We got our custom Xbox Design Lab controller All hail Purple Reign

first_imgAfter a month of waiting, we got our own Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller into the lab. This is the new Xbox One gamepad that will come with the Xbox One S, featuring a few small design changes. The gamepad on its own is $59.99, but you can spend an extra $20 to customize it, and that’s where the Xbox Design Lab comes in.I’ll be giving this controller a full, formal, scored review on PCMag.com later, but for now I just want you to bask in the majestic glory that is Purple Reign.You can customize the colors of the front, back, sticks, direction pad, triggers, and buttons through Xbox Design Lab, and I was at a loss for a good color scheme. I was thinking of a navy blue Jotaro Kujo sort of look, but without metallic gold face buttons it didn’t work out. Instead, I invoked the late Prince and ensconced our custom Xbox One controller in purple, with navy blue highlights.It’s pretty. I don’t have any artistic ability and while I can measure and tweak colors to be numerically accurate I can’t actually combine them in pleasing ways. Still, Purple Reign is a pretty gamepad. I think it works well. In fact, it actually seems like it would be pretty difficult to make a genuinely ugly custom Xbox One gamepad through the Xbox Design Lab. There are bright colors available you can throw together, but most colors seem to compliment other colors in at least some way, and no specific option wildly clashes. I considered some bright yellow or blue shells, and the mock-ups on the page still looked pretty good.Also, check out what’s on the bottom of the gamepad. You see that? That’s a headphone jack. You don’t need an adapter anymore. That might be the best change yet. The undersides of the grips are also much more rough and almost sandpapery, to offer a better grip. It’s a nice feel on the plastic.Xbox Design Lab controllers start shipping out next month, and you can get the revised but not custom Xbox One gamepads with the Xbox One S launch August 2. The box is nice. It comes with the gamepad and two AA batteries. Nothing else.<><>last_img

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