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Khrushchev and company arrived The garden in back of Spasso House was magnificently aglow with colorful flowers none more stunning than the red roses hanging from red-white-and-blue trellises Tables groaning with food and drink were situated strategically so that none of the hundreds of guests had to move more than a few feet for replenishments And of course Tang led a small army of waiters each carrying a tray of goodies including Russias best caviar and Americas best hot dogs Everywhere American flags fluttered in the breeze Khrushchev as usual during the summer wore a suit that was off-white in color and in desperate need of pressing He seemed to be in good spirits Bohlen greeted him with a friendly handshake "Happy July Fourth Mr Chairman" he said in his fluent Russian "I extend the best wishes of the president of the United States Dwight Eisenhower and all of my staff here at Spasso House" With the easy grace only the best ambassadors seemed to possess Bohlen spoke a little about the weather which was uncharacteristically hot for Moscow and then joked a bit about the American presidential campaign which attracted Khrushchevs full attention before introducing his designated Russian speakers to their official guests When the ambassador introduced me to Marshal Zhukov I of course shook his hand "Welcome Marshal Zhukov" I said "It is a special honor for me to meet one of the great heroes of World War II a time when the United States and the Soviet Union were allies against Nazi Germany" It was a well-rehearsed well-planned greetingit flattered him and recalled a time when both superpowers were reading from the same script and I spoke his language "Very good young man" Zhukov replied then adding "We must then raise a toast to peace and friendship" It was the popular Soviet greeting of the day I beckoned to Tang who was standing on alert only a few feet away Drinks were served (I remembered vodka to the right water to the left) But in truth it was only when I felt the cool water sloshing down my throat that I was able to take a deep breath Tang bowed ever so slightly He could not conceal the grin forming around his mouth "Come Marshal" I said "Let me show you our beautiful roses" and off we went to a convenient trellis where we quickly slipped into a conversation about his wartime exploits at Stalingrad "What was the turning point" I asked with excitement Zhukov was happy to answer my questions Tang seemed always to be available his vodka tray conveniently at hand as the marshal one after another downed his vodkas and I my waters After the better part of an hour during which time I introduced Zhukov to a number of diplomats and journalists we walked back to the patio where Bohlen and Khrushchev were chatting I thought the marshal was a bit tipsy He must have drunk seven or eight vodkas by this time "Nikita Sergeyevich" Zhukov bellowed as if he was preparing to announce a scientific breakthrough "I have finally found a young American who can drink like a Russian Meet Marvin Maksimovich" I heard a few giggles mostly from the Americans but Khrushchev extended his hand which I shook with unaccustomed vigor I wanted to prove if nothing else that Zhukov had taken a proper measure of me as an American who could hold his vodka Bohlen who knew I didnt drink except for that occasional glass of wine looked at me with questions in his eyes but none were asked and the illusion of me as a tough heavy-drinking American held "How tall are you" Khrushchev asked changing the subject "Very tall but still six centimeters shorter than Peter the Great" I replied reaching back into Russian history for an interesting but unimportant fact Peter stood six feet eight inches tall204 centimeters He was a giant of a czar who tried mightily to modernize his backward empire by importing Western engineers and craftsmen and exporting Russian noblemen to study at Western universities Why show off my familiarity not only with Peters height but also with Russian history And why do this with Russias supreme leader To this day I have no sensible answer Maybe it was because Zhukov and I had spent part of our "happy hour" discussing Russian military victories and on one occasion I had mentioned Peter the Greats victory at Poltava when he defeated Charles XII of Sweden Khrushchev apparently liked my answer "Peter the Great" he grinned "Wonderful absolutely wonderful" Then a cheerful thought entered his mind "You must play basketball" Khrushchev was not a man of few words; it was clear he wanted to talk "Yes I play basketball" I said "I love the game" "Then" Khrushchev continued "you must know that last night our best team from Lithuania won the national championship" I had actually followed Soviet basketball while reading through my morning newspapers I even saw a game and I was left less than impressed by the quality of Soviet basketball I often thought about my City Colleges remarkable twin championshipshow could I not In my mind I compared the Beavers with the Soviet teams No doubt they were better and could beat the Russians Brookings Institution Press Khrushchev then struck a theme common those days in Soviet propagandathat Russia (or the Soviet Union) was better than anything non-Russian Not only better but the best ever "The Lithuanian team is the best team in the entire world" he boasted emphasizing each word "Im sure there is no team in the United States that could possibly beat our national champion" In the oddest ways I thought Russians would disclose chronic feelings of inferiority in this case by boasting wildly about basketball They had made major contributions to literature music and science and much else There was no need for Russians to feel inferior and yet they did It was clear that Khrushchev did not really understand the beauty of basketball but in my answer I tried to be diplomatic "Well maybe one or two on an especially good night might be able to provide some competition Just one or two" "No" Khrushchev shook his head "No team could beat our Lithuanian team It is the best team in the world" Nikolai Bulganin and the other Russians nodded in predictable agreement For them it was the thing to do As for me I felt a strong urge welling within me to speak truth to power even though it made no diplomatic sense and ran a risk of creating unnecessary trouble "With all due respect Sir I believe that any really good college team like Kentucky or Bradley could beat your Lithuanian team" I do not know what possessed me Who was I to challenge Khrushchev on an issue that was truly of no significance Maybe I had mistaken Tangs vodka for water For a very brief moment Khrushchevs peasant eyes flashed with angerI cringed expecting a storm wondering how I could explain my comment to Bohlen; it was I knew totally uncalled forbut then as quickly as the clouds had gathered they vanished Khrushchev again smiled and his smile had the instantaneous effect of a sunburst of reassurance to anyone American or Russian listening to our exchange "Lets start an international basketball competition" he proposed with both hands making strange motions of excitement "You against us I know well beat you" In Khrushchev I found in one man two Russians raised under communism: one a brutal party apparatchik capable of both pride and shame in his work; the other a tough politician with a striking blend of humanity and humor The diplomat in Bohlen seized the moment He leaped into the conversation and blessed Khrushchevs proposal "Superb idea" he said with a smile "I shall discuss it with the president immediately" Everyone laughed and the crisis such as it was subsided into relieved chatter about how difficult it would be to get tickets In short order Khrushchev gathered his flock and proceeded to the door Everyone followed him The Americans quickly formed a line to wish him a proper farewell As the Soviet leader passed me he paused and tossed a comment to his buddies: "Here is Peter the Great" he said "and Zhukov says he can drink" I never told Khrushchev the truth but I did tell the whole story to Bohlen later in the evening "You had me worried there for a moment" he admitted "I didnt know where you were going" "Neither did I" I replied Excerpted from The Year I Was Peter the Great 1956Khrushchev Stalins Ghost and a Young American in Russia by Marvin Kalb with permission of Brookings Institution Press Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhen Texas Senator Ted Cruz took the makeshift stage on the back of a pickup truck Sunday he addressed a crowd of nearly 200 gathered in a restaurant parking lot with his call on Republicans to embrace a trusted conservative as the party nominee But at least one person in attendance wasn’t buying it Standing outside the roped-off area was Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and a supporter of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s candidacy who was there to shadow his preferred candidate’s frequent sparring partner “I was just walking by” Chaffetz joked as he was quickly surrounded after texting one reporter of his presence along with a Rubio communications aide Chaffetz was there to raise doubts about Cruz’s record and public statements “He has a propensity to mislead and not tell the truth so I find his ‘trusted’ slogan ironic” he told reporters joking “I’m just doing a little oversight myself” After a few minutes Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier walked over for some good-natured ribbing with the rival endorser “Are you coming to endorse Ted” she asked “I thought we like won you over or something” “What can we do [to win you over]” she continued with a laugh “You can drop out that’d be great” Chaffetz fired back “Oh not today” Frazier replied with a smile When a reporter joked she should put a Cruz sticker on Chaffetz Frazier said she had run out of them The role of interloper is one Chaffetz has played before In 2012 Chaffetz then a supporter of Mitt Romney appeared at more than a dozen Newt Gingrich events in Florida where the pair were locked in a bitter primary battle frequently getting under the skin of Gingrich and his aides Write to Zeke J Miller at [email protected] Creed Sylvester Stallone‘s iconic character Rocky Balboa becomes a father figure for Michael B Jordan‘s young boxer For his Golden-Globe winning performance Stallone drew on his relationship with late son Sage a horror actor and movie distributor who died of heart disease at just 36 years old in 2012 and who appeared alongside his dad in 1990’s Rocky V “Wow that’s a very heavy question” Stallone said after his big win Sunday when reporters asked him about the loss’s impact on his work “Any time you can do things that are real I think it’s very very helpful and with my son I want to respect his memory and I think we did so” The action star also admitted he was so shocked to take home the trophy for best supporting actor in a motion picture that he didn’t even register that every celebrity in the Beverly Hilton Hotel rose to give him a rousing standing ovation “I didn’t expect it all and I don’t remember a standing ovation I’m shocked was there really You’re kidding me I have to get a Tivo” he said “I did not expect to win at all so I made a promise to myself that I would be very aware the whole time it proves I’m not aware I got really caught up in emotion Thank you very much Just the mere fact that these incredible people applauding it makes me realize that in life it’s really never over ’til it’s over and it indicates that people should never give up trying so I think it was a very very positive message for everybody” Earlier in the night Stallone stunned on the red carpet with four beautiful dates: His wife Jennifer Flavin and daughters Sistine Sophia and Scarlet “They really have no idea who I am and that’s okay because I was a kind of peripatetic actor on the road all the time and I really wasnt in the moment” he said in the press room “Then I realized family is everything and that’s the greatest award that you get because in the end when you’re on your deathbed you’re going to basically be judged on how you raised your kids and what you left behind so finally they get to understand that they have a caring father that movies are wonderful but they pale in comparison to the movie of life which is making them go on into the future and be very very successful That’s my duty that’s my mission and I give my wife all the credit because I’m pretty pathetic as a parent She’s great” This article originally appeared on Peoplecom Contact us at [email protected] the crisis in Crimea enters its third week NATO has deployed two surveillance planes to fly over neighboring countries and monitor the situation in Ukraine Two AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System reconnaissance planes flew from bases in Germany and the UK on Wednesday and will fly over Poland and Romania A NATO spokesman said the planes will not leave the airspace of the military alliance member nations and will not enter Ukrainian or Russian airspace “Our flights will not leave NATO airspace” Lt Col Jay Janzen told the AP “Regardless we can observe we can look a very long way” Janzen said that the planes can observe over 300000 square kilometers (115000 square miles) and will primarily monitor activity in the air and on the sea He added that the flights had already been planned as training missions but more planes are being added to the exercises The US has deployed fighter planes to countries such as Poland and Lithuania and NATO’s 28-member states decided on Monday to step up monitoring Ukraine by deploying AWACS planes Residents of Crimea are set to vote in a referendum Sunday whether to remain in Ukraine or become part of Russia President Barack Obama has called the scheduled vote “unconstitutional” and will meet with Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk when he visits the White House on Wednesday [AP] Write to Nate Rawlings at [email protected]” During the panel Gordon-Levitt said that Stone is one of the most patriotic filmmakers in American history. but some stays last only one night. they said.

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