Reforming education system not an empty promise – caretaker President

first_imgArguing that his promise to reform education is not an empty promise, caretaker President David Granger on Monday declared that much of the oil money that will be taken from the Natural Resources Fund to develop Guyana will go into education.A scene from the expoThis exhibition, which showcases a bauxite mining pit, was constructed by students of the Linden Technical Institute (Photo by Jarryl Bryan)This is a model of the surface conveyor belt system employed at Aurora Gold Mine’s mills (Photo by Jarryl Bryan)A model of one of the gold mining pits at Aurora, split open to display the veins of gold under the earth’s surface. (Photo by Jarryl Bryan)Granger was at the time giving an address at the launch of the Education Exposition at D’Urban Park.According to Granger, Government intends to use much of the oil revenue it will get on education.He noted that every Guyanese child will be educated at all three levels – nursery, primary and secondary, at State expense. “Where will the money come from? Well we’re exploring the possibility of increasing petroleum production after 2020. And part of that money is going to go into a Natural Resource Fund.”“But a lot of it is going to go into public education… we’re trying to ensure that the education system, regardless of how everything else is doing, is also going to make Guyanese children more equal, wherever they live,” the President said, adding that these were not empty promises.Meanwhile, Education Minister Nicolette Henry spoke of the use of technology to bridge gaps in the education system. She also noted the potential the exposition has to showcase Guyana’s education sector.Last year the Education Expo had to be cancelled as a result of ongoing negotiations at the time with the Guyana Teachers’ Union. At the time, the planning officers were engaged with the GTU and the teachers’ salary woes.It was explained at the time that because of these negotiations, organisers of the exposition were unable to make the necessary plans for the exposition, which was dubbed the signature event for Education Month.This year around, there were over 68 booths showcasing various institutions and what courses they have to offer. Some of the participants included the Government Technical Institute (GTI) and Aurora Gold Mine. Touring the booths and soaking up knowledge were children from approximately 100 schools from across Guyana.last_img read more