Familiar face new head of BUSU

Chris Green’s connection to the Brock University Students’ Union started long before he became the organization’s new general manager last month.As a third-year political science student at Brock, Green (BA ’07) ran an election campaign for his friend who wanted to be a BUSU executive. It was the first time he’d heard of the student union.While his friend didn’t win, the campaign connected Green to BUSU and in 2004 he was elected to the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council, a branch of the student union.The administration here is student-focused and we work together to provide a great student experience.After serving for two years, he applied for a staff position with BUSU and worked his way from election officer to executive assistant before moving into the role of manager of marketing and communications in 2010.“This is home away from home for me,” said the life-long St. Catharines resident.Green said Brock students are fortunate that BUSU has a good relationship with University administration.“The administration here is student-focused and we work together to provide a great student experience,” he said. “Some schools have rocky relationships but not Brock. It works as a Brock community – we all have different mandates but we all have the same goal.”Green said students elected to BUSU and the support staff work to provide the programs and services students want in the most cost-effective and student-centred way possible.He said the key priorities of BUSU include inter-municipal transit, infrastructure improvements, improving access to education through lobbying efforts and providing student services and student spaces.Students pay a per credit fee to BUSU of $18.69 as well as a club levy, green levy and contribute to a strategic expansion fund.Turnover is a natural part of BUSU – there’s an election every year for the president and three vice-president positions as well as seats on the board of directors. This year’s election takes place Feb. 9-11 with the results announced on Feb. 11.Green said a big part of the general manager’s role is to keep continuity in the organization and keep track of its priorities.“We make sure the engine keeps on running and the students drive it,” he said. “The passion the students bring keeps the organization going.”Green has worked for three previous GMs of BUSU and said he learned from each of them in different ways.“I saw what to prioritize in BUSU and how to interact with full-time staff,” he said.He said Ron Gourlay, who was general manager for 20 years, is a mentor and a friend.“He’s what I aspire to be like in the relationship I have with the executive team,” Green said.Green lives in Niagara with his wife Stephanie (BA ’05) and two small children.

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