Fundawear aims to make long distance relationships more pleasurable

first_imgLong distance relationships can be quite difficult. Aside from not being able to share a special dinner, or watch terrible TV on the couch until you fall asleep on your partner, there are more intimate activities on which you’re also missing out. Considering a portal gun or teleportation device won’t be invented and put on the consumer market anytime soon, Durex is experimenting with ways to help alleviate the strains long distance tends to put on relationships. The condom manufacturer’s newest experiment, Fundawear, could be the device to get you through those months until airfare becomes affordable enough for a visit from that special someone.With the help of a smartphone app, people wearing the underwear can not only turn on vibration from across the internet, but can control the vibration’s level of intensity. Using something of a GUI slider, you can also direct the vibration to various locations on the undergarments, as well as dictate the vibration’s travel patterns. Fundawear comes in a set for either gender: Bra and panties for the ladies, and boxer briefs for the dudes, though switching that up shouldn’t be too much of a problem should you like to get even more experimental than phone-controlled underwear.No, nothing is stopping you thrill-seekers from wearing Fundawear to places you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.As Durex’s own explanation says, they placed the sensors “right on the money,” so you can be sure Fundawear will hit the spot. Currently, Fundawear is in a testing phase, for which you can sign up. Similar to Google’s If I Had Glass campaign, Durex is asking that you give them ideas on how you would use Fundawear with your partner. Dear Penthouse.last_img read more