Apopka Teenager Missing in Washington State

first_img The Anatomy of Fear Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply TAGSKatelynn BarlowMissing Teenager Previous articleOn this Day: Americans Land on the MoonNext articleBudget Workshop #1 – Priorities, Concerns and Observations Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR SKAGIT COUNTY, Wash. — Authorities in Washington State are searching for a missing endangered 14-year-old Apopka girl who was last seen Sunday night. Katelynn Barlow, a student at Piedmont Lakes Middle School, was with her family visiting relatives in the Big Lake area of Washington State, according to the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office. She was last seen at the home they were staying in late Sunday.Barlow is  5′ 1″ tall, red hair, blue eyes and 120 pounds. On Tuesday, The FBI  Child Abduction Rapid Development Team joined the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office in the search for Barlow. Both agencies are calling her case an endangered missing person and are not labeling this as an abduction.The county sheriff’s office says Barlow walked out of her family’s cabin at Big Lake at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday and has not been seen since.Her phone was found at the Smokey Point rest stop in Snohomish County, which is about 45 minutes away from the family cabin at Big Lake. She was barefoot and wearing only pajamas and a tank top when she walked outside.Anyone with information is asked to call the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office at 360-428-3211.  The family is also accepting tips at (407) 516-6696. You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here Free webinar for job seekers on best interview answers, hosted by Goodwill June 11 Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here Support conservation and fish with NEW Florida specialty license plate Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img read more

Could Evolutionary Racism Re-Emerge?

first_imgIt is a tragic matter of record that some of recent history’s most brutal racial genocides were justified on Darwinian principles (see CMI articles about the Herero genocide, the Nazi genocide, and the Aborigine genocide).  The perpetrators acted on what they believed were inexorable laws of nature, that evolution had equipped some races as superior and others as inferior, little more than animals.    Prior to the atrocities were many writings expressing IQ as a function of skull size, human evolution as a continuum of progress from animal evolution, and survival of the fittest as the highest good (see CMI article on Haeckel).  Add to that the Malthusian idea that the earth’s resources cannot support all who are born, apply it as Darwin did to survival of the fittest, and the intellectual framework for “might makes right” was laid.    Now, of course, evolutionists typically decry the racist ideas of their predecessors.  Some now portray evolution as a world of cooperation and harmony.  Diversity and inclusion are key words in evolutionary biology and in many a university and corporate office policy statement.  But has anything changed in the underlying doctrines that led to earlier abuses?  Consider these recent examples:Skull size:  A short piece in the “Random Samples” column of Science,1 “What the Skull Tells,” reported dispassionately on work by an evolutionary psychologist at Edinburgh, Ian Deary, to measure the skulls of historic figures considered to have high IQs.  “Studies have shown that brain, and therefore skull, sizes have modest but significant correlations with IQ,” the article mentioned nonchalantly.Rapid human evolution:  A claim this week by Henry Harpending, evolutionary anthropologist at the University of Utah, that human evolution is accelerating, reverberated throughout the echo chamber of the popular science press (see PhysOrg, National Geographic News, BBC News complete with the iconic human evolution line of progress diagram, Science Daily accompanied by image of a conquering Viking).  One aspect of his claim was that “Human races are evolving away from each other.”  The National Geographic article quotes him as saying, “We’re evolving away from each other.  We’re getting more and more different.”    Most of the articles mentioned that Harpending and a co-author got into trouble after a previous study claimed that intelligence evolved more in one group than another.  This time, he stressed, the genetic differences between people groups “cannot be used to justify discrimination.  Rights in the Constitution aren’t predicated on utter equality.  People have rights and should have opportunities whatever their group.”    This may be a hard sell, however, since the Constitution assumed that natural rights come from God.  In the Declaration of Independence (signed by the same group of authors) they had said it was self-evident that all men are equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights.  The signers understood that the equality spoken of was not genetic or physical.  Equality was based on the spiritual and moral values of equality before God, leading to equal opportunity and equality before the law.  Can these rights come from an evolutionary process that is driving human races apart?    It was not just creationists finding cause for worry in Harpending’s claims.  The article states that the study “generated fears such research will undermine the principle of human equality and justify racism and discrimination.  Other critics question the quality of the science and argue culture plays a bigger role than genetics.”  These fears came from the scientific community.Moral equivalence:  It is common in evolutionary literature to ascribe all moral qualities to blind evolutionary processes.  As one example, an article in Science October 26 considered war as the flipside of altruism.2  Holly Arrow wrote that “altruism flourishes only in the company of outgroup hostility (parochialism), with war as both the engine of this coevolutionary process and its legacy.”    Though Ms. Arrow clearly favored keeping the “sharp end of altruism” (war) in its sheath, would-be tyrants may not apply the law of Darwinism so peacefully.  Within this view, it would seem trivial for a dictator to justify war – as some indeed did – as an altruistic act for the good of the fatherland, consistent with the principles of Darwinism.How long can the memory of Judeo-Christian morality hold out against a steady onslaught of evolutionary claims that people are mere animals, some more evolved than others?  If our ancestors were just like gorillas, as a recent article on PhysOrg announced, what is to stop a racist or tyrant from taking on the role of alpha silverback?Breaking News 12/11/2007: The truth comes out about Matthew Murray, the gunman who shot up a mission and church in Colorado last weekend.  Apparently he fell under the spell of the same anti-Christian, anarchist rock group KMFDM as did the Finnish murderer last month (11/08/2007).  He also copycatted the Columbine killers who had killed in the name of “natural selection” – see story on World Net Daily.1.  Random Samples, Science, Volume 318, Number 5855, Issue of 30 November 2007.2.  Holly Arrow, “The Sharp End of Altruism,” Science, 26 October 2007: Vol. 318. no. 5850, pp. 581-582, DOI: 10.1126/science.1150316.We repeat: don’t think for a minute that the evils of Darwinian philosophy were exhausted in the extermination camps, gulags and killing fields of the 20th century.  Evolutionary ethics are like demons that must be locked in the abyss lest they once again unleash death upon the world.  Their ambassadors know the language of diplomacy and talk peace – until they gain enough power to overcome the guardians of the keys.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Your Personal Sales Style

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now There is no sales “style” that is winging it. It isn’t a “style” to go into a sales meeting unprepared or unable to create value for your client or dream client. That “style’ is called lazy, and it has never been effective nor has it ever been fashionable.You aren’t making a decision around “style” decision when you decide to fish around for something personal on which to build rapport as a way to open a sales call. That is called “wasting your client’s time.” There is room to know your client on a personal level, but this approach early in a relationship subtracts from the value you need to create.You do not have a “style” that is skipping stages in your sales process. There are verifiable outcomes that need to be gained for you and your client in order to be productive in exploring working together on an opportunity. Doing partial work isn’t a “style” decision; it’s a recipe for losing an opportunity and later, should the Gods of sales have mercy on you, failing your client should you somehow win the business.Avoiding difficult conversations isn’t a “style” either. It’s fear. Lacking the chops necessary to have difficult conversation is a weakness. Your clients and dream clients need help dealing with difficult issues, and they trust people whose “style” is to help them deal with complex issues.Whenever you lean on your “style” as an excuse for not doing something the way it should really be done, you are avoiding something that you fear doing or something you are just too lazy to do. These aren’t style decisions; they’re rationalizations, they’re your way of dealing with your unwillingness to improve.You are unique. You are allowed to have a personality, and you must be human if you really want to connect with your clients. Bad choices don’t make a style.last_img read more

‘It will change the vision of India’

first_imgThe excitement is palpable and not without reason. Hours from now, you will be either lucky enough to be seated inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium or glued to your TV sets watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.For almost seven years, India and every Indian has waited for this day. As one who kept hitting the bulls-eye for India at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, I feel happy that we are holding the Games. I agree, preparations could have been much better, and by that I am not really talking about venues and so on, but from an athlete’s point of view.I honestly feel, as a nation, there are so many within who like to run down their own country. But you must spare a thought for each and every athlete who competes out there. Each athlete, whatever be his or her discipline, works towards a medal. None out there wants to do badly. It’s a dream come true to compete and a bigger dream to keep winning medals. Traditionally, India has done well in the Commonwealth Games and this time, even though I am not shooting, there will still be a lot of medals.The depth in Indian shooting is very good and I think everyone has played a role in this. The government of India has fully supported this and if it was not for their help, the shooters would have never got here.Today, we have an Abhinav Bindra, a Gagan Narang and a Ronjan Sodhi, with each one of them capable of beating the best in the world. To be honest, the field in the CWG is not so tough, though one can never take things lightly in shooting. Yes, I am upset that the Karni Singh ranges have been completed late and the Indian shooters have not trained there as much as they could and should have. I have trained for hours at this venue when I brought glory to the nation.advertisementToday, I am unhappy that when we should have seen our shooters train day in and day out at the home ranges, they had to go abroad or opt for Pune as a base. This is where our planning has been faulty.Look at London, the way they have prepared for the 2012 Olympics. Athletes are already accessing completed venues and training hard. This is home advantage. I am sure we could have done it too. Moving away from shooting, I do see the stock of Indian sport has risen. Time and again, I have felt we have given importance only to cricket in this country.And I would be pleased if the Commonwealth Games can reduce the India-Australia cricket series to a sideshow! My expectation from these Games is we will do well in a variety of sports. Wrestling, boxing, hockey, badminton – in each sport we have superstars. Sania and Saina, who would have thought during the last CWG in Melbourne 2006, they would have shaped up like this? As a sporting nation, we are far behind the top Commonwealth countries in many ways. Yet, my firm belief is that the Delhi Games will change the vision of India as a whole. I am fascinated by the opening ceremony.I am sure we will showcase our tradition, art and also blend it with the modern tamasha. Having said that, when one looks at crores of rupees being spent on the opening ceremony, some ask me if it is a waste. I do not agree with that perception at all. Each host nation strives to project itself in a big way during the opening ceremony.At the closing ceremony in Melbourne, India did showcase what we were going to offer four years later. And I am glad that day has come.Jaspal Rana is a multiple Commonwealth Games gold medallistlast_img read more

Harbhajan on the ascendant, the Turbanator is definitely back

first_imgTime and again, commentators have raved about Harbhajan Singh’s ‘tail’ being up as soon as he gets an early wicket. While it may be a clich, it has its basis firmly in fact, for there is perhaps no bowler in world cricket who behaves more differently when he has scalped one to when he hasn’t. Sunday’s England game here was the Jalandhar boy’s first in India colours since the second Test against the same opponents at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, in July-August last year. Since then, he had sustained an abdominal injury, been dropped on form, won the Champions League Twenty20 for Mumbai Indians, failed miserably in the domestic season that followed, and then spent the last month playing Division Two County Cricket for Essex with mixed fortunes. Then, Eoin Morgan decided to play a cut shot to the second delivery of the sixth over. Harbhajan, bowling his first over, fired in the quicker top-spinner and shattered the woodwork. Immediately, one could see the ‘tail’ was up. In other words, Bhajji was pumped up and ready to take on the world again after a confidence shattering 14 months in the wilderness. “For me it was an important game. I hadn’t played international cricket for a full year. Getting a wicket first or second ball gives you a lot of confidence,” he said after the game. “In T20 cricket, it’s important to just read the game. I have tried to cut down my run-up a bit. I was running in too fast, and struggling to find my areas. So I was consciously coming in off a short run, and slowly.” Next ball, Harbhajan bowled a doosra to Jonny Bairstow that beat him in the air and nearly got him stumped. It was obvious that the problem of firing it in quick, that had led to his decline, had been worked on, and an off-spinner’s best friends – variation in loop and bounce – were back. With the pitch affording just a little help, the off-breaks turned, the doosras turned away, and the topspinners hurried through. England’s batsmen, never the best players of spin in any case, decided to commit hara-kiri by trying to play cross-batted strokes. The bowler had to wait till the end of his third over for his next wicket, despite beating the bat on numerous occasions. But Tim Bresnan’s attempted sweep took the top edge because of extra bounce and was gobbled up by deep square leg. Off his very next ball, Harbhajan bowled Jos Buttler with another beauty. The batsman backed away to leg and Bhajji bowled a normal off-break that broke the stumps, before getting his opposite number Graeme Swann, with a doosra so pretty it could’ve won a beauty pageant. Much better batsmen than Swann would’ve taken the bait and gotten stumped. Four for 12 off four overs was a great return for a comeback match, but according to skipper MS Dhoni, Harbhajan can do even better. “It was important that he did well in this particular game — I don’t mean he had to take four wickets — but I think he is someone who can do better than this. But if you go by the circumstances, it was a brilliant performance by him,” the skipper said. But for Harbhajan, even more than the elation of success, it was the relief of donning the India jersey again that was paramount. “Without playing for India, I don’t know what else I could do,” he said. “It’s been a hard year for me. I’ve been out of the side due to injuries and whatnot, and the other boys have been doing really well. So for me it was an important game. This (man of the match) award is for my mom and for the people who have stuck with me in difficult times.” He still has miles to go in order to get back to his attacking best. But Harbhajan has made a good start. And while it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who promised to do so in The Terminator, it’s the Turbanator who is back.advertisementlast_img read more

Video: Georgia, Alabama Players Had To Be Separated On The Field Pre-Game

first_imgGeorgia and Alabama players had to be separated during pregame warmups.Georgia-Bama Pre-GameAlabama and Georgia are less than a half hour away from kick-off, and emotions are already running high in Athens. According to media members on the scene, Georgia and Alabama players engaged in some taunting pre-game, with Bulldog players meeting the Crimson Tide as the team took the field. Oh my, Georgia players rushing to the sideline to get in faces of Bama players as they come on the field. Refs had some work separating them— Pat Forde (@YahooForde) October 3, 2015Looked like a good bit of chest-bumping between Alabama and Georgia players when UA came out of the tunnel onto the field— Tommy Deas (@tommydeas) October 3, 2015Alabama player jumped up/down coming out of tunnel in corner of UGA endzone, Georgia players responded with own jumping. But no brawl— Jeff Schultz (@JeffSchultzAJC) October 3, 2015AL.com’s Michael Casagrande has video of the mini-altercation.Almost got ugly pre game. Alabama and Georgia players barking. Refs separate them. pic.twitter.com/0rzui88i5O— Michael Casagrande (@ByCasagrande) October 3, 2015This game is shaping up to be an intense one.last_img read more

Air Canada risks a boycott after it refers to Taiwan as being

first_imgMONTREAL – Air Canada could face a boycott from Taiwanese travellers after the airline joined a growing list of air carriers that have reportedly bowed to Chinese pressure by listing the capital of Taiwan as a part of China on its booking website.The Montreal-based airline started a route between Vancouver and Taipei last June. On Tuesday, its customer site listed flights to Taipei, CN, rather than to Taiwan, the self-ruled island that Beijing regards as Chinese territory.In addition to referring to Taipei as part of China during the booking process, a page on Air Canada’s website trumpeting new international destinations refers to Taipei, China.However, Taiwan is still called a country in results from a web search of the route from Vancouver and on its flight timetable effective May 24 to Aug. 26.China’s Civil Aviation Administration has demanded the change from 36 foreign airlines, including some American carriers, according to the White House.Malaysia Airlines and British Airways are among the carriers that have added CN to Taipei on its websites.The government of Chinese President Xi Jinping has been increasingly assertive about its claims to Taiwan, which it regards as a renegade province and has threatened use military force to bring under its control.Air Canada declined to respond to questions about the company’s decision or whether the country affiliation had been recently changed, but published reports say the Chinese government wrote letters to several airlines requesting the change.“Air Canada’s policy is to comply with all requirements in all worldwide jurisdictions to which we fly,” spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur said in a statement.Canada’s other major air carrier, WestJet Airlines, doesn’t fly to Taiwan or mainland China and the destinations are not searchable on its website.The president of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C. said Tuesday he believes Air Canada agreed to make the change because the airline is eager to have new routes to China. Air Canada is in the process of negotiating a joint venture with Air China, which the Canadian airline said was expected to be completed in the spring.“If they treat the Taiwan people so unfriendly I think most of the people from Taiwan will choose other carriers instead of Air Canada,” said Charles Chang.Chang, who is also general manager of Formosa Travel, said he believes Air Canada made the change one or two days ago. It is ridiculous that Air Canada refers to Taiwan in this way, he said, adding that he plans to send a letter of protest to the airline.A spokesman for Global Affairs Canada said by email that it was up to the company to determine its policy.“Air Canada is a private company and responsible for the contents of its website. Canada’s long-standing position on this issue has not changed.”Delta Air Lines, hotel operator Marriott, fashion brand Zara and other companies have apologized to China for referring to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet as countries on websites or promotional material.The U.S. clothing retailer Gap apologized Tuesday for selling T-shirts with a map of China that didn’t include self-ruled Taiwan, the latest example of corporate kowtowing to Beijing.The company took action after photos began circulating on Chinese social media of a T-shirt showing a map of China which appeared to omit Taiwan, southern Tibet and the disputed South China Sea, the state-owned Global Times said, adding that it drew hundreds of complaints on China’s Weibo microblogging platform.The White House has condemned China’s efforts to control how U.S. airlines refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, saying the push to make them comply with Chinese standards is “Orwellian nonsense.”China dismissed that criticism, saying companies operating in the country must respect its sovereignty.Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters that China pressuring companies like Gap to change how they refer to Taiwan was “rather unfortunate in terms of cross-strait relations” and would push its residents “further and further away” rather than winning their “hearts and minds.”— With files from The Associated PressFollow @RossMarowits on Twitter.Companies in this story: (TSX:AC, TSX:WJA)last_img read more

Frank Ross Elementary to get new school playground

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. — Premier John Horgan announced today that 51 schools across the province, including Frank Ross Elementary in Dawson Creek – will get new playgrounds in September as part of a new playground fund that will take fundraising pressure off of parents.Horgan said that the funding is part of a new, ongoing Playground Equipment Program that will provide up to $5 million each year to school districts to buy new or replacement playground equipment. This year, 26 schools are receiving $90,000 for a standard playground, and 25 schools are receiving $105,000 for a universally accessible playground. School Disitrct 59 will be getting $90,000 for the construction of the new playground.“All students deserve quality, safe and accessible playgrounds at school, regardless of how much their parents can fundraise,” said Horgan. “That’s why we’re lifting the burden off of parents by investing $5 million today, and every year moving forward, to build playgrounds where they are needed most.”The government said that generally, school parent advisory councils have to fundraise large sums of money for new and replacement playground equipment. The Ministry said that districts applied for the funding in April, with the new playgrounds being funded based on areas with the greatest need. Priority is given to schools where there is currently no playground, and then to schools where the existing playground is aging. Districts that did not receive funding this year will receive funding next year, if they apply for it.“I’ve heard from parents that they need relief from fundraising tens of thousands of dollars for playground equipment – that’s a lot of bake sales and bottle drives for today’s busy parents,” said Education Minister Rob Fleming. “Today, we’re delivering this fund to help parents, and provide access to communities that don’t have the fundraising capacity to buy the play equipment students need.”last_img read more