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first_img Comments are closed. By SusanGibas secretarygeneral of the European Human Resource Network, a cross-sectoral informationnetwork for European employers and HR strategists dealing with issues ofemployment and the labour market in Europe. Contact [email protected] This week’s European news in briefOn 12 Dec 2000 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. TheEuropean Commission has published its Communication on the Future Evolution ofSocial Protection to link pension reform with active employment strategy anddefuse the pensions time-bomb.It came asthe EC presented a proposal for a directive on institutions for occupationalretirement provision. If implemented, a framework would be created to ensure ahigh level of protection for the rights of future pensioners. The aim ofthe draft directive is also to ensure that institutions benefit from theadvantages of the single market and the euro and develop an effectiveinvestment policy while exercising the freedom to invest in shares. Scope and objectiveAnothereffect of the proposal would allow an institution in one member state to managecompany pension schemes in another.Produced bythe financial services division of the Directorate for the Internal Market, thefull text of the proposal is available on the Europa web site, along withresponses to the 10 most frequently asked questions on the issue.Thequestions cover the scope and objectives of the proposal, how it will work,what protection is provided for individual pensioners and why it has taken theEC so long to come up with a solution.Furtheraction envisaged includes an initiative on taxation of supplementary pensionsand the establishment of a pensions forum to look at how barriers tocross-border labour mobility and their relation to supplementary pensions canbe addressed. This is a key issue for multinational companies operating inEurope.Future actionThe EC willundertake several studies in the year ahead to gauge public awareness andexpectation on the issue. It also proposes an exchange of information,particularly with the US and Japan.Other issuesGuidelinesfor pregnant workers’ safety, issued in an EC communication, will aim to ensurethat expectant mothers and their unborn children are protected against healthrisks in the workplace. Although it is up to employers to assess, avoid orremove risks to their pregnant and breastfeeding employees, the EC believesthat the guidelines will provide a practical and efficient tool to health andsafety officers.Employmentin Europe 2000, a statistical report produced by the Employment DirectorateGeneral which analyses employment trends, jobs in the knowledge economy,changing nature of jobs, unemployment, equal opportunities, employment trendsin eastern Europe and the impact of taxes and benefits on employment.Full textson all topics covered in this issue may be found on the Europa web Date to note25 January,Brussels: The European Human Resources Network meets European Commission DGVand the European Trade Union Confederation to discuss  the proposed directiveThe titleof the afternoon workshop will be Euro Pensions – A Key to a Mobile Workforceand will be led by Leonardo Sforza and Neil Irons of Hewitt [email protected] Previous Article Next Article Europedefusing pensions time bomblast_img

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