Tesla Model 3 Pulled Over By Police For Computer On Dash

The Tesla Dashcam Apparently Looks This Good You are not allowed to have your computer mounted on there.Could you help me take it off? After a few checks, it turns out that those freaking computers in the Tesla Model 3 are stock. This completely changes the situation.And, of course, there’s some irony here. The police cruiser itself has a computer mounted to the dash, which is an aftermarket add-on.This sort of reminds us of a similar fiasco involving the rear-facing seats in the Tesla Model S.If the Model 3 can trick cops, just imagine what might happen with the rotating screen in a BYD or in a BYTON, in which you have “computers” all over the place.BYD Qin Pro Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 1, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News We told you there would be trouble with this center console.There is nothing more entertaining than starting off your Monday with a video like this one.A Tesla Model 3 driver was pulled over by police because its huge display was mistaken for a computer and you’re not allowed to drive with a computer on the dash, right?Here is the dialogue between the police and Jon Hall, who we’ve now placed among the YouTube hall of fame: BYTON at CES 2018 Source: Electric Vehicle News September 2018 EV Sales: What To Expect? Tesla Estimates Projected Tesla Model 3 Compared: Performance Tesla Model 3 Vs. Long Range Tesla Model 3

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