Juniper networks comes up with 5G – IoTready routing platform MX Series

first_imgJuniper networks, one of industry leads in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced fifth generation of it’s MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform. This series has more offerings for cutting-edge infrastructure and technology like cloud and IoT, enabling high-level network programmability. It has improved the programmability, performance and flexibility, for rapid cloud deployment by introducing a new set of software. This platform supports complex networks and service-intensive applications such as secured SD-WAN-based services and so on. Executive vice president and chief product officer at Juniper Networks, Manoj Leelanivas, said “ Cloud is eating the world, 5G is ramping up, IoT is presenting a host of new challenges, and security teams simply can’t keep up with the sheer volume of cyber attacks on today’s network. One thing service providers should not have to worry about among all this is the unknown of what lies ahead.” Few highlights of this release are as follows: Juniper Penta Silicon Penta silicon is considered the heart of the 5G platform which is next-generation 16 nm service-optimized, having a packet-forwarding engine that delivers upto 50% power efficiency over existing Junos trio chipset. Pena silicon has native support to MACsec and IPsec crypto engine that enables end to end secure connectivity at scale. In addition to this, Penta silicon also supports flexible native Ethernet (FlexE). MX 5G Control User-Plane Separation (CUPS) The 3GPP CUPS standard allows the customer to separate the evolved packet core user plane (GTP-U), and control plane (GTP-C) with standard interface to help service providers scale each independently as needed. The MX Series 5G platform is the first networking platform to support a standard-based hardware accelerated 5G user-plane in both existing and future MX routers. It enables converged services (wireless and wireline) on the same platform while also allowing integration with third-party 5G control planes. MX10008 and MX10016 Universal Chassis MX series continues to do innovations in the area of cloud, enterprise networking, and previously announced PTX and QFX Universal Chassis gains two new MX variants with today’s announcement: MX10008 and MX10016. A variety of line cards and software are available to satisfy specific networking use cases across the data center, enterprise and WAN. Refer to the official Juniper website for details on MX Series 5G. Read Next: Five developer centric sessions at IoT World 2018 Cognitive IoT: How Artificial Intelligence is remoulding Industrial and Consumer IoT Windows 10 IoT Core: What you need to knowlast_img

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