Alleged Austin ‘serial bomber’ kills self with explosive

first_imgCopyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. iStock/Thinkstock(AUSTIN) — The man accused of killing two and injuring four by planting explosives in and around Austin, Texas, has killed himself with another bomb after local and federal agents closed in on him early Wednesday morning.Police said they could not publicly identify the suspect yet and remain concerned that he may have planted more explosive packages elsewhere.The confrontation occurred in Round Rock, approximately 20 miles north of Austin, where the string of bomb attacks began almost three weeks ago.Police zeroed in on the eventual suspect as a person of interest over the last 24 to 36 hours, eventually locating his vehicle with the help of surveillance teams, authorities said at a press conference early Wednesday.Local and federal authorities took up positions near a hotel where the suspect had stopped his vehicle, awaiting tactical teams to help apprehend him.The suspect, after beginning to drive away, stopped on the side of the road and as Austin SWAT team members approached he detonated a device while inside his vehicle. One officer was knocked back and suffered minor injuries, and another fired at the suspect.“We cannot name the suspect at this time because he has not been positively identified yet by the medical examiner, and next of kin have not yet been notified,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said. “There will be a lengthy investigation that will take place regarding the officer-involved shooting.”Authorities confirmed that the suspect was a 24-year-old white male but declined to say where he was from.Residents of Austin had been on edge ever since the bombings began March 2, killing two people and injuring at least four others.The first three involved packages left on porches, while the fourth, which injured two men ages 22 and 23 on Sunday night, was detonated by a trip wire tied to an explosive device.On Tuesday, an unexploded bomb was discovered at a FedEx facility in Austin, two sources told ABC News. That’s the sixth device tied to the serial bomber — five package bombs and the device tethered to the trip wire.This is a breaking story. Please check back for updates throughout the day.last_img read more

Liberty State Park Protection Act Passes NJ Senate Environment and Energy…

first_imgIt’s been non-stop commercial development proposals, and political sweetheart leases have been aimed at commercializing parkland. Park founder Morris Pesin, and champions like Audrey Zapp and Morris’ son Sam, the president of the Friends of Liberty State Park, have had to wage campaigns time and again to keep this urban green oasis from becoming one big American Dream Mall.For decades, thousands of people from around the state have voluntarily shown up at evening meetings and weekend demonstration, time and again to prevent things like a private water park, a Formula One race track, a second private marina blocking off the park’s bucolic south side, and most ominously, leasing away the park’s spectacular Caven Point urban natural area to the exclusive Liberty National Golf Course.At any other NJ state park these private insider development schemes would be dead on arrival. But along with lusty developers, the lure of gaining land along the Hudson River’s Gold Coast also attracts political patronage.Most of these proposed deals stem from a revolving door of consultants, often former campaign and administration staffers, who have access to the top of both Democratic and Republican administrations.The Liberty State Protection Act is an apple pie antidote  – it simply says that park improvements should be small-scale amenities created to benefit the park user, not private backroom interests. It guarantees a long overdue Management Plan for the entire park be created through an open process and, lastly, establishes a public Advisory Committee to review leases and ensure transparency.The only opposition to the bill came from none other than Liberty National, one of the most expensive and exclusive golf clubs in the country where 250 individuals pay $500,000 for membership, represented by Eric Shuffler at River Crossing who reportedly served as a top aide to Governor McGreevey, as U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli’s Chief of Staff and on Governor Murphy’s 2018 Transition Team. They are making a second attempt at gaining parkland for their golf course.  The Liberty State Park Protection Act, aimed at keeping public parkland open to the public and away from private developers, unanimously passed out of the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee on Nov. 18.The Park opened in 1976, astride the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – a Bicentennial gift of a green urban oasis open to all, both symbolizing and giving life to the best of American values. Since then, in the view of advocates for the park, it has been plagued by the worst of New Jersey politics. ×last_img read more

Musical Horror Comedy Movie Stage Fright Gets U.S. Release

first_img Written and directed by Jerome Sable, Stage Fright also stars Allie MacDonald and Douglas Smith. The movie tells the story of a musical theater camp terrorized by a cold-blooded masked killer who absolutely hates theater. Driver plays Kylie Swanson, a haunted and mysterious stage star who is also the mother of campers Camilla (MacDonald) and Buddy (Smith). Meat Loaf plays Roger McCall, a washed-up Broadway producer turned camp director. The film is set to debut at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin next month.  Stage Fright, the previously reported horror comedy musical described as a mash-up between Scream and Glee and featuring Minnie Driver and Meat Loaf, has secured U.S distribution. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Magnet Releasing has picked up the rights and will release the film to iTunes and On Demand on April 3, followed by a theatrical release on May 9.center_img View Commentslast_img read more

Tennis: Five facts on Wimbledon champion Garbine Muguruza

first_imgBeen there, done that— Muguruza enlisted the help of 1994 Wimbledon champion and fellow Spaniard Conchita Martinez for her All England Club campaign. “I think she’s helping me to deal with the stress of the tournament, because it’s a long tournament,” Muguruza said of her 45-year-old compatriot who filled in for Sumyk, missing Wimbledon due to his wife’s pregnancy.Master chef— After winning the 2016 French Open, Muguruza admitted she relaxes by cooking, mostly desserts. “Anything with sugar, not with salt. Cakes and cookies. Oreo brownie is the best one,” she said. However, her time in the kitchen while at Wimbledon this year almost ended in disaster. “Every time I come to Wimbledon, a lot of things happen in the house. I love red meat. We were doing nice steaks but there was so much smoke that the fire alarm was, like, under where you cook. I’m like, ‘Why do you put a fire alarm there?’” London, United Kingdom | AFP | Five facts on Garbine Muguruza who defeated Venus Williams in the Wimbledon final on Saturday:— Muguruza was born in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas in October, 1993. Her mother Scarlet Blanco is from the South American country and Muguruza holds dual Spanish-Venezuelan nationality. Father Jose is a Spanish-Basque.Paris — mon amour et bete noire— Muguruza won the French Open title in 2016 but her defence ended in tears and controversy this year after she accused the Roland Garros crowd as being “disrespectful” for their behaviour towards her as she lost to home star Kiki Mladenovic. While she conducted a tearful news conference, coach Sam Sumyk described the Paris fans as “pathetic”.Coaching row— Muguruza was accused of being illegally ‘coached’ from her player’s box by vanquished Wimbledon quarter-final opponent Svetlana Kuznetsova. “It was pretty clear because we all speak Spanish here. She was talking to her all the time. It’s her physio. I mean, I know she acts like this all the time. I don’t think it’s appropriate,” said the Russian. Muguruza said it was all something of nothing. “Honestly, they were just cheering for me. I like when my team is behind me. But nothing really tactical or specific.” Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

This Week’s Favorite Features – Veterans Day In Olympia

first_imgWhile our daughters practiced on the soccer field, another mom and I would run a 4.5 mile loop.  I despise running.  I look for any excuse to skip, even tempted to admit “I just don’t want to” rather than generate some ache or pain that would prevent me from the trek.  My friend though, never had a complaint, no matter if it was 90 degrees at 6pm or pouring down rain.  She was always at our meeting spot, with her shoes laced, ready to go.I share this story because Heather is a soldier’s wife.  Her stories about what she has sacrificed for her husband’s military career strengthen and remind me that my complaints are so petty.  She is a strong woman, able to hold her family together during uncertain work assignments and deployments.  But, she would never tell you that it was a sacrifice.  She would turn, smile and say simply “it’s what we do” – a deep belief system that I have seen replicated among other military families.This weekend, when we show gratitude for the men and women serving in our military, I am also giving thanks to Heather (and other military spouses and parents) – for being the support staff that makes soldiers strong.  Thanks, Heather, for lifting me up when I would rather sit on the curb.  Your dedication to your own family pushed me on. Facebook19Tweet0Pin0 Here is a summary of articles written about JBLM and our military community.All-American Dogs Foundation Trains Service Dogs For Olympia’s Wounded VetsAaron McCarthy and Jeanmarie Kautzman founded All-American Dogs Foundation, located in Olympia.  The foundation is a growing program that provides highly-trained service dogs to wounded soldiers.With ‘wear blue: run to remember,’ Army Widow Honors Fallen Husband, Battles GriefOriginally published last November, this story continues to inspire and motivate readers.  Co-founder Lisa Hallett has continued to expand ‘wear blue’ into new communities, creating a mechanism for people to honor, remember and grieve fallen soldiers.Culinary Superstar Guy Fieri Shakes Up The Kitchen At Madigan Army Medical CenterAbout a week ago, culinary icon Guy Fieri was spotted around Olympia – Fish Tale Brewery, Buck’s Spice Shop, Darby’s.  He also spent some time with culinary specialists at Madigan, sharing his tricks but also listening to stories from military members stationed locally.Saint Martin’s University Extended Learning Division Brings Exceptional Education Opportunities To Non-Traditional StudentsThis article shares stories about Saint Martin’s unique distance learning campus on JBLM.  As of 2010, more than 4,000 military affiliated and other non-traditional students have graduated from Saint Martin’s University.ThurstonTalk aims to be your source for positive information and events happening in Olympia.  If you have a suggestion for a story, send us a note at [email protected]  For more events and to learn what’s happening in Olympia and the surrounding area, click here.last_img read more

Rossland/Trail sweeps Midgets right out of playoffs

first_imgRossland/Trail scored early and often en route to a 14-4 victory over Castlegar/Nelson Rebels in game two of the West Kootenay Midget Rep Playoff series last week at the Cominco Arena in Trail.Rossland/Trail wins the first-team-to-four-points series 4-0.Colton Steeds, Tyler Chernenkoff, Joe Gauthier and Trevor Rigby scored for Castlegar/Nelson.Rossland/Trail scored four times in the first period, four in the second before exploding for six markers in the third.Rossland/Trail now advance to the Midget Rep provincials later in March.last_img

Liberal Bias Detected in Science Media

first_imgIncredible as it sounds, the science news media seem to have a liberal bias.  This is astonishing, considering the vast majority of science professors in academia are Democrats (12,02/2004, 12/5/2010).  The following examples illustrate this trend that came to light around 1859.Nature against abstinence:  Last month, the editors of Nature (480, 22 December 2011, p. 413, doi:10.1038/480413a), excoriated President Obama for backtracking on his promise to bring more “integrity” to science (meaning, acquiescing to the views of the scientific establishment).  What, in particular, were they complaining about?  They were appalled that he would cave in to pressure from conservatives to backtrack on plans to distribute the “morning after” pill to schoolgirls under 17.  “It certainly is inconvenient, on the cusp of an election year, in what is at heart a deeply conservative country, to acknowledge that young adolescents can and do have sex, and that they may not have thought out the potential consequences in advance,” they wrote.  “So inconvenient, apparently, that the work of the scientists, who spent long hours weighing risks and benefits for the public good, must be thrown under a bus.”  The views of many conservatives against the pill as a form of abortion without parental knowledge did not appear relevant to the editors.NCSE goes climatic:  The news media uniformly supported the NCSE’s decision to add climate skeptics to their targets, along with evolution skeptics.  New Scientist portrayed Eugenie Scott’s organization that fights for Darwin-only education as “US science education advocates,” ignoring the fact that Scott has not only interfered with the voice of the people through their legislatures for years, but has also praised the institutions that have destroyed careers of evolution skeptics.  Nature News, naturally, gave Scott good press, noting her “reputation for doggedly defending the teaching of evolution in US classrooms,” and portraying the NCSE decision to “expand its mandate to include the politically charged issue of global warming.”  Where she got that “mandate” was not stated; the NCSE is a private organization whose agenda has never been voted on by the public affected by her actions (primarily conservatives and evolution skeptics).Huffington Post:  What’s a science news site doing reporting a decision by the Huffington Post, the anti-conservative website, to go French?  PhysOrg did not warn its readers about the political bias of Arianna Huffington.  It only called her a “US socialite blogger” who has become an “Internet multimillionaire” for her “gossipy mix of celebrity, political and lifestyle stories”.  If anyone has an example of a science news site celebrating the success of a conservative enterprise in such glowing terms, it would be an interesting search.Defending corruption:  Last month, PhysOrg told about a psychologist who wrote a paper about “Why do people defend unjust, inept, and corrupt systems?” The examples provided were about alleged failings during the Bush administration, with liberal slant evident on positions about government funding for education and fair salaries between the sexes.  Psychologist Aaron C. Kay of Duke University got a one-way megaphone to portray those not wanting “social change” as victims of irrational, psychological forces.Sicko evolution skeptics:  PhysOrg gave its microphone to David Haury at Ohio State, who has a patronizing view of evolution skeptics as hapless pawns of gut feelings instead of rationality.  “Research in neuroscience has shown that when there’s a conflict between facts and feeling in the brain, feeling wins,” he opined, speaking of those who have not yet gained the enlightenment that leads to “acceptance of evolution.”  Strangely, he did not consider the power of gut feelings to influence his own beliefs about evolution.  Looking at students as his lab rats, he proposed ways to overcome their brutish beliefs with more nuanced methods that might trick their guts into accommodating the “greater knowledge of evolutionary facts” available.  This “researcher” was empowered to promote his views with funding from the National Science Foundation.Sicko people of faith:  “Are religious people better adjusted psychologically?” Medical Xpress asks, expecting a “no” answer.  Once again, “psychological research” was granted uncritical authority to weigh in on the question.  Some German researchers noted that many previous studies seemed to indicate that faith is good for one’s sense of well-being – but now, the but  – “On average, believers only got the psychological benefits of being religious if they lived in a country that values religiosity.” This according to their “new study” published in Psychological Science.  “In countries where most people aren’t religious, religious people didn’t have higher self-esteem.” This assumes that people embrace their faith only for what they can get out of it.  It also assumes their highest value is self-esteem.  If self-esteem happens to be low on the priority list among the millions of persecuted believers around the world, many who have been willing to die for their faith, these psychological experts did not seem to be aware of it or concerned about it.Undermining traditional values:  It is well known that conservatives support traditional marriage and abstinence from sex outside marriage.  They don’t get very good press among science reporters, who seem to be on a campaign to portray alternative lifestyles as blessed by science.  Some recent examples:“Same-sex marriage laws reduce doctor visits and health care costs for gay men,” reported Medical Xpress.  “Gay men are able to lead healthier, less stress-filled lives when states offer legal protections to same-sex couples, according to a new study,” the article continued, begging the question whether a stress-free life is the arbiter of morality.  An assumed expert from Columbia got this statement in: “These findings suggest that marriage equality may produce broad public health benefits by reducing the occurrence of stress-related health conditions in gay and bisexual men.”  What does “marriage equality” imply?“Study finds few well-being advantages to marriage over cohabitation,” reported PhysOrg this week.  Well; if a “study finds” this, that settles it; traditional marriage has no legs.  Again, a psychologist got to state a strong anti-conservative viewpoint without any conservative rebuttal, saying, “our research shows that marriage is by no means unique in promoting well-being and that other forms of romantic relationships can provide many of the same benefits.”  Readers were not warned that this amounts to pragmatism – the end justifies the means – a philosophy, not a science.  It also presumes that societal decisions about marriage are to be made entirely on the well-being of those choosing to engage in “other forms of romantic relationships,” while ignoring the well-being of children, family members and society as a whole – points conservatives would undoubtedly rush to express, had they the reporters’ ear.Pushing cohabitation:  Live Science was even more militant in its coverage, calling the study on the blessings of cohabitation “extremely valuable.”  Experts were quoted describing those holding to traditional marriage as having “an extremely naïve view.”  Marriage was portrayed as passé.  With no hint of desire for balanced reporting (such as giving time to the Family Research Council or Focus on the Family), the article ended, incredibly, with blatant advocacy: “Pass it on: Cohabitation may be just as good as marriage in promoting happiness and well-being” (italics theirs).Get thee to a nunnery:  Imagine the impact on traditional Catholics of this headline on Live Science: “Catholic Church Should Offer Nuns the Pill, Researchers Say.”  Well, if “researchers” say it, the Vatican should genuflect. With no attempt at getting the Church’s response to a “study” by two Australian “researchers” speaking with the imprimatur of science, the article ended with this promotion: “Pass it on: The pill may reduce the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer in nuns, researchers argue” (italics theirs).Many scientists and science reporters, as these examples show, betray a liberal bias.  Let us count the ways: (1) never giving equal time or emphasis to conservatives, (2) portraying conservative viewpoints, if even acknowledged, as out of step with the times, (3) portraying conservatives (especially those of religious faith) as irrational pawns of psychological urges, (4) using loaded words, (5) employing unargued assumptions embedded in suggestive euphemisms (like “marriage equality”), (6) assuming that “researchers” are infallible, (7) assuming that any scientific “study” is authoritative, (8) rushing to sanctify the liberal viewpoint with the authority of “science,” (9) considering all sciences, including psychology, as equally authoritative, and (10) never dealing with thorny issues of philosophy of science – i.e., what science is capable of knowing, proving, or preaching.We welcome readers to rebut this evidence of liberal bias among scientists and science reporters with counter-examples.  Good luck.Exercise:  Choose one of the stories above and report it in a politically-neutral way as best you can.  Search for any verifiable, observational evidence; strip out any interpretational bias, then recast the story in a scientifically neutral way, allowing both liberal and conservative interpretations to be expressed without favoritism.   Follow-up discussion:  How would Darwinism and “climate change” fare if reporters did balanced reporting?(Visited 105 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Ind vs Eng: Ex-India skippers invited for Lord’s Test

first_imgA Few former Indian Test captains will take a round of the hallowed turf of the Lord’s on the fourth day of the first Test between India and England starting on Thursday to mark the occasion of the 100th Test between the two countries.These former Indian Test captains will present themselves along with a few former England skippers though England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) presently is not willing to reveal their names.This will be to mark the occasion of the 100th Test between India and England and 2,000th Test the Lord’s Test is set to become. The 100th Test of the cricket annals was played between Australia and England in 1908. The 500th was one between Australia and West Indies in 1960 and the 1,000th between Pakistan and New Zealand in Hyderabad in 1984.”The first 1,000 Tests took 90 years while the next 1,000 are being completed in 27 years,” said Haroon Lorgat, chief executive of International Cricket Council, on Monday.The purists might argue that this is not the 2000th Test as the list includes the match between the Rest of the World against Australia in 2005 which was given the official status of a Test without having the support of anybody with a proper interest in the welfare of Test cricket. By that token, the 2000th Test will in fact take place at Trent Bridge next week.The Lord’s Test will also be the 100th of Duncan Fletcher as coach, a massive record in itself to have for any coach. So far, 3,450 centuries have been hit by Test batsmen from all nations.advertisementNo less than 7,554 have been instances of ducks being recorded. Bowlers have taken 61,175 wickets while in all 1,959,659 runs have been scored.During the Lord’s Test, the real festivities would surround the 100th Test between England and India -the fact that it is a 2,000th Test would just be reduced to a number. As such the honchos of Board of Control for Cricket in India and those of ECB will be in full attendance at Lord’s.The ICC has produced a special coin for the occasion which would be used for toss by the two competing captains.With inputs from PTIlast_img read more

a month agoSouthampton loanee Elyounoussi enjoys Celtic debut

first_imgSouthampton loanee Elyounoussi enjoys Celtic debutby Ansser Sadiqa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveMo Elyounoussi was delighted after making his debut for Celtic. The winger, on loan from Southampton, set up the winner in his first start for the Scottish giants.He said: “It was good to get the chance to play. I am proud of getting the win.”It was a good first five minutes and I almost scored but in the end I was happy to assist James in front of the goal and win the game.”It was a tough game and the pitch wasn’t the best and a bit dry but we came here for three points and that’s what we got.”He added: “They have been taking care of me since day one.”In time I will get more time to know them and on the pitch know each other and how they want to play and I want to play and hopefully that will get better in the future.”I am proud to get the debut and the three points is nice and now it’s Rennes on Thursday and we go again.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more