tours or private independent travel worth $2,500 or more per person.Agents will walk on the Great Wall, wander through the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square before boarding a bullet train to Xian where they will visit the Terracotta Warriors.Once bookings are made and Wuniversity is completed, agents must email agents@wendywutours.com.au and the first 30 eligible agents will receive a free tour place.For full details and to check out the amazing itinerary CLICK HERElast_img read more

The worlds newest luxury ship Seabourn Encore sails into Sydney

first_imgSeabourn Encore Arrives in Sydney Feb 1 2017 – credit James MorganThe world’s newest luxury ship Seabourn Encore sails into SydneyThe world’s newest and most luxurious cruise ship, Seabourn Encore, has arrived in Sydney for the first time, becoming the youngest ship to ever visit the Harbour City.Carrying just 600 guests in ultra-luxury style, Seabourn Encore was officially christened in Singapore only three weeks ago.Her arrival in Sydney last night came on the first day of Sydney’s busiest cruise month, with a total of 26 ships scheduled to make 45 calls to Sydney across the 28 days of February, including 15 days where two or more ships will visit.The newest addition to the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, Seabourn Encore features all-suite accommodation, award-winning cuisine and an open bar policy throughout the ship.Designed by hospitality design icon Adam D. Tihany to feel like a luxury yacht, her modern design elements and innovations include The Retreat with private cabanas, a production show created exclusively for Seabourn by acclaimed lyricist Tim Rice, a wellness program by Dr. Andrew Weil and The Grill restaurant by three-star Michelin chef Thomas Keller.Seabourn Director of Sales Australia Tony Archbold said it was a huge vote of confidence in Australia’s appeal as a cruise destination that Seabourn Encore was sailing in local waters during her maiden season.“A visit to Sydney is always a highlight on our itineraries and our guests have shown such a strong affinity with Australia that we couldn’t resist bringing our newest ship down under. It’s testament to Sydney’s popularity as a world class cruise destination that Seabourn Encore will visit the city five times in her first 18 months,” Mr Archbold said.Mr Archbold said Seabourn Encore marks the start of a new era of ultra-luxury cruising.“She is stunningly beautiful and offers everything you would expect from a modern luxury ship including world-class dining and entertainment, a cutting edge spa and a private veranda for every suite.”The 40,350-GRT Seabourn Encore  is making her maiden call to nine Australian ports between January 22 and March 17, 2017, including overnight stays in Cairns (Jan 26, 27, Mar 12, 13) and visits to Darwin (Jan 22, Mar 17), Townsville (Jan 28, Mar 11), Hamilton Island (Jan 29, Mar 10), Mooloolaba (Mar 8), Sydney (Feb 1, Mar 6), Phillip Island (Feb 4), Melbourne (Feb 5, Mar 3), and Geelong (Mar 4). In total, she will make 15 calls to Australian ports this summer injecting millions of tourism dollars into local economies.During her two-month season down under, Seabourn Encore will offer two 16-day itineraries between Sydney and Auckland and a 16-day voyage from Sydney to Bali via the Queensland coast. She will sail from Sydney around 7pm tonight on her maiden 16-day cruise to New Zealand.Seabourn Encore is the fourth ultra-luxury vessel to join the Seabourn fleet, with sister ship Seabourn Ovation scheduled to launch next year.  After spending her first summer cruising local waters, the ship will return for an encore season, offering five 16-day voyages in the region between November 2017 and February 2018. Prices start from $14,499* per person for a 16-day voyage from Sydney to Auckland on December 4, 2017, or January 21, 2018.Source = Seabourn Encorelast_img read more

Complimentary 7 night Agents Famil – Sri Lanka

first_imgComplimentary 7 night Agents’ Famil – Sri LankaComplimentary 7 night Agents’ Famil – Sri LankaNo wonder Marco Polo declared the atoll “the finest island of its size in the world; `Taprobane’ to the ancient Romans,`Serendib’ to Arab traders,`Ceilao’ as christened by the Portuguese, `Ceylan’ by the Dutch followed by `Ceylon’ by the British and finally Sri Lanka to the Sinhalese.The teardrop shaped southernmost point of mainland Asia became an indispensable port of call to the earliest travelers awaiting favorable trade winds for onward journeys. This Great Emporium became a principal centerof exchange and commerce between the Mediterranean trade of the Roman empire and the wealth of imperial China. The Portuguese came withsword and cross, the Dutch with ledger and law book and the British with roads and railways.When Buddhism declined in the country of its birth, India, it took root in Ceylon; and here, so its adherents claim, it is still to be found in its purest form.From Ceylon to Paradise, according to native tradition is forty miles; the sound of the fountains of Paradise is heard there, wrote the Papal Legate Marignolli five hundred years ago describing his visit to Sri Lanka on his way back to Rome from China. `When Adam was expelled, an angel took him by the arm and set him down here’, this tourist of five centuries ago confidently reported.“From a colonial manor house set in a heritage city to a magical resort on a one of a kind beach, an intimately secluded all-suite hotel with avant-garde design that resonates romance – Asia Leisure’s Five distinct properties embrace artistic expression and living elements in their own unique way.Tamarind Hill offers unabashedly colonial living topped with modern luxurious amenities. The River House has been recognised as one of the most special escapes in the world by the Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Awards, Taprobana is located less than an hour from the city of Colombo and promises a wonderful getaway for friends and family. Shinagawa Beach, on the other hand, proffers a magical beach, private balconies and inescapable views of the deep blue ocean.Asia Leisure is set to offer yet another iconic property with The Habitat, in Kosgoda. Slated to be open later this year, this vibrant and exciting luxury beach property promises crystal blue ocean, beach-sharing with turtles and the deep green waters of the Madu River. “7 nights 08 days Southern Coastal GetawayDay 01 – Airport to WaduwaOn arrival into Bandaranayake International Airport, meet our staff and English speaking professional chauffeur/ national guide at the main arrival terminal. You will be garlanded in typical Sri Lankan style.Transfer to Taprobana Wadduwa – 1 ½ hoursTaprobana, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. Located just 45 minutes away from the capital city Colombo, here you will find vibrant luxuries for those who crave the extraordinary. Dinner & Overnight stay at Taprobana Wadduwa by Asia Leisure http://www.taprobana.lk/Day 02 – Wadduwa to GalleToday you will be travelling towards sandy southern coast of Sri Lanka. After and early breakfast you will be visiting Richmond Castle and Kalutara “Bodhiya” (temple) in Kalutara.Richmond Castle is a Edwardian mansion, located near Kalutara. Built between 1900 and 1910, it was formally the country seat of Mudaliyar Don Arthur de Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardena (1889–1947). Today, it is owned by the Public Trustee and open to the public.Kalutara Bodhiya is a Bodhi tree (sacred fig) located in Kalutara, Western Province of Sri Lanka. Situated on the Galle Colombo main road, by the side of Kalu River just south to the Kalutara city, it is believed to be one of the 32 saplings of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.[1] A Buddhist temple Kalutara Viharaya and a modern Stupa, Kalutara Chaitya are located in close proximity to this sacred fig.[2] One of the most venerated religious place in Sri Lanka, hundreds of Buddhists visit this religious place daily.Thereafter you will be transferred to your hotel GalleTamarind Hill, Galle – Sri Lanka, is a colonial-style manor house built over 250 years ago. Tamarind Hill is a Small Luxury Hotel of the World.In the evening visit the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum in KoggalaThe house in which Martin Wickramasinghe was born has inspired the Martin Wickramasinghe Trust to established a Folk Museum Complex, surrounded by a restored ecosystem planted with hundreds of varieties of indigenous trees and shrubs in which bird life abounds. The house and the surroundings brings to life a little part of the Koggala which is so vividly depicted in Wickramasinghe’s writings.Wickramasinghe’s house miraculously escaped the fate of others in his village. The story goes that this simple house with its subdued architecture caught the eye of a female Air Force officer, and she made it her residence during the military occupation of the area, ensuring its preservation.The Folk Museum was long a desire of the author who wanted to recapture within it the technological and cultural artefacts which were a familiar part of his childhood. The various objects of folk culture acquired during his lifetime have been the starting point of the collection found in the museum, which was opened in 1981.The Wickramasinghe Trust has developed the museum into a growing repository of artefacts depicting the history of Sri Lankan folk culture, from ancient to modern times in order to remind the people of Sri Lanka of their living roots. The museum is a fascinating collection of artefacts, from Buddhist artefacts to those which portray the development of rural technology in agriculture, agro industry, fishing, pottery and metal craftartefacts, various artefacts from folk dances and religious ceremonies and many others. Tastefully presented, the museum offers visitors rare insights into Sri Lankan folk culture. Visit construction sites of upcoming hotels in Galle. under management of Asia LeisureDinner & Overnight stay at Tamarind Hill – Galle by Asia Leisure http://www.tamarindhill.lk/Day 03 – GalleEarly morning with packed breakfast you will be dropped to Galle Navy Harbour for whale watching tour in Indian Ocean. (optional excursion)The Sri Lanka Navy’s passenger craft “Princess of Lanka” set sail on a new journey at the launching of “whale watching project” venture since 30 January 2011 at port of Galle. The Princess of Lanka passenger vessel played a pivotal role in ferrying thousands of security forces personnel, civilians and goods between Trincomalee , Kankesanthurai ports and Thalai Mannar till the main land supply routes were cleared and restored after the dawn of peace.“The passenger craft Princess of Lanka” utilized for whale watching/sea cruises under the auspices of Jet liner nautical enterprise will chart the waters as a recreational cruise ship whilst witnessing the beauty of Sri Lankan territorial waters in Indian ocean where passengers will have a rare opportunity of close encounter with the largest living mammals and spinning dolphins with luxury and comfort. The ship is redressed and equipped to cater to the needs of the new clientele and is manned by a well disciplined and highly trained professional naval crew who are in par with the best in the hospitality industry. The cruises are scheduled to operate from Galle and Trincomalee during the period of month of November to April and month of May to October respectively. The list of packages offered by the whale watching project and the procedure of booking are in this site.On the way back to hotel visit the Galle Fish Market and witness the fresh catch of yellow fin tuna, calamari, sear fish, prawns and crabs being auctioned to wholesalers and local buyers.Late afternoon we embark on a sightseeing tour of GalleThe ancient trading post of Galle, said to be the famous Tarshish of the Bible. Historically, this award winning World Heritage fortified township was an essential port of call for Chinese, Persian, Arab and Indian traders. Javanese and Sumatrans came later followed by Marco Polo in 1299 AD. The Portuguese arrived in the 1500’s and built a settlement with a fort of palm trees and mud. This was captured by the Dutch (and finally the British) who built the 400 year old fort with great ramparts and bastions to protect their presence. Narrow streets are lined with old houses displaying Dutch heritage, with their pillared verandahs. Government offices remain in use and the community within the fort is a bustle with daily life – a living breathing town, hidden within fortified walls of this ancient, maritime citadel.Laughter, chatter, gossip and smiles abound within the rampart walls. We explore the fort, overflowing with landmarks, strolling past the Dutch church, the governor’s house, the spice warehouses, court square, the Kacheri or Town Hall, the lighthouse and ramparts. Near the old Arab mosque are streets leading to cricket fields and the district Judge’s house, surrounded by ancient frangipani trees. There’s a variety of exclusive boutique stores to explore.Dinner & Overnight stay at Tamarind Hill – Galle by Asia Leisure http://www.tamarindhill.lk/Day 04 – Galle to BalapitiyaAfter leisurely breakfast you will be transferred to your secluded hotel in Balapitiya.The River House, Balapitiya- Sri Lanka, Escape to sheer seclusion on the banks of the Madhu Ganga. The River House is ranked as one of CNN Travel’s ‘21 Sexy Skinny Dip’ spots and has also been handpicked into a collection of the most special escapes in the world by Mr. & Mrs. Smith.Evening Sri Lankan culinary experience with executive chefDinner & Overnight stay at The River House – Balapitiya by Asia Leisure http://www.theriverhouse.lk/Day 05 – BalapitiyaEnjoy a boat Safari in Madhu River including a visit to Cinnamon Island.Optional 2 hours yoga session with a local yoga master.Dinner & Overnight stay at The River House – Balapitiya by Asia Leisure http://www.theriverhouse.lk/Day 06 – Balapitiya – KosgodaAfter breakfast visit Ambalangoda Mask Museum. Thereafter you will be inspecting another distinct hotel owned in the same area by Asia Leisure Ltd.Shinagawa Beach, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka, has an oceanfront like no other with a secluded beach that stretches for 4 km. Shinagawa Beach is a Small Luxury Hotel of the World.Thereafter you will be transferred to another luxury beach hotel owned by Asia Leisure and your home for next couple of nights.The Habitat, Turtle Beach, Kosgoda is situated on a sparkling stretch of sandy beach, giving guests the most contemporary of comforts, all with a touch of magic. Home to the famous sea turtles, Kosgoda is one of the most vibrant places in the south of Sri Lanka.In the evening visit Kosgoda Turtle hatchery in the evening and contribute to Asia Leisure CSR projectDinner & Overnight stay at Habitat Kosgoda by Asia Leisure http://www.asialeisure.lk/habitat.htmlDay 07 – KosgodaRest day!Dinner & Overnight stay at Habitat Kosgoda by Asia Leisure http://www.asialeisure.lk/habitat.htmlDay 08 – Kosgoda to AirportTransfers to Colombo airport are provided in conjunction with departure flight times or tour extensionFamiliarization Includes (without additional cost)– 07 nights’ accommodation on half board basis– Transportation in comfortable A/C car or Van (only for places mentioned in the itinerary)– Madu River Board Ride and visit to Cinnamon Island– Sri Lankan Culinary experience with executive chef– Galle Fort Tour and Market visitFamiliarization Exclude (additional cost)– Lunch– Cost of whale watching– Applicable entrance fees or donations (Richmond Castle, Kalutara Bodhiya, Mask Museum, Turtle Hatchery– Yoga master charges– Any other personal expenses and tipsSource = Asia Leisurelast_img

Hong Kong now on sale with Cathay Pacific

first_imgHong Kong now on sale with Cathay PacificHong Kong now on sale with Cathay PacificThe Hong Kong sale is an exciting promotion on fares from all Australian ports with immediate departure.This promotion offers Aussies the perfect opportunity to take that last-minute trip or plan that once in a lifetime opportunity to spend Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Fares start from just $694* return per person from SYD – HKG. The sale is on offer from 1 – 8 November 2017 for passengers looking to travel between 1 Nov 2017 to 30 Nov 2017, 7 Jan to 28 Feb 2018 and 1 May to 30 Jun 2018.On all flights passengers can experience Cathay Pacific’s award winning Economy Class, which is designed to make the travel journey a comfortable and seamless experience.For full terms and conditions and to book visit www.cathaypacific.com.auSource = Cathay Pacificlast_img read more

Ziptrek Ecotours taking Conservation Week to the next level

first_imgZiptrek Ecotours is supporting the super-cheeky kea this Conservation Week. Photo credit Brent Barrett.Ziptrek Ecotours taking Conservation Week to the next levelQueenstown’s Ziptrek Ecotours says it ‘works with the forest’, and it means it.It’s known as an award-winning tourism experience where guests ‘zip’ through the forest canopy on gravity-fed ziplines overlooking mountains and lake.But for New Zealand’s Conservation Week (September 15 to 23), it takes on an increased environmental focus.As one of the country’s leading ecotourism companies, it’s used its eight years in business to educate and inspire others towards long-term environmental and sustainable practices.This year’s Conservation Week activities include planting 150 native trees up on course, clearing wilding pines from Bob’s Peak and volunteering at Kiwi Birdlife Park to help plant 5,000 native trees.It will also be hoping to add to its current ‘kill count’ of stoats and possums in the traps they set and monitor on course to rid the area of predators which eat native plants and ground-loving birds. The ‘kill count’ sits at over 120 to date.And it’s going in to bat for the world’s only mountain parrot, the super-cheeky and highly-intelligent Kea.Known for their curiosity and all-devouring appetite, they’re under threat in the wild, only surviving in the harsh environment of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.Ziptrek Ecotours has formed a partnership with the Kea Conservation Trust where for Conservation Week and throughout September, its guests will be encouraged to add a $2 donation to the Trust when they book.“We’re incredibly proud to support the Trust because conservation is one of our core values and a key pillar of our business,” says Ziptrek director Trent Yeo.“Queenstown’s environment is at the heart of our business and we couldn’t imagine living and working in this stunning environment without giving something back.”Funding is essential in helping identify kea nesting grounds, rescuing injured birds or helping those with a high lead content.The unique birds have evolved over time to enjoy high levels of interaction with humans, but they’ll happily eat anything that takes their fancy, including building materials or lead shot, or ground-based pest control baits.There’s potentially a breeding pair of kea on Ben Lomond where Ziptrek Ecotours operates, so funds raised will be used specifically to help research sightings and monitoring. Ziptrek staff will also be assisting with spotting kea during breeding season next January and February 2019.Kiwi Birdlife Park manager Paul Kavanagh says Conservation Week is a great time to support the unsung heroes of conservation.“At the Kiwi Birdlife Park we couldn’t function without the support of locals, and Ziptrek has been strong supporters of us and our work.“We share a similar ethos and sustainability messaging and we’re really excited to continue to work with them into the future.”Source = Ziptrek Ecotourslast_img read more

Skål Hua Hin Cha Am Relaunched

first_imgSource = Skål Hua Hin & Cha Am Skål Hua Hin & Cha Am RelaunchedSkål Hua Hin & Cha Am RelaunchedThe clubs relaunch was the vision of General Manager, Mr. Richard Mehr, of Putahracsa Resort, who will be acting President of the club together with colleague Mr. Stacey Walton, General Manager of Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin who will be acting Vice President of the newly relaunched club to reform and embrace a new beginning for the benefit of travel and tourism.A special event, to celebrate the relaunch, took place with Skål members and their guests at the elegant Oceanside Restaurant at Putahracsa Resort, Hua Hin.It has been 11-years since Skål Intl Hua Hin & Cha Am was originally inaugurated and it has been long overdue for the professionals of hotels, golf and the tourism industry in this Royal historic resort to unite as one group, who share a common goal of creating a fresh club with a new beginning and exciting future of doing business amongst friends. And to ultimately promote the destination of Hua Hin and Cha Am worldwide with one voice.Richard Mehr in his opening speech acknowledged and thanked The President of Skål Thailand, Wolfgang Grimm and members of the team from what is now 6 Skål club in Thailand: Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok. He thanked the club representatives present for their support in the relaunch of the club together with the 18 founding members from Hua Hin and Cha Am which included General Managers of Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental, Avani, Anantara, G Resort & Marrakesh in wanting to relaunch the club and the mission and goals of Skål International Worldwide.Stacey Walton comments, “I was a founding member of Skål Int’l Hua Hin & Cha Am back in 2007 and it was unfortunate that the group dissolved a few years ago. I shared the same vision as Richard that there has been a need for an International association where like-minded professionals in hotels, golf courses, travel and tourism can gather and exchange information, share ideas and keep up to date on events and activities in Hua Hin & Cha Am in a sociable environment.“SKÅL INTL today has over 14,000 members in 400 Clubs in approx 90 countries and I see the value and potential that this network can bring to our members”, he said.The evenings dining experience was exquisitely prepared by the Putahracsa’s skilled culinary team complimented by Wine Pro and members of Skål Int’l Hua Hin & Cha Am who celebrated the start of a new beginning with a toast to “HAPPINESS GOOD HEALTH FRIENDSHIP & LONG LIFE!The next event will take place at the award-winning Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin on Tuesday, 20th November 2018 offering a special green fee: THB.2,200 on the day for Skål members & their guests.To make a tee time please contact reservations@banyanthailand.comDinner will commence with a welcome drink at Mulligan’s Pub at 6.30pm followed by dinner at The Terrace Restaurant. THB.1,000 for Skal members and THB.1,200 for guests.RSVP – gm@putahracsa.comlast_img read more

Nevada Tourism grants 895770 for rural tourism promotion

first_imgLt. Gov. Mark Hutchison announced that The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) has awarded $895,770 in grants to entities promoting rural Nevada tourism. Projects range from a campaign aimed at highlighting the Great Basin National Heritage Area to the promotion of the new Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route, a south-to-north route on backcountry roads that will pass through rural towns.“The Rural Grants Program is one of the most important partnerships between NCOT and Nevada’s rural tourism industry. Rural tourism is a $2.38 billion industry supporting more than 27,000 jobs, and we are pleased to support the industry with this grants program,” said Hutchison.The longstanding Rural Grants Program is directed by NCOT, the advisory agency for the Nevada Division of Tourism, also known as TravelNevada. TravelNevada is part of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (NDTCA).“Visitors to rural Nevada experience amazing recreational opportunities, such as off-roading in the desert and exploring its many state parks. Those are gems many visitors would never know about were it not for the tremendous marketing efforts by those in Nevada’s rural tourism industry,” said Claudia Vecchio, Director, NDTCA.last_img read more

Qatar Airways and Myconian Collection Hotels Resorts launch social media competition

first_imgTo celebrate Qatar Airways’ recent launch of direct seasonal service to the popular Greek island of Mykonos, the airline and the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts are offering a chance to win two Economy Class round-trip tickets to Mykonos, as well as a luxurious three-night stay at Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts.Qatar Airways commenced direct seasonal service to the island of Mykonos recently making it the third Greek destination on Qatar Airways’ expanding network. The Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts is a family-owned group of nine luxury hotels, offering visitors to Mykonos a refined level of hospitality.To enter, participants need to simply upload their favourite picture of Mykonos between July 22 and August 2, 2018, on Instagram or Facebook and tag @qatarairways and @myconiancollectionhotels, with the hashtags #MykonosTogether and #MyconianCollection. The winner will receive two Economy Class round-trip tickets from the winner’s nearest Qatar Airways gateway to Mykonos, to be used in September 2018.In addition to the round-trip tickets, the lucky winner will also receive a three-night accommodation package for two people at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, where they may immerse themselves in magnificent Aegean views, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, superb spas and five-star gourmet restaurants.Residents of countries eligible to participate in this global promotion include Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Australia, Qatar, India, Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia.Qatar Airways currently operates four weekly seasonal flights to Mykonos International Airport until October 14, 2018, with an Airbus A320, featuring 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy Class.last_img read more