Decatur REMC responds to hurricane relief effort

first_imgGreensburg, In. — The Decatur County REMC is joining several other cooperatives to send 60 line workers into the hurricane Irma region. The crews and equipment will leave Tuesday to deploy in the state of Georgia.The crews will work two week shifts until power is restored.“We take care of needs at home first, but our crews are eager to help those in need,” said Brett Abplanalp, CEO of Decatur County REMC. “They take tremendous pride in representing Decatur County REMC and the state of Indiana, and the co-op family. They represent us well with how hard, professionally and safely they work.”The Indiana electric cooperative mutual aid program is coordinated by Indiana Electric Cooperative’s training and safety department.The Decatur County REMC has more than 6,300 members in Decatur, Ripley, Jennings, Bartholomew, Franklin and Rush Counties with more than 1,000 miles of lines.last_img read more

You’ll Love Beetle-Foot Tape

first_imgIf beetles can do it, scientists should be able to: climb the wall, that is.  Some researchers at Max Planck Institute have invented an adhesive that sticks to glass like beetle feet.  The secret was to manufacture thousands of microscopic pads that adhere to smooth surfaces by van der Waals forces (the attraction of neighboring atoms).  “Inspired by the soles of beetles’ feet, and therefore biomimetic, the special surface structure of the material allows it to stick to smooth walls without any adhesives.”  The press release tells how bugs and reptiles had it first:It has been known for some time how insects, spiders and geckos have such a remarkable talent for walking on walls and ceilings. Extremely thin hairs literally stick their feet to the wall and the larger the animal, the finer the hairs.  Geckos, which are heavy compared to a fly, have been using nanotechnology for this purpose for millions of years ….  According to findings made by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart, the shape of the fibres is also significant; for example, spatula-shaped ends on the hairs provide particularly strong adhesion.How might beetle-foot or gecko-foot adhesives be used?  Reusable adhesive tape, soles for climbers’ boots (Spider-man?) come to mind.  What else?Potential applications range from protective foil for delicate glasses to reusable adhesive fixtures – say goodbye to fridge magnets, here come the microhairs, which will also stick to your mirror, your cupboard and your windows.  For example, the new material will soon be found in industrial production processes in the manufacture of glass components.  It has already been shown to perform in higher weight categories: the artificial adhesive fibers on the soles of a 120 gram robot helped it to climb a vertical glass wall.It was quite an engineering challenge to design the prototype, and the bugs are still being worked out (if Mr. Beetle Bailey will pardon the expression).  Their product, when it comes on the market, will be user-friendly: “It lasts for hundreds of applications, does not leave any visible marks and can be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.”You can just hear the commercials already.  What should they call this stuff?  It should beat out any TV ads for kaboom, vacuum cleaner robots and battery-free flashlights.  Put on your announcer voice and say, “Sticks to almost anything.  Leaves no marks and requires no messy cleanup.  Use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the office.  Protect your eyeglasses and priceless photographs.  Leave yourself notes on the window.  Perfect for the artist or draftsman.  Usable anywhere – everywhere.  It’s amazing!   But wait!  Order now, and we’ll throw in this self-cleaning windshield, a $60 value, absolutely free!  You get a hundred-foot roll of GeckoTape, a whisker robot for the kids, and the self-cleaning windshield, all for just $39.99.  What are you waiting for?  Operators are standing by to take your call.  Call now!  1-800-THANK-ID.”    So geckos have been using nanotechnology for millions of years, they say.  Was this by intelligent design?  No, it couldn’t have been.  It is so vastly superior to human engineering, it must have been made by blind, mindless processes of accidental chance.(Visited 15 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Kermit Was Right

first_imgPeter:Yes, we admit it; the blog title is a play on words from the oft-quoted Kermit the Frog. But it continually amazes me how many building professionals, companies, and organizations don’t have or clearly state a comprehensive and clear definition of building green. Without one, you risk confusing your staff and your clients. With one, you ensure that everyone is on the same page, from the beginning of and throughout the whole construction process.I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about and researching definitions of building green and the one I like best I found on the EPA Region 3 website a number of years ago:A green building is “…purposefully designed to reduce both the direct and indirect environmental consequences associated with its construction, occupancy, operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning. Constructing a green building requires the cooperation of everyone involved in the design and building process.”I like this definition for these reasons:1. It starts with design. Too many projects “inject green” well past the design phase, missing some of the most important and cost-effective opportunities for greening the project.2. It addresses every phase of the life of a building. Without attention to each of these phases, we won’t get the reduced environmental impact we seek.3. It emphasizes cooperation. Too often the design folks don’t respect the engineers, the engineers don’t respect the trades. Building is still about people and if they are not working together, you can’t get a high performance building at the end of the day.4. It ends with process. For too many of us in the building industry, green building is all about the products; if we throw in some bamboo flooring or carpet made from soda bottles, we are all set. How we build is just as important as what we build with.Amy:In my search for the perfect definition of Green Building, I came across this in the 2008 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria:“… Green building integrates materials and methods that promote environmental quality, economic vitality and social benefits through design, construction and operation of the built environment.”I like this definition because, like Peter’s example above, it addresses partnerships and cooperation and states a specific process. As a former commercial and residential developer, I am crucially aware that economic vitality is essential to any real estate project, and the integration of green building is increasingly driving the economics of development. But the reason I originally decided to become a developer, and the motivating factor behind why I am with Enterprise Green Communities now, is the latter part of the definition…”social benefits through design, construction and operation of the built environment.” To me, green building is about people. It is the collaborative creation of environmentally responsible, economically beneficial, health-conscious structures for your beneficiaries.Focusing on the beneficiary of your project is essential, especially in the affordable housing sector. I asked a colleague of mine here at Enterprise Green Communities, Yianice Hernandez, to share some of her knowledge of a recent project we have been involved in that is showing measured health benefits as a result of green building practices. I would like to share it with you…Viking TerraceIn early 2010, the results of a three-year evaluation by the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) of residents in a 60-unit substantial rehabilitated project in Worthington, MN. Preliminary data show:• Significant improvements in general adult health, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, sinusitis, and asthma.• Large improvements in children’s general health, children’s respiratory allergies, children’s ear infections, comfort, and safety.For more information on this project, click here.I encourage you to check out the study above and if you would like other examples, feel free to ask me here on the blog.So… in reading our definitions and highlights of green building, what stands out to you? What is your definition and why does it matter so much to you?last_img read more

Transparency In The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with James Giancotti

first_imgAs the CEO of Oddup, James Giancotti looks at everything with a rating in mind. So, how does the man who rates startups for a living view the current state of cryptocurrency? It should come as no surprise that he looks at cryptocurrency like startups.“Ninety percent will fail and maybe 10% will get your money back, and then 2 or 3% will just be superstars,” Giancotti said. “Most of those cryptocurrencies that launched in the last 12 to 18 months, most of them are crap. I say this because, if I put my startup rating hat on, I go, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen any major startups come out of Slovakia or Slovenia, but they’ve raised $40 million—why?’ That said, the technology is a game-changer.”Despite the negative press, cryptocurrency is still an attractive asset class. Giancotti says many investors are putting 0.5 to 1% of their net worth in cryptocurrency, typically the top three: Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP. He doesn’t see that trend changing.“If you can put $50,000 in a startup or buy 10 BTC, you’ve probably got a better chance of getting some liquidity from BTC than you have with the startup,” Giancotti said.Giancotti also sees the market becoming more serious. Some of the brightest people he worked with at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have gone into blockchain funds.  Giancotti lays out a simple reason why: the future will be shaped by blockchain. These trends—and their customers’ demands—motivated the Oddup team to launch Alluva, a blockchain product that quantitatively and qualitatively rates cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and STOs by using a contributor-model that rewards users for correct calls.“Crypto is much different than the startup environment,” Giancotti explained. “Startups usually have 50 or fewer shareholders. There’s limited information. With Oddup, we have multiple analysts and data scientists solve that problem for startup investors, whereas with crypto, there are tens of thousands of investors in that space.”Rewarding contributors for correct callsWith Alluva, contributors will have the ability to look at every available cryptocurrency and offer their best calls on where prices will be in a day, week, six months, and 12 months. To compensate contributors for that work, they’ll receive a small reward fee. The rewards don’t stop there, though. Contributors who consistently get calls right will have more people pay to access their predictions.“What we’re doing is looking at something that works in the public markets, and since we see cryptocurrency as a public market, we want to push that mechanism out to everyone,” Giancotti said. “Anybody can join for free and start contributing. If you want to see ratings from people, you need to pay via your cryptocurrency of choice.”Not only has Alluva gamified cryptocurrency—it’s given contributors choice in how they spend their rewards. They can exchange the cryptocurrency used on the platform (also called Alluva) for their cryptocurrency of choice, such as Bitcoin (BTC). They can use Alluva to advertise on Oddup’s media platform, UnicornHunt, buy an Oddup subscription, or upgrade to the premium package on Alluva and see everyone’s scores. In the coming months, contributors will have even more ways to use Alluva.“We’re working with multiple big partners to make it possible to use the token for other things, such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, or gadgets like iPads,” Giancotti said. “A lot of the projects that have built tokens built them with a singular method of reward and a singular method of how to use it. We want to make sure that the token has value for the people who want to use it outside our product ecosystem.”Looking to the future of the crypto marketWhen it comes to the future of cryptocurrency, Giancotti is looking to the experts for insight: the OTC providers that have been there, done that, and gone through the long, hard slog to get where they are. What he’s seeing is that institutions are buying Bitcoin, but they’re buying it from OTC providers, so you’re not seeing that volume being captured on exchanges such as Coinbase.“People are buying, and they’re buying big,” Giancotti shared. “In Hong Kong, I’ve seen some incredible transactions happening on OTC. People are buying, holding and not worrying about it. Most people see it as a property. Despite panic in the streets, they’ll just sit and hold, then they’ll sell it and have a zero-cost portfolio soon enough.”Giancotti believes 2019 will be a year of slow growth for cryptocurrency. He doesn’t think we’ll hit a high this year, but rather in 2020. He also sees changes coming for Bitcoin.“I think Bitcoin is like Yahoo in the 1990s,” Giancotti explained. “It may get to 100,000, it may get to 250,000, but if another thing comes along that’s better, people will jump on that. For now, we’re in 1995 and Bitcoin is king, just like Yahoo was before it.”For any entrepreneurs looking to start crypto or blockchain projects, Giancotti gives his advice which is to focus on solving a problem and building something people want, not making money. Blockchain project should be built with the startup mentality: build a great product, form a company around it and then build a great team who buys into the vision. Over the long term, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth the effort. Blockchain – Impending Revolution in Glob… Why is Bitcoin Soaring? Kyle Ellicott Tags:#bitcoin#Blockchain#Cryptocurrency#Hong Kong#James Giancotti#Oddup center_img CEOs in Troubled Waters (with Myriam Joire from… Related Posts A Review of Instagram Marketing by Matthew Lucaslast_img read more

Here Is How You Are Becoming a Commodity

first_img Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now There is this thing that you do that causes your prospective client to believe you are a commodity. When you do this, even though you believe you are making selling easier (something that should never be your goal), and even though you believe you are creating value for your prospective client, you are not doing either. What you are doing is commoditizing your company and contributing to the commoditization of your industry.What you are doing that creates such a negative result is trying to lower the price your prospective client is paying now.Reducing the price that a person or company pays for something is not the same thing as lowering their costs. These two outcomes are not at all the same. A lower price moves towards reduced outcomes, as outcomes follow the direction of the investment. This is the reduction of value, not an increase. A higher price moves towards greater outcomes, as more money is being invested in producing those outcomes. This is why you see two companies in the same industry with gigantic differences in price and produce a net profit (their real profit after they pay for their costs of goods and their operating costs) that is almost exactly the same.When you suggest that your client can produce the same or better result at a lower price, you are creating the perception that what you sell is a commodity, that there is no differentiation between you and your competitor and that no greater value can be created. You have made this clear by focusing on reducing the price they are paying instead of creating greater value, which would focus on something else, like lowering costs, improving some area of their business, capturing market share, capitalizing on some opportunity, or dozens and dozens of other worthy outcomes.If you believe that it is true that your prospective client should change to your company for a reduction in price, then that same prospect that moves from their current provider to your company is right to change to any other company that can promise to do what you do for less than you are doing it for now. In a lot of markets, there is a race to the bottom, but that isn’t a race you want to win.Even if you are a commodity, it doesn’t pay to sell like one. If you want to make selling easier, you go the other direction and do the work of providing a reason to choose you over your competitors—one that isn’t going to be threatened by a competitor who offers to save your client a few bucks by lowering the amount they are investing.last_img read more

Martina Hingis to retire again after WTA Finals

first_imgFILE – In this Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017 file photo, Martina Hingis, of Switzerland, kisses the women’s doubles championship trophy next to partner Chan Yung-Jan, of Taiwan, not pictured, after beating Katerina Siniakova, of Czech Republic, and Lucie Hradecka, of the Czech Republic, in the women’s doubles final of the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Martina Hingis announced Thursday, Oct. 26 that she will retire from tennis for the third time in her career at the end of the ongoing WTA Finals. The Swiss initially confirmed the news on Twitter and Facebook after winning her quarterfinal doubles match.(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)SINGAPORE — Martina Hingis announced Thursday that she will retire from tennis for the third time in her career at the end of the ongoing WTA Finals.The Swiss initially confirmed the news on Twitter and Facebook after winning her quarterfinal doubles match. The top-seeded pair, Hingis and Chan Yung-Jan of Taipei, defeated Anna-Lena Groenefeld of Germany and Kveta Peschke of Czech Republic 6-3, 6-2.ADVERTISEMENT Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC In 2013, Hingis returned to tennis as a doubles-only player. She won 10 of her Grand Slam doubles titles since coming out of retirement in 2013.“I’m looking forward to the things ahead of me, and tennis will always be a part of my life,” Hingis said, adding that “the travel will definitely be one thing I won’t miss anymore.” Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion View comments Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games PLAY LIST 00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 This year, Hingis has won nine women’s doubles titles, including the U.S. Open with Chan. She also won the Wimbledon and U.S. Open mixed doubles trophies with Jamie Murray.Hingis won last year’s WTA Finals doubles title with Sania Mirza of India.Hingis first walked away from tennis in 2003 because of injuries.She returned to the sport in 2006, but after testing positive for cocaine during the 2007 Wimbledon tournament she left the game again. Despite having already retired, in 2008 she was sentenced to a two-year ban from tennis for the positive drug test.“The previous times (I retired) I always had things in the back of my head that I might be able to, singles and then doubles, might be able to do that,” Hingis said. “I think now it’s definite. Before I was thinking I might come back.”ADVERTISEMENT Kin of Misamis Oriental hero cop to get death benefits, award — PNP LATEST STORIES “I told Latisha (Chan) from the start (of the year), ‘Hey this will probably be my last year,” Hingis said. “Probably people think after a season like this (to continue) but I think it’s perfect timing because you want to stop on top.”“I couldn’t ask for a better finish.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe 37-year-old Hingis amassed five Grand Slam singles titles, 13 Grand Slam doubles titles, and seven Grand Slam mixed doubles titles during her stop-start career.Overall, she has won 43 singles and 64 doubles titles, and was one of six players to hold the No. 1 ranking in singles and doubles at the same time in her career. Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Read Next QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Coach Luke Walton: It ‘would be silly’ to tinker with Lonzo Ball’s shooting stylelast_img read more

Winter Olympics: Kim Jong Un’s love of sport could be making of Games

first_imgAs Olympic officials try to persuade North Korea to join what they hope will be a peaceful winter Games in the South in February, leader Kim Jong Un has a weakness that may help them: He loves sport.Kim has traded insults and nuclear threats with U.S. President Donald Trump for months, raising concerns that the Games, due to be held at an alpine resort 80 km (50 miles) from the world’s most heavily fortified border, could be marred by political tensions, or worse.Economic sanctions on the reclusive nation are mounting but the sporting world and South Korea are doing everything in their power to try to coax Pyongyang to accept an invitation to the Games and relieve geopolitical tensions that have hurt ticket sales.”We are doing our utmost for the North’s participation,” said Song Ki-hun, a lawmaker with South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s party. “But Kim Jong Un is very unpredictable,” added Song. He is based near the Games venue and sits on a special parliamentary committee to support the Pyeongchang Olympics.Kim, a basketball fan who counts former NBA star Dennis Rodman as a friend, has boosted spending on sports as part of his ambition to turn the North into a “sports power.”If the North joins the Games, it would mark the first time in post-war Olympic history that a country has hosted a team from a nation with which it is officially at war. The Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice, not a peace treaty.advertisementThe last time South Korea hosted the Olympics, the 1988 summer Games in Seoul, North Korea’s founding father, Kim Il Sung, boycotted them after a plan to co-host them fell apart.”With North Korea there, things will be smoother,” said a European official from a winter sports federation, asking not to be identified because of the political sensitivity of the subject. “The Games will only be really successful if they are smooth. If the United States, North Korea and China all have their teams in South Korea then that will be a success.”The White House did not respond to requests for comment on the prospect of U.S. athletes competing with North Korea, a country Trump has threatened to “totally destroy” if provoked.North Korea missed an Oct. 31 deadline to accept invitations from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and South Korea to join the Games. But Games officials have said the North could wait until shortly before the Games to say whether it will join.The IOC said its help so far has mainly been with travel and competition costs, and it will consider wild-card entries for those who do not meet qualification standards.Seoul has said it is even open to forming a unified North-South ice hockey team. Pyongyang’s IOC representative dismissed that idea in a recent media interview, but a South Korean culture ministry official said Seoul had not abandoned it.Seoul’s other gestures include a rare proposal for North Korean athletes to enter the South by walking across the border at Panmunjom, the tense and heavily guarded “truce village” where the 1953 armistice was signed.GOING FOR GLORYKim Jong Un, grandson of founder Kim Il Sung, has made sport a major focus of his plan to improve living standards. Since he assumed power in 2011, spending on sport in the nation’s annual budgets has risen faster than most other areas, according to state media reports.The reports, which only give percentage data, include a record 17 percent jump in funding in 2014 when Kim set out his ambition for sports in an open letter to his Workers’ Party.He urged the party and athletes to help make sport part of daily life and uphold “the party’s plan of building our country into a sports power, sweat more in training in order to bring glory to the country by winning gold medals.”He also had school textbooks revised to say that he began shooting a gun at age 3, was off-road driving before turning 8, and had twice beaten foreign master mariners in ship races, according to the Institute for National Security Strategy, the think tank of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service in Seoul. Reuters could not verify that report.Simon Cockerell, head of Beijing-based Koryo Tours, which has brought competitors to the North for events ranging from the Pyongyang Marathon to Frisbee-throwing and cricket, said he had noticed an increasing focus on sports under Kim.”More events seem to be happening, DPRK sports teams are travelling more than ever, and success is celebrated more than before,” said Cockerell, using the North’s formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.advertisementAt the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea, North Korea’s athletes won 11 gold medals, ranking sixth, and were welcomed with a victory parade and a banquet with Kim who thanked them for validating the “party’s plan for building a sports powerhouse.”The North is developing sports grounds and arenas, according to Curtis Melvin, of the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, where satellite imagery is used to map the North’s economic development.”Satellite imagery shows lots of park renovation and construction of skate and sports parks, even in very remote areas,” Melvin said.Kim Jong Un, who studied in the Swiss capital Bern and according to former classmates went on school ski trips in the Alps, has already built a ski resort.HOCKEY STICKS So far, only two North Korean athletes have qualified for the Games: figure-skating pair Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sik, whose routines have been set to music by The Beatles and Ginette Reno’s “Je ne suis qu’une chanson.”An IOC official said others could qualify for cross-country skiing, and possibly speed skating and biathlon, a combination of skiing and shooting.Even if they do not, Games organising committee chief Lee Hee-beom told Reuters athletes may be invited to compete – a common Olympics practice to encourage participation by underdogs, for instance athletes from a tropical country in a winter sport. One famous example brought a Jamaican bobsleigh team to Calgary in 1988. That inspired a movie based on their exploits.An extra problem for North Korea could be sanctions. In March last year, the U.N. Security Council added “recreational sports equipment” to a list of luxury goods banned from export to the state. North Korea’s National Sports Guidance Committee has accused Washington of using the United Nations to stretch “its tentacles deep into the area of sports.”When the North Korean ice hockey team arrived in New Zealand last April for the World Championships, the sport’s international body arranged to equip them with 50 new sticks which it would be impossible to export to the North, a New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation official said.The team handed back the sticks at the airport on their way home, a New Zealand Customs Service spokeswoman said.last_img read more

a month agoSouthampton loanee Elyounoussi enjoys Celtic debut

first_imgSouthampton loanee Elyounoussi enjoys Celtic debutby Ansser Sadiqa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveMo Elyounoussi was delighted after making his debut for Celtic. The winger, on loan from Southampton, set up the winner in his first start for the Scottish giants.He said: “It was good to get the chance to play. I am proud of getting the win.”It was a good first five minutes and I almost scored but in the end I was happy to assist James in front of the goal and win the game.”It was a tough game and the pitch wasn’t the best and a bit dry but we came here for three points and that’s what we got.”He added: “They have been taking care of me since day one.”In time I will get more time to know them and on the pitch know each other and how they want to play and I want to play and hopefully that will get better in the future.”I am proud to get the debut and the three points is nice and now it’s Rennes on Thursday and we go again.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

24 days agoEx-Inter Milan striker Eto’o: Balotelli gave us only 10% of what he can do

first_imgEx-Inter Milan striker Eto’o: Balotelli gave us only 10% of what he can doby Carlos Volcano24 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o says Mario Balotelli could’ve been a worldbeater.Eto’o was still with Inter as Balotelli, now with Brescia, was breaking through as a teenager.He told Gazzetta dello Sport: “Mario loves me like a little brother, but he never showed even 10% of his qualities.”The Mario I saw in training when he wanted to, I never saw the same in a game. “Too bad, in some moments he knew how to mark the hearts of those who watched him, but he could have marked them every day for twenty years…” About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img