Florida Couple Fails to Make Worlds Largest YoYo

first_imgSo, here’s the thing about creating the world’s largest yo-yo–you can spend all of the time in the world making it look as good as humanly possible, but unless the thing actually goes up and down, it’s not actually a yo-yo. That was the hard lesson learned by a couple in Jacksonville, Florida couple.Beth and Tony Johnson spent the last 18 months of their lives designing the 12 foot, 7,000 pound monster. In order to actually break the record, the yo-yo would have to be released from 75 feet up, bouncing two-thirds of its height three times.The thing didn’t bounce at all–in fact, it dropped down the rope and hit the ground, breaking in the process.”It didn’t do what it was supposed to,” Beth Johnson told the local news.In the meantime, Johnson seems confident that their attempt will be recognized as the “world’s heaviest yo-yo.”Video of the attempt after the jump.last_img read more