This burger ad has an unintentionally terrible fake burger

first_imgThe internet has seen its fair share of bad commercials, but the new ad from fast food franchise Carl’s Jr. is bad in a whole new way. In the ad, NFL player Todd Gurley takes a bite out of a burger, except he doesn’t really. The burger in the ad is actually a really, really bad CGI burger. To quote the immortal Dr. Ian Malcom, your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.The ad is available on YouTube, so have a look at it below. The premise is that Gurley has arrived in California and is meeting his new agent. As a sign of respect and friendship, the agent gives Gurley a California Classic Double Cheeseburger that he just happened to have nearby.When Gurley removes the burger from the bag, it’s clearly not real. He “holds” the fake burger, and then takes a bite of the air. Remarkably, the commercial uses the same render of the burger for both shots. They just rotated it and added a little movement when he pretends to bite into it.The video is currently coming up on 1,000 thumbs down on YouTube with barely 100 thumbs up. All in all, not a very successful ad. Although, it has been viewed quite a few times (over 150,000 as of right now). That’s a kind of success, I suppose, even if everyone is just watching out of pure fascination (and horror!) that someone would bother inserting a CGI burger into an ad. How bad are Carl’s Jr’s burgers that they couldn’t use a real one? Editing in the fake burger was surely more expensive than just buying a couple burgers for different takes, right?last_img

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