Drogba, kids tackle xenophobia

first_img30 June 2009The stadium could hardly have been more rustic and the goalposts had simply been planted between their rugby equivalents, but the atmosphere was worthy of Ellis Park itself during Bafana Bafana’s recent outings.Welcome to the sports field of Jeppe Boys High School in Johannesburg, where the Youth African Soccer Cup, devised to help South African children discover other African countries and their cultures, took place on the weekend.Mini-African Nations CupA mini-African Nations Cup on a local scale, the competition brought together schools from various Johannesburg townships to defend the colours of 19 African countries – and the presence of special guest and project ambassador Didier Drogba ensured the day was as noisy as it was unforgettable.The passion emanating from the stands was impressive to behold, with flags, excited cries, crowd chants and, of course, the inevitable vuvuzelas offering the full South African football experience.Naturally, the spectacle itself contained no Fernando Torres, Kaka or Teko Modise, but the players aged 15 or below lacked none of the hunger of their elders, and in some cases their technical skills were barely lagging those of their heroes.“In addition to the extraordinary atmosphere, the level is very good,” Drogba told Fifa.com. “I’d have loved to put my boots on and played with them, but the most important thing wasn’t to play; it was the reasons behind the initiative.”African Diaspora ForumThe project was launched by the African Diaspora Forum in response to the tragic events that unfolded in South Africa last year, when tensions spilled over between locals and foreign residents, resulting in the deaths of over 60 people in Alexandra township in east Johannesburg.That prompted the African Diaspora Forum, an organisation representing 30 foreign-resident associations, to mount a campaign against xenophobia in South Africa – and what better way to lead the fight than by educating youngster via their favourite activity?Not only did each team take to the field to defend the colours of a continental neighbour, they had already spent months learning about that country at school. It was therefore no surprise to see South African youngsters recite the Tanzanian or Nigerian national anthems to perfection before their matches kicked off.A midfielder for the school from Troyville, Nelo was representing Tanzania for the day and, despite being just 11, he was keenly aware of being involved in much more than a mere football tournament.‘Today, I feel Ivorian’“My parents are Ivorian and came to South Africa 15 years ago,” Nelo explained, moments before his side won the final in their age category against Nigeria. “They were very moved by what happened last year. Today, I feel Ivorian and South African, and I’ve discovered a third culture. I feel Tanzanian, and I’m very proud to represent this country.”Nelo clearly had much more to share on the subject, but he suddenly fell mysteriously silent, before bolting off towards the school entrance with hundreds of his peers.A rumour had swept through the venue that Didier Drogba was present, and the whole school quickly sizzled with euphoria. Matches had to be interrupted and an informal press conference was staged in the centre circle as the Elephants’ captain stepped on to the pitch to greet the young protagonists.Having long been involved in promoting national reconciliation within his own country, the Chelsea striker rarely misses the chance to add his encouragement to events of this type.“What these children are doing is fantastic,” he said, impressed by how seriously the youngsters were clearly taking the tournament. “It’s through knowledge and study that these children will succeed in changing mentalities and do away with xenophobia.”Coming together of culturesHanging on her idol’s every word, and with South African and Cameroonian flags painted on either cheek, Marcy provided perhaps the perfect symbol of the coming together of cultures so crucial in the struggle against xenophobia.“I’m happy to have discovered a new country and its culture,” Marcy said. “For now, it’s only been through football and what we’ve learnt at school, but one day I hope to be able to visit Abidjan.”In all the excitement, Marcy seemed to have mixed Yaounde up with the former Ivorian capital, but it was easy to understand such oversights on a day charged with emotion and spent in the presence of Cote d’Ivoire’s most famous face.What mattered most was that the intended message had been conveyed. By opening their eyes to other cultures, these children have started to close the door on xenophobia.Source: Fifa.comlast_img read more

Stunning aviation photography

first_imgThere is no doubt that one of the world’s great aviation photographers is Sam Chui. That skill is brought to life in his latest book Air3. And what makes his aviation photography all the more exciting is the lengths that Sam will go to get the perfect picture or more importantly, the most unusual photograph. Unusual?  Well what about a North Korean Air Koryo IL-62 or TU134B? Perhaps it’s the pictures flying around the mountains of Pakistan, an Iranian Saha Air 707 or flying on the last DC-10 passenger flight. But it’s more than stunning pictures of planes. Sam has combined with colleague and writer Charles Kennedy to bring the photographic adventures to life, telling the story of the region they are flying and the crew taking them on the magic carpet ride. And the combination is magic! The 144-page Air3 brings you 11 unique flight experiences with 11 aviation photo galleries  which take you from the North Pole to Mogadishu. Air3 starts off with photo galleries showcasing Sam’s trademark stunning air to air photography. For this book he was able to get permission to position a helicopter very close to Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport, and the results are breathtaking and truly unique. Air3 is far more than just a superb aircraft photographic book – it’s a spectacular and fascinating travel log of air travel today in all its forms, whether first class on Lufthansa’s latest 747-8I or transporting workers around Africa in 29-year old DC-9s. Sam has travelled to 50 countries, flown on over 1000 flights and logged more than 3.6 million kms to pursue his passion.  The book, which costs just US$26.99 is a must for anyone remotely interested in aviation or travel.To order a copy click here.last_img read more

CEOs partner with government to boost economic growth

first_imgWith strong measures introduced in the 2016 Budget to turn the South African economy around, business leaders have committed to work closely with the government to ramp up economic growth, create jobs and strengthen public finances.“South African business believes passionately in our country,” says Business Unity South Africa president Jabu Mabuza. “Now is the time to tackle our problems together, reinvigorate our economy, and show the world – once more – the greatness South Africans are capable of.” (Image: WTTC, CC BY-ND 2.0, via Flickr)• Budget 2016: Tough balancing act in a tough global environment• Full text: South Africa’s 2016 Budget speech• Quotes from the 2016 Budget• Gallery: a chance for global solutions at WEF• Vocational training can help South Africa Media Club South Africa reporterBusiness Unity South Africa president Jabu Mabuza has announced that the country’s major business groups would contribute senior-level expertise and invest in specific initiatives to avoid a credit rating downgrade for South Africa, accelerate the growth of small and medium enterprises, and increase investment in key economic sectors.Mabuza was speaking on behalf of the dozens of CEOs who have met with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and President Jacob Zuma in recent weeks. Stanley Subramoney, chair of the Nepad Business Foundation, is to lead the initiative.“South Africa is at a critical economic juncture, with slow growth, high unemployment and real risk of a sovereign debt downgrade,” Subramoney said in a statement on Wednesday, before the Budget was tabled.“We are confident that the Minister of Finance will today announce bold steps to boost growth and strengthen public finances – and we are committed to working actively and urgently with government and labour to support these steps.”The business grouping plans three key interventions in the economy:Preventing a ratings downgrade for South AfricaBoosting the growth of small businessesDriving investment projects in important sectorsThe business leaders driving the initiative include:Sim Tshabalala, Standard Bank joint CEODan Matjila, CEO of the Public Investment CorporationAdrian Gore, founder and CEO of DiscoveryBrian Joffe, CEO of the Bidvest GroupMike Brown, CEO of the Nedbank GroupRalph Mupita, CEO of Old Mutual Emerging MarketsVassi Naidoo, chair of Nedbank“We remain committed to the National Development Plan, which provides a compelling vision and framework for growth, and urge all social partners to focus on it as the vision guiding implementation” Naidoo said.“Today South African business goes further and announces three specific initiatives to help translate the NDP into faster growth, new jobs, and greater economic inclusion.”Preventing a ratings downgradeBusiness efforts to prevent international ratings agencies from downgrading South Africa to junk status will be led by Mike Brown of Nedbank and Old Mutual’s Ralph Mupita.“Business understands that the government will play its part in avoiding the severe long-term costs to our country and all its people that a downgrade would create,” Brown and Mupita said in the statement.“As we have indicated to [Gordhan], we accept that business must play its part and we accept that there could be changes to the tax regime as part of a broader package of fiscal consolidation.”As part of this, the grouping has committed to do more by:Bringing private sector expertise to the boards of state-owned enterprises, helping to reduce the drain these have on state coffers and putting them in a position to contribute to economic growthInvesting in public-private investment partnerships, particularly in the energy sectorPlaying an active role in removing regulatory blockages to investment and to starting and growing a businessJoining increased efforts to combat corruptionEmpowering entrepreneurs and SMEsConvened by Adrian Gore of Discovery and Bidvest’s Brian Joffe, this initiative aims to mentor and grow small businesses with big potential.“If South Africa is to create jobs in the numbers we need, while accelerating economic transformation and reducing inequality, we must give our SMEs a major boost – in skills, capital, and access to export markets,” the convenors said.“Business is ready to invest money and skills to accelerate the development of high-potential SMEs and, together with government, will support a single vehicle which will co-invest with existing successful enterprise development funds run by the private sector.”Key investment in targeted sectorsStandard Bank’s Sim Tshabalala and Dan Matjila of the Public Investment Corporation said business would work with the government to identify priority economic sectors and enterprises – “both those made vulnerable during current market turbulence, and those that can unlock new growth”.For each sector selected, business will contribute private sector expertise to help create an urgent, detailed plan to remove barriers to growth, protect existing jobs, and drive inclusive growth as fast as possible.Mabuza said specific details of the three initiatives would be announced soon.“South African business believes passionately in our country,” he said. “Now is the time to tackle our problems together, reinvigorate our economy, and show the world – once more – the greatness South Africans are capable of.”last_img read more

Brand South Africa engages industry key players at the RapidLion Film Festival

first_imgBrand South Africa is proud to have collaborated with RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival – for the third consecutive year, hosting a panel discussion under the theme, “taking local cinema to South Africa’s masses”. The creative industry in South Africa evolves in leaps and bounds at an ever-increasing pace, and for this reason it is necessary to take stock of the strides taken and to identify tangible and sustainable opportunities for mass audience to have access to South African films and local cinemas.Brand South Africa’s participation at the RapidLion Film Festival extends from the 2018 Nation Brand Forum, where the role of film and the creative industries in shaping the Nation Brand was a vibrant topic on the agenda.The session sought to delve deep into the state and accessibility of South African cinema and exposure to local content by the masses. On the panel was actor and director of LK Theatres, Hlomla Dandala, Kasi Movie Nights’ Producer Thapelo Mokoena and The Peoples Fund founder, Luyanda Jafta, who gave us an extensive framework of just how much the film industry has improved since the traditional bioscope era.Although much growth has been achieved over the years, a great need remains to expose the broader South African audience to local content and films. This would, however, require an appetite for local authentic stories, adequate investment and financing from industry and ease of access for people to enjoy a cinematic experience, particularly, outside of urban areas.Watching a locally-produced film used to have limited audiences, but with product offerings like Kasi Movie Nights and LK Theatres, the script has been flipped. The panellists spoke about the different means in which they’ve packaged their cinema offering, taking cinema to eKasi (townships). These production houses have put research, innovation and fun behind taking the films into the community, aiming to create an experience beyond the classic 22-metre screen, popcorn and Coca Cola-style.“The South African Nation Brand is influenced by creative industries including music, film, visual arts and design (to name a few). This is definitely one-way of utilising a positive brand image of the country that is influenced by its people, telling their own stories through the film industry. The RapidLion Film Festival is a perfect fit in gaining insight from the creative industry on measures to advance South African arts and be recognised as competitive global player,” said Brand South Africa’s Dr Petrus De Kock who moderated the panel discussion.The Film Festival kicked off on Friday 1 March 2019, and is still currently running at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg, until 10 March, ending off with the prestigious Awards ceremony.About RapidLionRapidLion recognises the achievements and excellence of filmmakers who are born in Africa, are members of the African diaspora and are citizens of BRICS countries.last_img read more

Ducted Air-Source Heat Pumps from American Manufacturers

first_imgUPDATED on July 20, 2018, with new information from Carrier.Mitsubishi and Fujitsu sell air-source heat pumps (ductless minisplits and ducted minisplits) that work well in cold climates. Many GBA readers report that these appliances are providing dependable space heating in climates as cold as Minnesota, Vermont, Maine, and Quebec, where temperatures drop to -20°F or colder.Traditionally, U.S. manufacturers of air-source heat pumps have favored ducted units over ductless units. Most air-source heat pumps sold by Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, and Trane, for example, are designed to be hooked up to forced-air ductwork, just like a typical furnace.Here at GBA, we often advise readers that ductless minisplits are a good way to heat and cool a compact well-insulated house. That said, ductless minisplits don’t work as well for large, spread-out homes or for homeowners who want uniform heating and cooling in every room, even when doors are kept closed.Most U.S. homes have forced-air HVAC systems — that is, systems that distribute heat and cooling through ducts. Some GBA readers wonder, “Are there any cold-climate heat pumps that can be hooked up to conventional forced-air ductwork — the type of ductwork found in a typical American house?” We’ll do our best to answer that question.Note that there is always an energy penalty associated with any heating or cooling equipment connected to ductwork. Equipment connected to ducts will never be as efficient as the best ductless equipment, because it takes a substantial amount of electricity to push air through ducts.Japanese manufacturers of ductless minisplits also manufacture ducted minisplits. Even though these units are designed to be connected with ductwork, they generally can’t be connected to the type of forced-air ductwork installed in a typical American house.Most ducted minisplit systems lack the type of powerful blower… This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more

Klopp Fabulous Fabinho has a defensive brain

first_imgJurgen Klopp praised the defensive qualities of Fabinho which he believes allowed him to slot into the backline seamlesslyThe Reds were short of defensive options due to injuries with Van Dijk the only option and Fabinho was once again called upon to fill the vacuum.The Brazilian midfielder lined up alongside Virgil van Dijk as Liverpool claimed a 1-0 win at Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday and put on an assured performance as Klopp’s side kept a clean sheet.And the German was delighted to have another Utility player like Milner who could fit into different positions during injury crises.“Fabinho is a brilliant player,” said Klopp as cited on FourFourTwo. “To have a good footballer in that position when you have the ball is great.Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, LiverpoolMo Salah laughs off Sadio Mane incident with a brilliant video Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Mohamed Salah laughed off his little spat with Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane by posting a brilliant video showing they’ve made up.“It was not one attack after another, we had the ball most of the time.“But Brighton tried to bring the long balls around Glenn Murray, like with Joe Gomez in the home game – but he did well in these situations as well.“He has a defensive brain and can play in a lot of positions.”Mohamed Salah’s penalty sealed the victory, restoring the Reds’ seven-point margin at the summit.last_img read more

Take a closer look at the art of portraiture

first_imgThe National Gallery of Modern Art, Ministry of Culture, Government of India has come with an exhibition ‘Chehre’ which focusses on the art of portraiture executed in an individualistic manner by the artists. The treasures showcased here mark the first phase of the reorientation of the permanent wing of the gallery. The show was inaugurated on October 8.The artwork is showcased in a theatrical manner wherein one will see the bronze portrait by Ramkinkar Baij in conversation with portraits by Sarbari Roy Chowdhury, Latika Katt, C Dakshinamurthy, Himmat Shah, B Srinivas Reddy, D L N Reddy, to name a few. The exhibition also showcases individualistic works of art by Biman Das, K S Radhakrishnan, Amitava Bhowmick, Hemi Bawa, Soma Chakraborthy, Paritosh Sen, and others. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe Chief Guest for the occasion Padma Vibhushan Sonal Mansingh congratulated the Director General of National Gallery of Modern Art, Adwaita Garanayak for curating an exhibition dedicated to sculptures and portraits.The guest of honour for the occasion Padma Shri Baba Yogendra ji stated that Chehre is a unique exhibition which presents works of art from NGMAs rich collection which have rarely been seen in the public domain. It is a major opportunity for the arts community and art lovers to see the prestigious collection. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”The art of sculpture has been prevalent in India and across the world from centuries in continuity. With this exhibition, a focus is drawn on the individualistic creativity of the artists rather than a particular academic style. I am extremely happy to announce that a sculptural exhibition titled Chehre has been curated in-house at NGMA on such a grand scale. With this, I also announce the reorientation of the gallery with this being the first phase. I look forward to welcoming all to witness the rarely seen sculptural treasures of National Gallery of Modern Art. I appreciate the efforts of NGMA, New Delhi team who have handled this task with professionalism and have presented this exhibition as envisaged. I believe that this would generate greater interest among people towards the sculptural legacy of modern masters”, mentions Adwaita Garanayak, Director- General, NGMA. “We will be showcasing treasures from the reserve in the near future also as a special focus withreorientation of the museum display in a phase-wise manner. The artwork of the month has alsobeen added as a special feature from this exhibition onwards, highlighting a distinctive representation of the work of art titled ‘Hey Ram’. In celebration of 150 years of MahatmaGandhi, this portrait by Late S G Shrikhande explores stillness of the moment. Cast in Bronze,the work of art delineate the expressions of Mahatma Gandhi in an expressive manner. With hisclosed eyes, calmness prevails on his face which stands in communion with the significantrepresentation of three monkeys in a garlanded manner encircling his neck,” mentions Ritu Sharma, Director, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.last_img read more