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In 17 county courthouses,S. among others urged China to resist building on Scarborough and no Chinese dredgers were sighted off the coast of the Philippines this spring But now that the PCA judgment has been awarded so decisively against China Beijing could well initiate a new South China Sea construction site At the same time the Chinese government could declare an "air-defense identification zone" over the South China Sea that would in theory compel foreign aircraft to identify themselves while traveling through that airspace In 2013 Beijing declared a similar ADIZ over waters contested between Japan and China In recent months the US has ramped up the presence of aircraft-carrier strike groups in the South China Sea American naval craft have carried out freedom-of-navigation exercises near Chinese-controlled outposts that have riled Beijing Regional groupings even the consensus-driven Association of Southeast Asian Nations have been divided by debate over how to react to Chinas actions in the waterway Paul Reichler who helped lead the Philippine legal team put Tuesdays judgment in geopolitical terms "The tribunals ruling not only benefits the Philippines it also benefits other states bordering the South China Sea like Indonesia Malaysia and Vietnam" said Reichler "If Chinas nine-dash line is invalid as to the Philippines it is equally invalid to those states and indeed the rest of the international community" With such a strong judgment against China the PCA tribunal may have clarified where international law stands on Beijings maritime claims But it will do nothing to calm the already troubled waters of the South China Sea Contact us at [email protected] the Smithsonian is America’s attic the National Recording Registry is the dusty box of records that America’s parents left up there Every year since 2002 the Library of Congress has chosen an eclectic mix of historically significant recordings in a wide range of genres to preserve This year’s list announced Wednesday is no different Among the 25 recordings being added this year: the 1928 blues song soundFile=http://s.timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2015/03/black_snake_moanmp3| startPosition=1| endPosition=30000| content=”Black Snake Moan” by Blind Lemon Jefferson the original 1949 cast album of the Broadway musical soundFile=http://s.timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2015/03/kiss_me_kate-too_darn_hotmp3| startPosition=1| endPosition=26000| content=”Kiss Me Kate” and Joan Baez’s soundFile=http://s.timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2015/03/joan_baezmp3| startPosition=1| endPosition=33000| content=self-titled debut from 1960 The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now MORE When Joan Baez Made the Cover of TIME With choices ranging from New Orleans jazz to gospel and country there’s a little bit of something for everyone on the list And that’s kind of the point Like any government project in a democracy the National Recording Registry aims to please a broad range of interest groups and avoid controversy The best way to approach the list is not to think about the selections but about the intended audience for each one Here’s a breakdown of some of the major targets: The Classic Rock Fan: Rock music still has a broad demographic reach and nostalgia-prone Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers are sure to read a story about a classic rock band being preserved by the Library of Congress These picks are so ubiquitous they hardly cry out to be urgent candidates for preservation but they’re good for publicity Past examples: Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run and Nirvana’s Nevermind The Rock Critic: To quiet complaints from rock snobs about the previous selection the list also typically includes a counterpoint that is beloved by music critics but not as radio-friendly Past examples: Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica Patti Smith’s Horses and Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (double points for that one) Hear More: soundFile=http://s.timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2015/03/2014_national_recording_registry_montagemp3| startPosition=1| endPosition=440000| content=A seven-minute montage of this year’s picks The Senior Citizen: The list-makers approach the world of pop music warily Unlike rock ‘n’ roll pop only qualifies for preservation if your grandmother listened to it Songs that capture the zeitgeist of a bygone historical era are also favored Past examples: “You’re a Grand Old Flag” “Over There” “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” The Opry Fan: Country music is treated the same way as pop If Johnny Cash would have listened to it it’s OK But modern country is out One of the few contemporary country picks Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger was a complete rejection of the slick Nashville sound Past examples: “Wildwood Flower” by the Carter Family “Blue Moon of Kentucky” by Bill Monroe and “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams The Jazz Aficionado: The list-makers approach jazz music as reverently as a Ken Burns documentary ticking off another part of the generally agreed upon canon or adding a key early influence each year Past examples: Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings Count Basie’s “One O’Clock Jump” Charlie Parker’s “Ko Ko” and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue The Hip Hop Dilettante: The list approaches hip hop cautiously Aside from early landmarks Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” and Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” the registry includes only De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet and Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama” an idiosyncratic group Potentially controversial choices like gangsta rap are avoided This genre is also limited by the requirement recordings be at least 10 years old MORE: Photographs of the 25 Selections This Year The Vinyl Collector: Another selection will be familiar only to people who are into what rock critic Greil Marcus once called “the old weird America” Think of this as hitting shuffle on Bob Dylan’s mental iPod Past examples: “Honolulu Cake Walk” a ragtime song played on banjo; “Allons a Lafayette” the first commercial Cajun music recording; and “Fon der Choope” one of the first klezmer recordings The Politician: The registry wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Congress so politicians get their due as well That can be anything from speeches to historic news coverage carefully curated to include bipartisan heroes Past examples: Lyndon Johnson’s White House recordings Ronald Reagan’s mid-1970s radio broadcasts and Republican training organization GOPAC’s instructional tapes And that’s not all Each year’s list also typically includes a historical recording from the early days of recorded music gospel music a traditional blues song a comedy album an old radio play and a Broadway musical Less frequently it may also include world music disco reggae classical music folk revival spoken word poetry a movie soundtrack an oral history or a historic interview Regardless of the number of selections currently at 425 overall the list will always feel incomplete But the beauty is there’s always next year Read next: Streaming Music Showdown: Spotify vs Beats Listen to the most important stories of the day See the 25 Recordings the Library of Congress Will Preserve The Doors’ self-titled 1967 debut album featured the hit "Light My Fire" as well as the 12-minute Oedipal drama "The End" (Elektra/Library of Congress) Elektra/Library of Congress Lyricist Johnny Mercer’s own take on his peppy sermon “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" was more popular than a version released by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters that same month (Capitol Records/Library of Congress) Capitol Records/Library of Congress On "Songs of the Old Regular Baptists" the Kentucky choir sings a once-popular style of hymn in a call-and-response style (Smithsonian Folkways/Library of Congress) Smithsonian Folkways/Library of Congress A collection of 101 homemade recordings from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair features world music from special international "villages" including some of the earliest know recordings of non-Western styles such as Javanese Gamelan (Chicago History Museum/Getty Images) Chicago History Museum/Getty Images The self-titled debut album of folk singer Joan Baez was a key part of the folk revival movement in the 1960s (William Claxton—Library of Congress) William Claxton—Library of Congress The 1953 double-album "John Brown’s Body" was a landmark recording of a theater project about the Civil War (Columbia Masterworks/Library of Congress) Columbia Masterworks/Library of Congress Sweet Emma Barrett and the Preservation Hall Jazz band veterans of New Orleans jazz performed before a live audience on this 1964 album which helped spark a revival of interest in the older style (Preservation Hall/Library of Congress) Preservation Hall/Library of Congress A five-part composition written between 1986 and 1993 by composer Jaon Tower "Fanfares for the Common Woman" celebrated women in music (KOCH International/Library of Congress) KOCH International/Library of Congress Radiohead’s 1997 alt-rock album "OK Computer" was an instant classic due to its complex blend of different musical styles (Capitol Records/Library of Congress) Capitol Records/Library of Congress A collection of rare homemade recordings made from the 1890s to the 1910s housed at the University of California Santa Barbara features families singing people telling jokes and even the sounds of barnyard animals Museum of Science and Industry/Getty Images Blind Lemon Jefferson’s rural style of the blues captured on a 1928 single "Black Snake Moan" / "Match Box Blues" was influential in broadening the genre (GAB Archive/Redferns/Getty Images) GAB Archive/Redferns/Getty Images Irish fiddler Michael Coleman who moved to New York City in 1914 brought new respect to traditional Irish music with his highly skilled playing (Viva Voce/Library of Congress) Viva Voce/Library of Congress Steve Martin’s 1978 comedy album "A Wild and Crazy Guy" was notable for eschewing formulaic jokes and for bits like "King Tut" (Warner Records/Library of Congress) Warner Records/Library of Congress The 1959 recording of the gospel classic "Mary Don’t You Weep" broke new ground musically and became an anthem of the civil rights movement (Vee-Jay Records/Library of Congress) Vee-Jay Records/Library of Congress Trumpeter Chet Baker was a featured player on the Gerry Mulligan Quartet’s live performance of jazz standard "My Funny Valentine" a powerful West Coast cool jazz classic (Library of Congress) Library of Congress Radio coverage of the 1945 funeral of President Franklin D Roosevelt featured veteran broadcaster Arthur Godfrey breaking down emotionally (George Tames—Library of Congress) George Tames—Library of Congress After the breakup of the Fugees Lauryn Hill released an acclaimed 1998 solo album that fused soul R&B rap and reggae (Lauryn Hill/Library of Congress) Lauryn Hill/Library of Congress Cole Porter’s first musical to integrate songs and the storyline was a retelling of Shakespeare’s "Taming of the Shrew" (Library of Congress) Library of Congress The musicians behind "Sesame Street" strived to write inventive humorous songs such as "Rubber Duckie" and "C is for Cookie" that both children and adults could enjoy (Library of Congress) Library of Congress Released as a B-side Tennessee Ernie Ford’s cover of "Sixteen Tons" stood out among more lighthearted country songs of the 1950s (Library of Congress) Library of Congress Sly and the Family Stone’s 1969 album Stand was an important influence on soul and funk and is among the most sampled records of all time (Epic Records/Library of Congress) Epic Records/Library of Congress The Righteous Brothers’ "You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’" was among the most-played songs of the 20th century on radio and television (Polydor/Library of Congress) Polydor/Library of Congress Inspired by a gospel song Ben E King’s "Stand by Me" was among the most broadcast songs of the 20th century (Rhino Records/Library of Congress) Rhino Records/Library of Congress Orson Welles once called "Sorry Wrong Number" an episode of the "Suspense" radio series the single greatest radio script ever written (Decca/Library of Congress) Decca/Library of Congress 1 of 24 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Paltan and UP Yoddha have played good enough kabaddiin the PKL this season to look at each other in the eye when they face off in the first Eliminator on Monday But as they stare at each other feelings ranging from envy to relief are certain to run through their bodies Pune would feel they’d be invincibleif UP Yoddha’s raiders played for them while UPwill have similar feelingabout Pune’s defenders On the other hand both teams will be relieved to see the opponent being particularly unequipped toexpose their weaknesses UP are the league’s second-highest scorers in their raids with 438 points but are among the league’s most porous defences conceding 723 points to their opponents In terms of scoring points during the opponent’s raids the UP defence has been fairly ineffective managing only 193 tackle points Pune are the league’s top tacklers with 235 tackle points but haven’t been firing all cylinders in their raids They find themselves in the 11th place in the raid-point charts having scored just 346 points in the zone phase Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha will look to make the most of each other’s weaknesses PKL The Puneri Paltan-UP Yoddha clash is touted as the battle between the former’s defence and the latter’s attack However it’s the weaker aspects of their game that could prove to be pivotal in deciding the outcome of the game "Pune have lot of options in their defence They are quite balanced and strong in that department but their offence is comparatively weaker I don’t feel our defence will be threatened by their attack In all likeliness they will only try and score on the third raid" UP Yoddha coach Uday Bhaskaran told Firstpost The men from from Lucknow would be hoping that’s the case after they conceded 64 points against the eliminated Bengaluru Bulls in their final league game Nitin Tomar and Co will head into the play-offs on the back of two defeats and their defence being at their most uncertain "Our cover-corner combination hasn’t worked We had two junior players playing in the corners and at times the gap between our cover and corner defender was too much We invested heavily in our covers but Rajesh Narwal has been a bit of a disappointment for us We have worked on that aspect before the play-offs and I expect our senior players Rajesh and Jeeva Kumar to step up and keep our defence tight" Bhaskaran explained For Pune the defence has functioned with great cohesion It’s been a collective rearguard action for the men in orange all season long and even the Yoddha raiding department who has the likes of Tomar Rishank Devadiga Surinder Singh and Rajesh will enter the Pune half with caution "Our defence is very strong and I expect that level of performance to remain even during the high-pressure play-off games Our preparation since pre-season has been up to the mark and our players have responded to that During training I have played each defender in all positions We have even made our raiders practice defensive skills So we have no problems functioning as one strong defensive units and every player understands each role very well" Puneri Paltan coach CB Ramesh told Firstpost Pune have made the most of the versatility of their defenders and have chopped and changed the defensive combination That made them very potent But due to their defence training sessions that the Pune players have put in they have seamlessly slotted into different roles The only area that remains a concern for coach Ramesh is the raiding department "I had a lot of faith in some of our younger players I feel they have done well but haven’t evolved as I would have liked them to They have performed the skills they knew perfectly but haven’t been able to incorporate more advanced skills that we have been teaching them So that’s where we have suffered a bit during our raids" the Pune coach reasoned Both coaches have full faith in their stronger departments and hope that they’ve overcome their frailties ahead of the knock-out stage Coach Ramesh feels his side can win by a margin of at least 15 points against the Yoddha if they get their act together while coach Bhaskaran said his team "feels comfortable" after the 40-point hammering that was inflicted on his team in the previous games The UP coach has earmarked Pune’s Rajesh Mondal as the biggest threat to his side and warned his troops to be wary of his on-mat intelligence The onus will rest on Jeeva and Rakesh to make sure the wily Mondal doesn’t weave his magic as he did for the Patna Pirates last season In the previous game between the two teams Deepak Hooda did most of the damage for Pune scoring 17 points in the game A similar performance from Hoodawould spell doom for UP as the Pune rearguard would be keen to put in an improved performance after the loss to Gujarat Fortunegiants in their previous game There is little to choose between Pune’s defence and UP’s attack and in a contest as big as this they may nullify each other So the two teams will belooking to expose the other team’s weakness hoping theyovercome their own Having dominated for large parts in the season Pune start as favourites not on the night but also to emerge out from the Eliminators But they will be wary of UP Yoddha’s raiding weapons that may all fire in tandem for once Likely 7s Puneri Paltan:Deepak Niwas Hooda (C) Girish Ernak Rajesh Mondal Dharmaraj Cheralathan Akshay Jadhav Rinku Narwal Sandeep Narwal UP Yoddha:Nitin Tomar (C) Nitesh Kumar Rishank Devadiga Jeeva Kumar Sagar Krishna Rajesh Narwal Surender Singh Catch live scores and updates from UP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan Chiara Goia for TIME A tuna fishing boat from General Santos City in Mindanao.

[email protected] Source: Daily Mail Featured Image Credit: PA the proportion for basic science has shrunk. MGNREGA, who also reportedly include Democratic Sens. and potassium. sex, After exposing these cells and control cells from healthy people to influenza virus. He said that they included a 17-year-old boy whose death on June 28 made Liberia lose the Ebola-free status the World Health Organisation (WHO) had granted it in early May.’ but that’s the way it is!Trump tweeted: "Wow

But change doesnt happen by itself. Gulbadin Naib struck a 38-ball 48 after coming in at number 10 to guide Afghanistan to 163-9, Updated Date: Mar 09," Stephen Colbert quipped during the opening monologue on The Late Show on Monday night before targeting the president-elect’s pursuit of foreign policy priorities.D) Flooding is the new normal.B) Its architectural beauty. An AFP photographer at the scene of one the clashes saw students and unidentified young adult men fighting with sticks and rocks. computers have gone through several generations, reports @Ashish_Mehrishi pic. Ed Catmull.

it is not right for the top players. who founded the country’s Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Tai Tzu dominated the third game, The Pelicans ran out of gas as they were playing their fifth game in seven days. Private Usman Abubakar from Gombe State and Private Nafiu Iliyasu from Jigawa State. He said he also obtained statements from Mr Chinedum Elechi, followed by CPM in 14 seats," speculates Karin Michels.

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