Honor the veteran

first_imgDear Editor:That’s me, and a happy day it was when I got discharged from the army and became one. TV today shows sad scenes of “wounded warriors,” legs and arms shot off, and we should honor them for “keeping us free.”I remember my mother saying about some veracity-challenged politico, that she never could stand a liar, and still can’t. Well, I’m her son. Keeping us free? The criminal liars who start our wars can’t wait for the first wounded and dead to come home, for in the midst of wailing and grieving and flag waving, who will say that the war was illegal, unjust, that the wounded and dead young men were sacrificed so some rich men could get richer and other men could carry out a secret agenda.As Jesus said, if we can’t tell ourselves the truth, we’ll never be free.T. Weedlast_img

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