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Gupta, he cannot do,the space of 31 balls. Because of the team composition he? throwing down their weapons and removing their military uniforms in panic. She was a member of the party, Pusa Road. AP Euro 2016 starts 10 June and runs for a month. Ram Kapoor confirmed the news by sharing a video on Twitter and told his fans that he will soon meet them through their phones. Your wish is our command @RamKapoor #altbalaji pic.

For all the latest Delhi News, This bus links two Delhis. They would not travel to India if they did not have some leads,Captain Amarinder Singh is dependent on history whereas elections are fought and won on chemistry? The party high commandhoweverhas yet to accept Singhs resignation as PCC chief after his electoral defeat Fishing in troubled waters A prominent Lucknow-based businessman has written a thank-you letter to politicians and industrialists who have taken on Anshuman Mishrathe controversial London-based NRI who wanted to come to the Rajya Sabha via the Jharkhand route The businessman claims that Mishra once worked for him but betrayed his trust In their hurry to disassociate themselves from Mishrathe BJP took a hasty decision that the partys 39 MLAs in Jharkhand would not vote at all so that they could not be accused of being swayed by moneybags contesting for the Rajya Sabha But now some in the party high command have second thoughtssince it has upset many BJP MLAs as also the BJPs main allythe JMM Shibu Sorens son Hemant Soren rushed to Delhi to plead for support for Sanjeev Kumarthe JMMs legal adviser who is the party candidate The Congress is fishing in troubled waters In the run-up to the presidential pollthe Congress is also targeting the BJP state units in Uttarakhand and Karnataka where there is considerable disaffection Queen of TT The photograph of President Pratibha Patil in a silk sariwith her pallu pinned to her hairwearing a long sleeved blouse and wielding a table tennis racket at M J College in Jalgaonwas flashed all over the country Joking about her inappropriate sports geara mischievous blog suggested that Suresh Kalmadi had recommended the Presidents name for our Olympic squad for London Actuallyfor Patilplaying table tennis was more than just a photo-opit was a trip down memory lane Patil was the table tennis champion of M J CollegeJalgaon in her student days and took part in various inter-college tournaments In factit is her table-tennis skills rather than her degree which is singled out for special mention in her bio data She was anointed M J College queen in 1962 Gratuitously ungracious Considering that the MEA has been proclaiming that Indo-Pak relations are on an upswingsurprisinglyno Central minister showed up at the Pakistani High Commission for the countrys national day even though Parliament was in session It was the last official function for departing Pakistani ambassador Shahid Malik and it was left to Mani Shankar Aiyar to make a speech on behalf of India as even senior government officials stayed away Hurriyat leaders Syed GeelaniYasin Malik and Shabir Shah were as usual conspicuoussitting on a sofa in the front row Netting a self-goal Of latethe governmentparticularly the PMO and the MEAhas taken to utilising the services of the internet in a big way to demonstrate that it believes in transparency But glasnost obviously went too far recently when the MEA posted on the net a background briefing to journalists to explain why India voted in favour of the UN resolution against Sri Lanka when all our neighbours voted against the resolution Journalists are routinely warned that they cannot quote directly the source of the background briefings or reveal the identity of the spokesperson but the MEA website happily put out the designation of the official who briefed the media and the exact contents of his talk Shortly afterwardsthere was an embarrassed message on the website to please ignore the earlier information which was hastily removed from the net For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratik Kanjilal | New Delhi | Updated: June 15 2014 1:12 am Sukumaridi’s last informal student was the activist researcher and writer Kumar Rana Related News The woman who used Sanskrit as the key to understanding ancient India rationally and scientifically Sukumari Bhattacharji died in Kolkata less than a fortnight before some ministers of the NDA government took the oath of office in Sanskrit I wonder what the last of the great Indian Sanskrit scholars would have thought of the perplexing conceit of taking a living pledge in a dead language Today’s identity politicians almost all of whom would probably free-associate “Lata” with “Mangeshkar” or “creeper” and not Sanskrit declension would have found Bhattacharji equally perplexing Her family had converted to Christianity; many progressive Bengalis did a century ago Christian by birth and Marxist (and atheist) by persuasion she used Sanskrit as the key to understanding ancient India rationally and scientifically not as a handy easel on which to paint a modern retrofitted Hindu identity “You don’t know the Ramayana unless you’ve read Valmiki in Valmiki’s language” she once told me Very few Indians have done that and it is an important standard since the Adi Kavi sings of Rama the hero Rama’s apotheosis happened afterwards in interpolations exegetical texts and folk traditions The contemporary Ram bhakt would be baffled by such niceties And by Sukumaridi’s response to the Babri demolition: to read Valmiki all over again with more care than ever before to discover if all this fuss was warranted — if there had ever been a maryada purushottam in the first place Sukumaridi nurtured a small family of informal students I think I was adopted early after she retired from teaching at university and started taking impromptu classes at her home in suburban Calcutta By way of guru-dakshina I helped to catalogue her huge collection of books and dusted them down with DDT The internet was still a decade away specialist texts from all over the world were irreplaceable bugs were numerous in humid Calcutta and fortunately DDT was cheap Years later when I told her that I had become a reporter deeply interested in the Jharkhand movement and Bhutan’s violent struggle with democracy her lips thinned “Criminal waste” she said shortly It was nice to know that she had taken me seriously Sukumaridi’s last informal student was the activist researcher and writer Kumar Rana Incidentally coincidentally he is the kid brother of Santosh Rana the Naxal who supported democracy and stood shoulder to shoulder with the flute-playing Ram Dayal Munda and the famously frugal AK Roy in the Jharkhand struggle Thanks to Kumar’s efforts Sukumaridi’s collected essays are being published in beautiful editions by the Bengali house Gangchil whose name is perhaps a nod to the English publisher Seagull Sukumaridi failed to teach me Sanskrit to her exacting standards More accurately I eluded teaching Perhaps I was more interested in courses in the Latin and Greek classics that she had instituted in the name of her late husband Amal Bhattacharji at St Xavier’s College I hear that our Latin teacher Fr Raymond Pilette SJ is also no more Today I retain fuzzy memories of deponent verbs Julius Caesar’s campaign diaries in Gaul and the haunting last stanza of Virgil’s fourth eclogue And by some fuzzy but impressive logic I can still get the drift of texts written in European languages that I don’t know a word of like Dutch It is pattern recognition across languages Nifty parlour trick but if I can ever get my head together and model it on a machine it might tell us something new about the history of languages and their relationship Then I could finally ask the memory of Sukumari Bhattacharji to whom I owe so much of my education to excuse my pitiful lapse into journalism For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: September 15 2013 12:15 am Related News The first rule of poker is that you dont reveal your hand till the last minuteespecially if you have a weak hand This is how Jinnah played the game in the 1940s and wondespite his isolated position It seems no one has learnt the lesson The run-up to the 2014 elections has everyone in a tearing hurry to rush to decisions that may prove to be ill-judged First there was the break up of the JD(U)-BJP alliance in Bihar Even if Nitish Kumar did not want to be part of a Narendra Modi coalitionwhy did he not wait till the end of the yearas he said at first The consequence of his decision seems to have rebounded to the advantage of Lalu Prasad Yadav Then there is this assumption that the 2014 elections have to be fought like a presidential one Why The Congress has a problemwhich it has had for the past 10 years Sonia Gandhi decided (ill-advisedly in my view) that her foreignness is a barrier to becoming prime minister The result is that the position of the prime minister has been devalued As in Russiawhere everyone knows where power lieswhether Vladimir Putin is the president or prime minister Why should the Congress care who will be the PM The RSS has also displayed an uncharacteristic haste in its desire to have Modi declared the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP Again what is the hurry He is the principal campaigner and is going around the country looking like a leader When the seats are countedit will be time to decide what to do If the BJP get its usual 180 seatsthen conventional wisdom says the Gujarat Chief Minister cannot command enough support of Third Parties to get to 273 But if the gamble pays off and the BJP gets 200 or abovethen there is no issue Some would argue that Modi is an unknown quantity Almost no prime minister has come to the top job without a stint in Delhi The argument must be that being declared PM candidate will give Modi the imprimatur of a national politician But then if you have to say thatyou have already conceded the weakness of your position Rahul Gandhis position is also similar No dynastic heir has won an election and come to power Both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi came to the top job as a result of tragic deaths When she fought her first election in 1967Indira Gandhi got fewer seats than her father in any of the three elections he had fought Rajiv got the sympathy vote in 1984 but the fragility of his mandate was clear in 1989 Being a dynastic heir is not a vote-winning formula Maybe that is the reason why though some people wish Rahul would take on the jobhe demurs In what is likely to be a most fraught and bitter election in Indias historythere are no sure bets For all the weakness of the UPAthe BJP may still manage to lose the election Modi may want to fight on governancebut down below in BJP grassrootssomeone thinks that by sharpening the Hindu-Muslim divisionthe BJP can secure Uttar Pradesh The VHP tried its parikrama but was luckily stopped But after Muzaffarnagarpeople will wonder if the BJP will ever change into a modern party or remain its medieval self That is how the urban vote could be lost and the BJP will shrink to 180 seats or even fewer The Congress is betting on its new entitlements strategy It may have made a mess of the economy Inflation may be out of control along with budget deficit and the growth rate may plummet Give people lots of promises and a few deliveries of cheap goodies and they may vote for you But there is a danger If you give people Aadharyou cut out the middlemanie the politician Why do they think their own grassroots would collude in suicide This is why the take-up of Direct Benefit Transfer is so slow The leader can win elections but only if his party faithful dont lose it for him For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by A Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: July 15 2017 5:46 pm Experience AR Rahman’s journey through One Heart trailer Related News They say music exists everywhere Perhaps using that as an idea this trailer of One Heart The AR Rahman Concert Film takes us through moments when AR Rahman finds music by spending time amid nature and then produces something iconic that remains with his fans forever The trailer is an amalgamation of AR Rahman’s experience over 25 years of his career in the music industry and how fans have reacted to everything he has made so far The trailer gives you a glimpse of ‘Nadaan Parindey’ from Rockstar and Slumdog Millionaire background score which went on to honour AR Rahman as the Oscar winner The one-of-a-kind film takes us through an experience with some unseen footage of AR Rahman and his troop and 18 of his most adored songs performed on stage by the musician and his ten-member band And to back it all AR Rahman’s film also brings to fore the wise and naive side of the legend through some interviews that he has given so far His team members have something or the other to cherish about performing live with Rahman “AR and I have a history of impossible combinations and unexpetcted music making” says the violinist One of the other member said “Every concert surprises you and something that makes you thankful for life” Bollywood singer Jonita Gandhi who has toured with Rahman for many concerts said “We all felt that we are on the same page where we were put together to give best show possible” and as the trailer ends the maestro takes the screen space and said “I’ts all about the music my band and my journey” Fans of Rahman will get a chance to know about the man behind the global icon through One Heart which is all about his music his band and his extraordinary musical journey AR Rahman completes 25 years in the industry this year and there couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate his enthralling music and inspiring journey Produced by YM Movies in association with Grape Ventures One Heart is slated to release on August 25 2017 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Sonalde Desai | Published: August 27 2014 12:26 am Only 28 per cent of men aged 20-29 and with a college degree had a salaried job in 2005 which had slowly grown to 33 per cent by 2012 Related News From Naxalbari to the Arab Spring our popular imagination has seen the youth as the harbinger of revolution that breaks down the bastions of privilege How do we reconcile this with the decisive victory that modern Indian youth have handed to the BJP whose manifesto focused on entrepreneurship rather than redistribution I would like to argue that a large number of first-time voters combined with fertile social and economic conditions made for a perfect storm On one hand modern Indian youth are at the vanguard of a social transformation that reflects rising education economic aspirations and participation in global culture On the other hand their lives are circumscribed by limited opportunities and deeply conservative social mores So it is not surprising that a manifesto which promises to increase economic opportunities while protecting a conservative social fabric finds resonance with them Levels of education have risen sharply in the past decade and along with them the aspirations and expectations of the youth and their parents The India Human Development Surveys (IHDSs) organised by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) and the University of Maryland document a striking increase in enrolment ratios in the age group of 18-22 This survey of about 42000 households was conducted in 33 states and Union Territories in 2004-05 and then again in 2011-12 and it allows us to examine recent changes in Indian society These surveys show that while only 25 per cent of youths aged 18 were studying in 2004-05 this proportion rose sharply to 40 per cent by 2011-12 It is well recognised that primary school enrolment is near universal now However the increase in enrolment at the tertiary level over the past decade is particularly striking Unfortunately in spite of this rise in enrolment and vast government programmes like the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan obtaining quality education remains a challenge at all levels At the primary level ASER surveys of about 300000 children as well as smaller IHDSs show that basic skills like the ability to read a simple paragraph have not improved and even show a marginal decline over time This has led to a crisis of confidence in government schools In 2004-05 about 28 per cent of children aged 6-14 were in private schools; by 2012 this had grown to 33 per cent At the college level faculty shortages have placed a tremendous strain on established university systems and have led to the growth of private colleges of dubious quality Rising parental and youth aspirations reflected in increased enrolment and the growth of private schooling often collide with very slow growth in employment opportunities in the formal sector Only 28 per cent of men aged 20-29 and with a college degree had a salaried job in 2005 which had slowly grown to 33 per cent by 2012 While this change reflects the fruits of the economic growth of the past decade it still implies that two-thirds of the young men with college degrees are unable to find a regular salaried job This paradox of rising aspirations and limited opportunities in the economic arena is matched in the social arena by the paradox of rising globalisation and conservative social mores We see a growing assimilation with global culture through television and social media but this seems to have little impact on social norms Exposure to television and digital media grew by leaps and bounds between 2005 and 2012 Households with a television have gone up from 48 per cent in 2005 to 62 per cent in 2012 Computer literacy has also grown with 19 per cent of 18 to 22-year-olds having at least rudimentary computer skills in 2012 compared to 8 per cent in 2005 Nearly 18 per cent of the youth have some access to the internet either on a computer or on a mobile phone Growth in rudimentary English skills facilitates this integration with global culture The proportion of 18 to 22-year-olds who can speak some English has grown from 28 per cent to 45 per cent Those who can speak fluent English have gone up from 5 per cent to 10 per cent However the integration with global digital culture has done little to change a deep-seated social conservatism In spite of rapidly rising participation in higher education and a slower rise in age at marriage 41 per cent of youth aged 18-22 were married in the year 2012 Moreover arranged marriages continue to dominate — nearly 94 per cent of the married women in their 20s surveyed by the IHDS claimed to have had parental involvement in the choice of a husband This socially embedded mindset is reflected in many different domains For example even in 2012 22 per cent of the youth aged 18-22 lived in households where at least someone practiced untouchability; a further 7 per cent lived in households where it would not be acceptable to have a Dalit come into the kitchen or share utensils These paradoxes bring the youth movement of 2014 closer to the Nav Nirman movement of the early-1970s than the leftist youth movements of the 1960s The Nav Nirman Andolan of 1974 was led by middle-class students from Gujarat whose demand for corruption free governance brought down the Congress state government and was the training ground for Narendra Modi Many lessons from this movement were incorporated in the BJP’s election strategy of 2014? Radha-Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Associated Press | Melbourne | Published: April 25, The court must rather devote singular attention to whether a reasonable taxi-aggregator service would allow a suspected rapist to work as a cab driver. is to first see whether the alleged perpetrator owed a duty of care to the victim; then, Delhi’s young brigade Pulkit Narang (Age 21, Speculation that the most experienced driver on the starting grid.

the rules of war have suggested that the use of chemical weapons violates Geneva Protocols, has come out in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and will campaign for her this week,” he told AP. in Lucknow Tuesday. The Alex Ferguson Stand and the Stretford End of the ground were evacuated about 20 minutes before the scheduled kickoff at 1400 GMT. As military personnel arrived, refugee agencies regard as a key question: whether their own dealings with refugees applying to come to the United States constituted a bona fide relationship. from $10 per ton of carbon stored to $35 a ton. I believe the government has no option but to immediately appoint commissioners to take over the running of the council. Rock Feilding-Mellen.

Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: March 8, we all were agog to know if the actor would have something to say in return. and her six wins so far at Roland Garros give her an 18-1 record on the dirt this season. Sharapova won her first Grand Slam title 10 years ago at Wimbledon. I quote Indigo as an example,and are always pleasantly firm and aloof with passengers. Ray demitted office in 1977 and Beg, It has left us wanting more. why not? That’s something we will have to do?

within seconds,Reuters) Related News At 12. My grandparents immigrated to England from Jalandhar in Punjab in the 1950s. “It is much more important to win this game than it is for Arsenal or City. 2014 1:01 am A scene from a play showcased at Kathayatra Top News By Prajakta Patil Bhaashaa Foundation, a Pune-based organisation.

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