PUBG Mobile Prime Prime Plus plans go live but theres one problem

first_img PUBG Mobile Season 4 release date confirmed: What’s new? Close PUBG Mobile prime subscriptions have gone live on Android and iOS, giving players a feasible option to leverage new features in the game such as purchasing items with BP, getting discounts on crates and more. PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions come with monthly rentals unlike the premium Royale Pass upgrade.Make no mistake, PUBG Mobile Prime subscriptions are different from the Elite and Elite Plus Royale Pass, which offers a wide range of benefits at a cost. PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus come with convenient pricing and its benefits clearly justify the asking price.Before we get to what PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus plans have to offer, let us point out the one problem that needs to be addressed. PUBG Mobile Prime subscriptions are priced differently on Android and iOS platforms.Here’s how the pricing of PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus are on Android vs iOS:AndroidPUBG Mobile Prime: Rs 85 per monthPUBG Mobile Prime Plus: Rs 400 first month, Rs 850/month thereafter PUBG Mobile Prime plans on AndroidPUBG screenshotiOSPUBG Mobile Prime: Rs 79 per monthPUBG Mobile Prime Plus: Rs 419 first month, Rs 799/month thereafter PUBG Mobile Prime plans on iOSPUBG screenshotNow, the mystery behind differential pricing is unclear, but the benefits offered under these plans on both platforms remain the same.PUBG Mobile Prime subscription allows users to purchase items with BP (Battle Points), which can be won by performing daily tasks and playing the game. The second benefit under the basic plan is that users can earn 5 UC (Unknown Cash) daily, which means a total of 150UC by the end of the month.Coming to the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus, users get 20UC every day, totalling to 600UC and the ability to purchase items with BP. In addition, players can ear 10 Royale Pass every day, get daily discounts on different items and avail a 50% discount on the first Classic Crate Lottery, which gives them unique items.To put things in perspective, 300UC would cost you Rs 420, which is given for free under the Prime Plus subscription, which is priced around the same range for the first month. Both plans are worth their money as they allow purchases using BP.last_img

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