A Tale of Two Wonder Women

first_img This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con Gal Gadot met a real life Wonder Woman. Gal was sitting behind a table with her Justice League co-stars including Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck when she met Ashley; a young girl cosplaying as Wonder Woman. She appeared to be crying tears of joy getting to meet her hero. Variety shared a video of the exchange. Gal Gadot held Ashley’s hand and told her that she had no reason to cry anymore because they are together now. Batman looked over and called the exchange sweet. The Flash chimed in to tell Ashley that she’s a true warrior. Ashley’s mom, author Christine Keller, went to Twitter to praise Gal Gadot and the whole experience. This was an incredibly magical moment that reinforces the importance of having a strong representation of women and diverse communities in movies. Ashley’s story is just one in countless others since Wonder Woman [email protected] shared a moment with a young Wonder Woman cosplayer while signing autographs with the Justice League at San Diego @Comic_Con pic.twitter.com/KZhucQd0yC— Variety (@Variety) July 22, 2017Last month, Patty Jenkins shared a note she had received about the impact that Wonder Woman had on some Kindergarten students. One girl said she wanted to grow up speak hundreds of languages just like Wonder Woman. Another little girl asked her teacher if she’d be able to come to class in Wonder Woman armor just in case she needed to save the world. The note was filled with more stories just like it. Even some little boys were inspired. Gal Gadot should be proud of the work she’s doing and the role model she’s become for young girls. With Wonder Woman on the big screen, Supergirl on the small screen, and Marvel preparing for the Captain Marvel movie in 2019, there is sure to be more young girls getting inspired to be all they can be. Ashley is a Wonder Woman in her own right, but she’s one of many to come.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Batman Loses a Dad Again, Another Ben Affleck Update & More DC Movie NewsSecret Aquaman Role, Wonder Woman’s Throwback Photo, & More DC Movie News Stay on targetlast_img

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